What's going on, guys? So, long story short, one of our renters took a car all the way to Denver and they weren't supposed to go there, but they went on a rally. When they originally booked with us, they said they were going to St. George. Long story short, Michael, the person who checked them in yesterday was supposed to get all the information as to where they were going, what they were doing with the car, this and that, and he didn't get that information. So Tony and I thought it would be a great idea to prank Michael and say that he was fired or that he's going to get fired for that. So I'm going to go set up the camera kind of in a weird angle. Tony is going to take him to the back and he's going to give him a talk and we'll see how that goes.

How about set? Michael, though, telling me fire. We might see some tears, he might try to fight me, I don't know. It's going to be awesome.

And we're live. Camera is set. Michael is showing the red hurricane right now to a customer. tony's getting his denzel on right now. And we have a two chair set right here behind me. And let's see how this plays out because it's going to be very interesting.

Why did you not tell me?

Because it ran by you. Said we live in Colorado. We didn't know it was until Colorado until later. What do you mean? I ran everything by you. I told you when it was right there.

I asked you what I needed to do.

You were like, hey, just watch it for a second. We didn't get the itinerary till then. I called her, left her voicemail, I emailed her. I was literally keeping in contact you all the whole time. You saw are you serious?

Fine, let me fire them.

Like that's some bull. realistically, because I literally ran everything by you. Let me go talk to you soon. Then I'll call him. Like he really wants me to let go because of this. Are you serious? Dead serious. This is my fault. If you're running everything by you, it's my fault.

With car. It's michael's mistake.

How is this my mistake? Is this for real? Dead serious. Let me call it that's. Absolutely ridiculous.

All right, guys, so we had a really exciting off camera meeting right before the Van Der Hall accident. Mario can't attest to the beginning of the meeting because, well, Mario actually ghosted me when I tried to get him to come up and chat with not only the number one fighter in the world, but the heavyweight champ of the world. So we just had a meeting with tyson Fury.

The heavyweight champion. Champ of the world is on the line. There is a new champion.

He's going to come in, he's going to do a lot of cool promotional stuff for us, not only with houston's hot chicken, but with royalty exotic cars. So if over the next couple of days, you guys see tyson fury and Rolls royce cullinan, you know where he got it. But the things that we're most excited about is we're going to be able to use tyson. Not necessarily use, but we're going to be have tyson as an asset for royalty excited cards in houston's hot chicken. We're going to be able to use him to shout out the locations, to shout out here, to shout out the chicken sandwiches. He said he was super down to taste all the houston's hot chicken stuff, which we kind of pitched him on. But once he tastes it, he's going to be completely down with the entire brand. tyson is a super cool guy. We're going to be going to the next fight, couldn't be in his corner. So we're super thankful for that. tyson fury. If you don't believe me, Mario, fill the picture. There's the picture. Also, we met his brother. We met his camp. He's feeling a lot better from his COLVID tests, which is always good.

He's out of quarantine. His back fighting camp is ready to go. His camp is feeling good. So we're confident this fight is going to get done soon.

We've got a new date for perhaps the most anticipated fight of the year, saturday, October the 9th in Las Vegas.

Come on over this way. Come on over this way. We got some dimage. That's that's French for damage. Hey, what's up? Five star helicopters. Five star helicopters, if you guys didn't know, is who operates the royalty exotic cars helicopter, which you can get a free strip lie over when you rent a 24 hours exotic car, by the way. Free. But guys, look at this. Oh, my goodness. It's like wolverine stuck up his middle finger and got our range over. So another one. You got some damage on it. The story behind this one is a little unclear, but from what we heard, they were sideswiped at the same time. When you're side swiped, you don't necessarily get curb rash. So what I'm assuming is this parking pole or something like that got a little too close and got himself some damage. So we're going to need a new door because of the tear in the door mike. My god. But it's okay. So we got some dents in the front door is ripped. Like I said, wolverine had its way with this one. We got some dents right here in the back panel. And we've got some nice curb rash, which is always cool.

Guys, one thing I do want to explain, because we read the comments every now and then, it's not an insurance scam. When people rent a car, they use their own insurance and then we call their insurance. So it's not like royalty insurance scams. You guys are not educated on insurance. So we verify each renter's insurance before we let them know.

I think we should make an insurance video with you? You have to because people need to actually understand how the business works.

Yeah, it's backside of the business, but you guys, it's the ugly part. It's not as glitz and glamour as everybody thinks when you're working with lamborghinis and ferraris and all this other cool stuff. But this is the back side of it and thankfully it does not go through our insurance. Also, there's a contract that says you're in charge of all the damages that are on the car. So this will be handled obviously rather quickly. It's kind of a one and done type deal. One car incident from what it looks like. One car, one pole, and we'll be done with it, no problem. Find the darkest things in rental cars, man. This time we found a live dog. So we went to go pick up at bentley. We noticed it was idling for about an hour. What's up, little dog? We noticed it was idling for about an hour and it was also just right around the corner at the walgreen. So Dear and I decided we better.

Go pick it up just because we backtracked. They were also late. How many hours?

Oh, they're late. 4 hours at this .4 hours. 4 hours. So we backtrack 4 hours and they're late. So they call and we call them and we say, hey, are you on your way back? Yeah, we're on our way back. So I tracked the car, keep an eye on it for the next couple of minutes. You're just happy, aren't you? Keep an eye on it for the next couple of hours. A couple of minutes. And then I notice it stopped. Stopped at the walgreens right up by our chickfila about a quarter mile away. It's idling for an hour at this point. And I just tell Beer, okay, let's go get the car. We have the spare key, it's running. Obviously we'll just go jumping and get it. So we get there and the first thing Beer says is, oh my goodness, there's a dog in the car. So I'm thinking it's this massive pit bull because beer is coming back with this shocked look on his face and come to find out is this little guy. So this little guy was basically left in the car to sleep or whatever for at least an hour.

And now he's back here. So we are waiting for the renter to actually come back, come pick up her dog and get the rest of her stuff out. But we'll show you the car now. Not exactly an ideal situation, but we got to give people back their stuff. The bentley bed take us back. The outside of the car looks fine, but the inside of the car that we are always worried about, especially with people that don't return on time. And they give us excuses after excuses after excuses. You guys haven't touched it just yet. There's this residue of everything all over the place.

Looks like they were rolling up while driving.

That's right. All the stuff is already out of it. But it was full of just junk and shoes, and it's pink, that's for sure. There's pet hair everywhere, so they have a nice vine coming their way. Mario what's the smell like?

Smells like the mary bonnie smeary.

Mary bonnie mary wani. So now, in Vegas, it's legal, but we obviously don't want you to smoke in our cars, because we have to get the smell out. And you can also still get pulled over for a DUI if you're high or you smell high or you appear high while driving.

Also, some people rent these cars for their children.


Man especially a car like this. It's a family car. Fastest family car you can get. But, yeah, it's dirty. Now we have to charge them to clean it. Got to charge them for smoking, got to charge them for having a pet in it. Got to charge them for not giving back the key yet. We never want to be turd burglars. But at the same time, you got to take care of that stuff, which sucks. You.

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