Okay, so what do you got? For me to see something so unique done to a car that I've just been a part of for, like, so many years. Holy.

Today's video is gonna start out in a completely different place. I'm actually in, I think, somewhere in Florida. I don't know. We just got off a cruise ship while we're actually getting off right now, and because I'm in Florida, I'm going to go check out the six speed manual gated lp 640 that I recently acquired. And there's somewhat of a surprise twist here.

You guys are going to be pretty pumped to see the car that I've got. The Veyron and the Manual 640 are at e three upholstery, which has been doing my koenig seg interior. They recently did James aventador interior. They're one of the best upholstery shops in the entire country by far. It's not even a comparison.

That's why I'm shipping my cars all the way out here from Las Vegas. See the excellent work they do. Before we go, I just want to give a really awesome shout out to the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. I can't believe how amazing. If you guys look behind me.

This room that we're in is absolutely outstanding. The service is impeccable. Every single thing about it is wonderful. They call it the wander the Seas for a reason. I'm not going to get too much.

It's not a cruise ship review. I just thought that it's just something notable to mention that it's an amazing experience. So my whole family is here. We're on a vacation. We're headed to one quick place before we go back to Vegas, and I want to get these updates done.

I want to see I want to get some cars. I might shop for something here. This is florida. edmunds flying in tomorrow, and we might go and check out some new cars because we need to get some houston's Hot Chicken advertising mobiles on the road. Do you know what I mean?

We made it to e three upholstery. This is the first time here. You know, it's kind of wild that I've never actually been here. I've never seen the team. I've only met Eric Lamb, my guy going in to see the cool, amazing new stuff we got.

Okay, so what do you got for me? I can't wait to see this Veyron. I swear to you. Like, this is becoming like, a dream of mine to see something so unique done to a car that I've just been a part of for so many years.

Oh, my God. I want to blur this out so no one can see it. Holy. Look at this. Look at this.

I was actually wondering because one of mine peeled off one time, I was like, how do you replace that? Wow, dude, a few things. It's perfect. Oh, my gosh. It's literally perfect.

Look at the stitching on this. Yeah, we did that one black the first time I was hoping would go with black. No, he is red. He literally told me he was like, make it red. Right?

Now, for those of you that don't know, I'm in the process of selling this car to one of my really good friends. And we both agreed that the interior needed to be completely refreshed because do you have the leather from the Bayeron still? Yeah. I'd love to show you because it's real leather, obviously, out of a bugatti. So it's like this, right?

So it looks great when you're not putting any compression on it, but it doesn't really age well. It gets this, like, shine to it, and it's not really something that just makes sense to stay in the car after. I mean, this is a 2008, right? So what is that? Well, 13 years later, it's just kind of boring, right?

With this new alcantara. It smells brand new in here. It is unbelievable. I'm so excited. So next you'll see my gated Mercy right there.

So basically, I sold this car because I wanted the other one so bad. And I have my purple va on, which will be on the channel soon. This car here I own for almost three and a half, four years now. And my friend, he loves red, just like myself. He actually bought edmund's old six speed manual gated lp 640 a few years ago.

And it was stored with me at royalty for almost a year and a half since he's moved over to Vegas. And I've looked at it every single day, and edmunds actually looked at it every single day. So I thought, why not just make a deal where I sell this car contingent upon him selling me that car right there, and we made it happen. So now I'm the owner of edmund's old six speed manual gated Mercy logo, which is the mondi lago. And I've gone through the steps to change so many things about it.

So right now, let me tell you, it's in its factory form. It's got the factory bumpers, factory side skirts, factory rear end, factory wheels. It looks really, really nice. Okay, the problem with this is I just sold my Mercy logo, SV to randy. Now, randy got that car from me because I got a deal on this car, and I was able to acquire this one.

And I wanted that sls Black series so effing bad, I can't even imagine telling you. I've wanted to make a few changes to my garage and have a bunch of cars that are in the $600 to $800,000 price point instead of the multimillion dollar cars because that's just going out of control. So one veyron is enough. I don't need two. And all these other extra cars, this car here, greatest driving experience you can have for a lamborghini.

And it is just absolutely gorgeous. It's one of the best, most beautiful cars. So what I've done is I've bought an OEM complete mercy logo SV kit for this. And I've done a full conversion to the Mercy logo SV interior. So that's what they're doing here now.

So I'll show you guys on the inside. It's all taken apart. So edmund had actually done some upgrades to this car previously where he did some stitching. You have the seats, Eric?

Yeah, the stock seats. But anyways, he added the diamond stitch right here with headliner and it's in the steering wheel or sorry, it's in the door cards. Because originally when this car came from the factory, it was where the black it was ivory. And so same with the seat. And they have a seat over here right now, so you can see that over here.

The original seat was the OEM leather on the red, but the middle was ivory. So it was like disgusting looking car. And he went through and changed that, which is really cool. But at the same time, I don't know. So black and red to me doesn't look that good.

I mean, when you look at this right here oh my goodness. And then you look at this, you're like, wow, it needs that same 2022 sex appeal.

Pretty sure that edmund is going to be so jealous when he sees the completed project. edmund's flying into Miami in about 2 hours and tomorrow we're going to go shopping for some some cars because evan needs to buy a new car. I want to buy a specific car that we're going to go see tomorrow. So we'll see if we can maybe possibly make a deal on a car. And I think, I think he's going to I think he's going to finally pull the trigger on some big car.

I mean, I've been trying to get into buy a 918 or a senna for almost two years now and he's been very conservative. He currently only has his gt Three, the new one, the 6ft manual one, 2022, and his bentley, which is a great car. I love that car. It's phenomenal. But it's time for edmund to put the big boy pants back on, get into a car like his monde lago, or, you know, like the twin turbo gt three Rs.

And that's why he hasn't been making any YouTube videos, because what's, he gonna make a video? Is it bentley? Come on. We're waiting on my carbon door cards and my carbon seats. So those are coming over from Europe.

They did not have them in stock with lamborghini, so they had to be ordered and the whole nine yards. And then I'll probably do a full service on it. Maybe he's a clutch and all that technical stuff. So it might actually get the service in between here because the lamborghini Palm Beach is just down the street. anyways, I'm going to end this video right here and we are going going to update you tomorrow with edmund's new car purchase, possibly.

And I'll film that and we'll do a nice vlog. Stay tuned. Subscribe do all the things like this video for the insane bayron interior. Literally the insane bayron interior that is right there behind me. Maybe you won't notice if I just take it out.

One last drive here in Miami? I don't know. We'll see.

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