Two out of the three times I've been there.

Handcuffed. Hopefully we don't get arrested. I personally wouldn't buy this from a million dollars. All right, so we just had lunch today. What's? What's on the move?

Well, steve's in town is over there. Pause the video, like, because we want to get to 15,000 likes. And also we are going to give away the golden tickets to one of the winners. Comment hashtag bugatti or hashtag Koenigzag on who you think's gonna win. We're gonna give away some golden tickets and a couple of noodles. We both have blue cars, and I think it's a good idea for us just to switch. I haven't owned a shear on before. He hasn't driven a koenig SAG before. This one has no AC. That one has a good AC.

You have no AC.


Come on, bro.

Just take the top off and just enjoy the sun.

Welcome Steve to the channel. Guys. Hi, guys. All right, as AC, what were you saying? If what if you're under, like, a.

Shaded canopy facing the opposite direction of the sun and not pushing the gas? AC is ice cold.

I see. Wow. Well, we're not going to be doing that today.

The thing is that the car this has a standard, like, muscle car platform where the AC compressors and the clutches don't have the ability to hold the amount of power that these cars make. And so this car, when you engage the fuel, more than 20% throttle, it.

Disengages the clutch needs to blow up. Fails to the AC system.

It does.

We're going to swap vehicles. Mr. Houston is going to be taken by bugattish Ron. And I am going to take this lovely kona figue jira.

This is the 99th car Konixeg has ever built in the company's history. So think this is a 2014. They started like, 1993. So from 93 to 14, they made 100 cars.

Five cars a year. That's my quick math. Hopefully it's right. I've never driven to Konigzeg. I have two on order. I am super pumped about this. This specific carbon following on instagram sells a kid. So it's cool being able to ride in it and experience it and see it in person because whoever said don't meet your heroes is wrong. This thing is amazing. So obviously you've been in all the hypersonics. I have, yeah. I've driven besides this one. Because you haven't been in it yet. Correct. Which one is your favorite? Top one. I'm a big p one guy. I love the p one. And race mode is perfect. I like it. The lot Ferrari is amazing. La fray is my favorite. Yeah. Lot Ferrari is really close to me. The sheron is in a league of its own as far as engineering. Initial first thoughts. How do you shut the door? Is there a button?

Pull it back.

From where? Lean forward. You got this. All right. I don't know. I touched the body, but okay. All Right.

Let it go. The startup was so loud.

Like he's not kidding. There's no sound deadening anywhere. Front lift nuts. You see how fast that front lift was? I'm a little worried because they put it in his aggressive settings, but I think I'll do all right. If I break this? You can break that. Okay.

But the value of this one is and that one's going up.

I'm used to things going down.

He is much taller than I am, and I need to adjust the mirrors. The thing is that I want a SuperSport sheron, but they're just like they're like four and a half million. I would trade my koenig seg for a Super Sports Sheron because it's about the same price. But I like the koenig seg. Like when I get in that car, it just fits me.


And it's it's a one of one. Like, there's only one agara esque in the country, so, you know, there's, like, probably 30 super sports that are gonna come to America, and I'll get tired of it. It's very easy for me to drive it every day. This is so quiet. Calm. We can just relax in here. And then you hit the gas.

So listen, plan. We're going out to our favorite spot.

Really good memories.

Hopefully we don't get arrested two out.

Of the three times I've been there. handcuffs.

How are you out here racing up and down the road unregistered.

So hopefully they get down to a 50% average. We should be in better shape really quick. Exactly.

The heck is a beautiful car, though.

I think Steve will be mad if I really go fast on his car. Let's find out. He said he topped it out at 209.

Oh, my God. Okay, one thing I'm going to say is I know we were going very, very fast. God, you must it up.

I told you to do it and do it now. And guess what we did. We had to get our own. Long story short, these bikes are freaking phenomenal. So if you're interested in getting your own events and bike, click the link down below. Do It.

Do it now. Feel fat at all.

Okay, so a lot of things are.

Going to change, right?

I've got to be realistic, guys. I'm building a huge business right now. It's very cash intensive. I just bought a pagani. How am I going to afford all these things when I'm putting tons and tons of money when I get a plane. I need a plane. I don't want an expensive plane. Don't take it that way. I want a small falcon. $52 Million. That's a very cheap plane. No, the Honda Jet is actually $4 million. It's not like it's lower. I've got to consider that taking a business like Houston taught chicken to another level is something that is really important.


It's tough to have all these hypercars. I want to drive them. Look, The pagani two and a half million. The gara is $4 million. $5 million, whatever it's worth. I just don't know if I need them all. I have the bay rock still, right? That's a million and a half. And then I've got the twin charcoal ventora, which is going for sale. I'm going to give it everything under those three cars is going to go so sick.

You can't leave this on a cliffhanger like that.

I fully intend to bid on a Law Ferrari at meka. It's a prototype car, so it's not road legal. That's the perfect car for me, because I get the discount wafferi, and I think that's a great one. I'm keeping the veyron. I do want a shear on. I like this car a lot. I think the shear on is phenomenal. I think this is a daily driver, though. I could just drive to California right now. I'm super comfy. The seat warmer was on for the entirety of this thing, except about 30 seconds ago, so I'm glad that that's off now, but other than that, we're just chilling. I mean, I'll just hit the gas.

I cannot express how smooth and how safe you feel going at those feet.

Yeah, I mean, this is immense speed, but one koenigsegg, one Bugatti, one pagani, and one laferrari is my goal. And right now we've got three of the four, so I just got to get that a bunch of porsches for the team. No porsches for the team.

  1. What? What? 165. How about you? 106. Oh. In the sharon. 206. Dude, this is so hard to get out of. What the I guess 3ft wide from the chair to get out. That was horrible. Wait. Yeah, we're rewinding how did you how fast did you go?

I thought you said 202, so I went to three.


I love to get right back on the freeway and put this at 250 for you.

Rope. Shit. So just to be clear, I have gone faster than Houston crossed in the Bugatti. shrimp for now. Let's go. Wait, why do you take first impressions of the coatings?

So, I mean, do you like this?

These are opposites. I know, in every way. I was relaxing.

Had the feet warmer on, unfortunately, than this one here.

It took us a second to figure it out.

I didn't know all the knobs did turn on for about all sweaty.

That thing was hot. But the rawness of the engine is incredible. And then it doesn't downshift nearly enough below, like, 80 miles an hour. Like, if you hit the gas all the way down, it's kind of like a grandma. So you have to manually shift. Right.

Which I was joking. I was inferring that you were a grandma when you hit the auto shift button.

I damaged this car, though, right?

That's from the tire. Truck tire.

Look at that. A truck tire. I borrow his car for 20 minutes and I damage it. But you know what? You're a good guy for being okay about it. We had ss Master over, and he did some damage to my 7650. Who. Who. You know, I had better method of frank. Yeah. And yeah, well, he's he's a he's a g. He's a good dude.

You pay for it.

No, but, like, he's he's not he's only got a YouTube channel, and that's where he makes all his money. He doesn't he doesn't I know he's not making good money, so I was fine with it. I really don't care if people do shit like that. Like an accident? Yeah, yeah. Unless it's deliberate. Like, some dude, it was raining. I'm like, all right, we're going to drive. Cool. We had ten of my cars going to dinner, and then the first thing the dude does is gun it, spins it out, and hits a curb. And he fucked up the Lord. So I'm like you're paying for that. I warned you not to go fast. One of your employees, he was just a friend, but he still paid for it because he drove like an idiot. He should not have driven that way in the rain. When you're above, like, 100 miles an hour distinctive beast, though. It was fast from zero to 100. It's called zero to 80. But, like, beyond 80, I think 80 to 160, it was really fast. And then it kind of topped off. By the way, when I was going 165, it felt like I was going 300.

You're not like, it's kind of like the engine is going crazy. You're feeling every bump.

At 203, I would have taken a phone call.

It's so smooth. These are two of the fastest cars ever made. Yeah. And there are two totally different approaches.

Totally different.


That's why I'll never sell my veron. Because, like, when I get in that car, I remind myself what pristine luxury feels like.


And this is like the Ford gt of the hypercars. It's raw and it's in your face. It's aggressive, and there's moments that you want to drive this car over this car.

This is more like the gt 40 of the was telling him. It feels like I'm actually in one of my the way the engine sounds and the way the chassis feels like you're in my 67 chevell. I'm not even joking. Like, it's so aggressive, loud, raw. This steering is the best I've ever seen in a car. Yeah, I was telling them you could move it, like, with feather left and right, and then a few millimeters of movement. You're turning the front wheels. That was incredible.

The value of this car is in the low force. This is a law Ferrari comparison.

Sure. Right?

Like, you'd want a more comparison. The rarity of this car makes it more La Ferrari. anyways, the thing is that this car is so different than everything else. Right. Like, this has a lot of similarity with my S class.

Yeah. Right.

And it's obviously a buddy Bugatti and it's beautiful.


But I wouldn't want a veyron's. A million two. A million three.


It does nine tenths of this car with a bluetooth.

This is Volkswagen. So, like, you're in there and you're playing with buttons that are in bugattis, that are in bentleaser jetta. jetta Bugatti. I met bent laser.

Does this excite you about your upcoming Konics eggs?

I would say that I personally wouldn't buy this for $4 million.

Where do you think the value is on this?

It's so hot.

Well, obviously, if we do the same thing in California with the top down at 60 degrees, your whole I mean, it's all going to change. It'll be warm, it'll be nice.

It's not that. Is it worth 4 million? It's more like I know the worth is there. It's just if I had $4 million to spend with this one of them, honestly, probably not this. Do you think that the yes Go is going to be very similar to this? Yeah.

The chimera. I don't know. I mean, the chimera is supposed to be luxury, but as much as I love koenig, I'm like koenigsegg fanboy from when I was a teenager. I can't get behind a jamera. I know it's going to be super fast and super fun. Looks amazing. But that electric hybrid stuff, once koenig goes full hybrids, they're going to lose me as a company. So for my opinion, this being the only rogue legal Lagara in America, I think this has the most amount of value for a Koenix egg. Now, ccx manual transmission, much better. No tech, not very reliable. Twin supercharged, relatively slow, 600 hp. Doesn't really kind of have any good aesthetics. As far as the leds and everything, I don't think that that's worth two and a half million dollars. Now, I think that the agar is probably the only one I would get. The Jessico is going to just be the number one car in the world. That means far as power, speed. Yeah. If you look right here, it's on springs, it's not hydraulic. That's why it doesn't break.

This kind of vibrate and move about. Yeah. Wow. That's awesome. That's really cool. Yeah.

So that's why this car is great.

It is a cool car. It'll never break. I do think it's a badass car, and I am excited for the yes Go, but the yes Go, this looks great, but the esco looks stupid. Crazy.

The yes Go is probably the most beautiful car. I mean, it's this, but ten years newer. It has the same roof lines. It's got a lot of the same structure of the body with the bit, how it overlaps the light. It's got modern appeal. It's amazing.


I think that's the most exciting car in modern day history.

Have you been to molsheim, france. You have? Yeah. Their factory in particular.

I haven't been to their factory because it wasn't open like we went to France for disneyland, went to Paris, and I drove my kids off disneyland. And I drove over there and I.

Got to see the front door.

Yeah, I just saw the outside of the building and everything. My plan was when I fixed the finished the scuba car, I was going to fly it to France and do donuts in front of the fucking factory. They said it wasn't going to be done. It couldn't be done.

You did permanently blacklisted from all things bugatti. It would be worth it. it'd be worth it. Possibly. Possibly. It's worth it. Try, dude. You let me know when you do that. Maybe I'll shit mine over there. All right.

I don't voluntarily ask to get humiliated on the Internet very often, but because steve's in town, I figured, you know what, why not do a drag race completely, just randomly in the middle of nowhere, right? Where Steve is going annihilate me because I have a rear wheel drive car with 400 less horsepower. Do have a slight weight advantage. Yeah, but I think I made up for that weight advantage today with our chicken lunch. So I don't know. It's even I know you know you're going to win.

I had a chicken lunch and two desserts, so I think I've got the misadvantage there, bro. How are you feeling? Full. After driving it, I think that it's going to be closer than you think.

I don't know. Look, I know how to drive that car very well, so it'll be an optimal performance during the race. I've actually never launched it. I've always just shied away from launching a koenig Tag, just a cake $49 gearbox later. But I think that if we both just hit the gas, let the boost build and go, that'll be the most optimal race for us.

All right, are you ready? Three, two, one.


Why is this so slow, dude? Sure.

The engine light actually came on because I've been sitting here idling so long. So once I pulled third gear, I had zero boost.


And then I went through third at, like, 3 seconds, which was really slow. Fourth and kick back the boost on, and then you copy. I bet you if this was running optimally, I might win.

I still feel like something's wrong on the launch on this, unless yours is just so much faster.

Overall. Surprise.

I was incredibly surprised we still wasn't able to get into launch mode. Right. So that's part of the problem. However, you and I tried for, what, 1015 minutes, and we neither of us could figure it out. And you've got a vron.

Yeah, my viran launches differently than this. I've put a shear on the launch mode before.


And I'm concerned that maybe it's the speed key that unlocks it. That's my guess because I don't remember if I had the speed key in the other car.


That's a great it might be that I'm not sure. Anybody else with experience launching Shear ons maybe? Leave it in the comments to let us know what difference does it make from launchpad? And now launch.

What is significant off the line?

Yeah, it's too significant.

All right.

It builds all the boost and it launches like crazy. It'll probably spin all four tires and go. I love that. It's the best. It's very cool. Experience on the sheeran.

I couldn't believe how much how close it came at the end.

I thought it would be my third gear was it was a little messed up. I heat soaked the car sitting there. Idling. I was over the nine degrees celsius. My engine light came on, so I was running on probably three quarter boost.


Third gear, it pulled back a little bit, but I just kept in it. And by the time fourth happened, it gave me the boost back. But I pulled off about 100 and 5200ft before the finish line because I just wanted to not die. And I don't know about my brakes. They're solid, but they're not all wheel drive brakes.

I see. So next time I need to figure out launch mode. Do you need to make sure it's not overheated then?

We'll have I really think the cars are really close.

I would have said that. Honestly. I thought it might be close, but I thought I was going to beat you by a sizable amount. So I was. I was super.

They're like neck and neck. I mean, if you think about it, I had 960 hp today. You had just under 1500, but I weigh 1300 and 1400 pounds less.

That's a big deal. Right?

So the third in horsepower is the third in weight. That pretty much puts us even.

Yeah. Let's do it again. We'll meet up in California. All right. Do it again.

Have fun. Drive safety.

Like, how much? Subscribe love you.

It's what he said.

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