It's dramatically heavier but I could still hold it with one hand. The intention is to tune this as well and have the same outcome. I guess we'll see how it sounds. alright, so to make matters absolutely better, on the agora we're gonna put this one of one. It says one of eight but like I don't really know know why they put that there. Maybe because someone else is going to order an Agara exhaust. But as far as I know, I might be the only one crazy enough to change the exhaust system on a Konigz egg because it's already so beautiful. Especially the later models. But this one here, I've got my little signature on there and everything is made of a blue titanium. I did order this originally gold for gold titanium but wasn't available. So version one is going to be blue, version two is going to be gold. Now my color of maya is changing. It's not an immediate thing. It's not going to happen. Next week I'm working with the factory to do some modifications. We just got back from car week. I actually overnighted this up there because I wanted to take my car to the koenigsegg house where everybody was at and kind of show it off that we made this exhaust for it.

But I forgot to overnight the tools to go along with it so there's like a little special wrench that I needed to do it so couldn't access that at autozone. But this is a pretty sick beautiful system. I mean you've got the factory exhaust. Look where it's got these cats. We're going to call these things called like sound chambers. Now I guess on the bottom you've got the angle tips and it actually collects and merges right here in the center. So this is a legitimate open merge which should increase the sound pitch but I don't know if you're going to hear it. That's the thing. This car is already so loud. I'm going to get in right now and I'm going to turn it on and I'm going to let you guys hear it stalk and then you guys can figure out if changing this was purely a stock aesthetic or if it actually makes a difference in sound and or power. So removing the restriction in the back should allow it to flow a little better, create less back pressure. So in theory, if we had our dyno set up, we're close. Look over there.

That area is getting cleaned up right now and we're taking that building out and I'm putting in the dyno that I purchased a couple of months ago. So we're going to have a fullblown dyno and we're going to be able to take these on and off and test the different exhaust systems that rift makes. So pretty stoked about it. Let's get the car on and get that current stock sound.

Want to give a huge shout out to today's sponsor for our video Cfmodo. Now if you guys don't know who they are, they provide and manufacture world class side by sides and atvs choose from over six atvs and six different side by sides. But the one I personally have my eye on is the cforce 950 Ho Ex. Now that one is perfect for the up and coming hunting season. The one Mario has his eye on is the zforce 950 Ho Ex, which lets you ride confidently over any terrain, especially everything rugged. If you guys are in the market for an atv or a side by side, that's not going to break the bank. Head on over to, go to the dealer tab and find the nearest dealer to you.

Different options, different rev limits. It's pretty loud. My hypothesis is that it's going to crackle and pop a little bit more than it does now because it does zero of that. When we tuned my ccx, we added extra fuel, so it made a lot of crackles and pops. So the intention is to tune this as well and have the same outcome. That is in the future. We're going to send this down to the interior shop first. Working on getting the new seats.

Bam. Just like that. Right today we are going to be replacing the back part of the exhaust on the Mcgarra hh. This pretty guy over here. I'm not sure why actually. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Houston recently bought a new dino machine and he wants to play with it. But we'll have to see in a future video. I think today we're just going to pop off six bolts and a couple of clamps that go on the Hold the factory one in place and we will probably have it done in about about five minutes.

tada. That's a wrap.

Fairly simple installation aesthetically. It matches really well. When I do the color change, I think gold's going to make more sense because we're going to see a little more gold. I might change this to gold. We've got the gold olan shocks. Maybe do a little bit of a dress up in there. I probably can't even lift that exhaust with one hand. Let's try this one. Well, I guess, yeah, it's dramatically heavier, but I could still hold it with one hand kind of. I guess we'll see how it sounds.

So right off the bat, all I hear is turbos. It's probably really hard to hear and pick up that sound on the mic on this camera, but dramatic turbo noise improvement. Little crackles and pops. I think the crackles and pops are going to come from the load with the car being underload. So once the boost comes in, that's where you get your fuel cut off. And then when you go through the waste gates, we'll get a little bit of excess fuel inside this exhaust and it'll give us those big bang things that we're looking for. Especially after we tune it. Once we tune it, I mean, we could take advantage of the less back pressure and the excess flow that we're.

Going to have here.

So pretty stoked, honestly. aesthetically, it's worth the money all day long. Because right when you pop that open, I mean, look at that thing. It looks better, right? It looks kind of pagani esque, where they've got that pie cut titanium look on everything that they do. So that's a really great feature of these new hypercars as visible engineering. So the video isn't even over yet. You haven't even really got to experience what amazingness this ripped exhaust was. And I already took it off because we just installed the brand new gold one. Ironically, the gold one is also a one of eight, which is not true. Only one's going on my car. It is a one of one. The manufacturer must have had a typo, I think. It doesn't make sense right now. I know you guys are like, why would you remove the blue car? It will make sense because this car is no longer going to be blue in just a few weeks. Now I love the agara hh. It's an exceptional, beautiful koenig seg, and it's just not mine. When I was 2012, I was 20 years old, 21 years old, I didn't have the funds to buy a koenigsegg.

And the guy that owned this performing, David hansen, he made a beautiful car for himself. It's my turn to take my point and my iteration of what this car would have been had I specked it from the factory twelve years ago, right? Ten years ago. So we're starting with this gold exhaust, and this gold is going to carry through to the rest of the car. And so you'll see the tear down and build process of this here in the next few weeks. We did come through. We got the gold one. I'm going to throw this one on the Phoenix. I know that doesn't make sense because the Phoenix is black and gold, but we're going to just throw the blue one on the Phoenix just so it gets a little bit nicer in the back. So without further ado.

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