Well, what do we have here? Oh, my God.


You weren't kidding.

Yeah, it's really nice turbo, but it's got some kind of like this is.

The accurate one, right?


This thing's nice.

I think it's really nice.

It looks great. I love the center console.

It needs wheels, but it's very hard to drive.

What do you mean?

It's got like this wild, like, dog racing clutch thing on it. And I stalled it three times already.

It just came off the truck.

Dude, it's impossible for me to drive this car. We're going to try. We'll take it around the block. whoa, boy. It's all spinning. It's all tire.

We're going to go easy on it.

Because it was just raining.

Wow, it sounds great. It's fast.

I mean, I'm going easy on it, so just let me get used to it.


So it has a traction ctcs right there. Right there. ctcs. So there's got to be a button for the traction control here somewhere. Maybe it was here.

I don't know.


It's better than it's warm now.

Oh, my goodness. Guys, this thing is insane. It's so fun.

I love it. It's hard. Sorry. First jdm card.

Darren, what do you think?


What's up, Darren? What's up, bro? Yes, sir. Guys. You guys remember Darren?

Yeah. That's why.

Nsx or the skyline, the move? I don't know, dude. That's the question.

Nsx is sick. You know, this is like the real like this is a supercar, right? But when it came out, it had 250 hp. So it wasn't like super, super carish. But now with this car with 600 mean go, give me a Ferrari 355 and let's talk about it. You know, like, this car is going to smack, right? But stock to stock, I mean, the 355 versus this car, it was pretty comparable. And to be honest, this is really more compared to the 348. So this car destroys 348.

All right, everybody, as you can see in my hand is the one chip challenge. Tony, are you going to take the chip challenge? I know who is. dre. dre must hate himself because he loves to eat the spiciest of the spicy.

I think dre has internal issues because I think he loves himself on the outside, but apparently his insides don't like him and I don't think he likes his inside.

It has the Carolina reaper and scorpion pepper. Do you think this is going to be hotter than houston's hot chicken? We have a problem.

I don't know. So I tried the Houston we have a problem one time. And it was awful. It was awfully hot. It tasted really good. That's what got me three bites in. But as far as the heat level, way too hot. Way too hot. I can only imagine what that's going to be. I saw shack do that. And shack's like, pretty well inclined with food and I don't know, man, that's too hot for me. I like my inside.

It's hot.

For those who don't know, name is Jerry andre go name. But everybody calls me Jerry. Email book an easy here roy sweet's.

Out of cars, aka the spice king.

Spice king. Yes. Have you seen the Houston hot chicken grand opening video? One of the spice kings and we got the one chip challenge. We're going to see how I can react to this because I've never done this before. Reaper. I don't know, man. But I got a little water to prepare myself. And you want to see how this go, man, if I don't make it, mama. I love it. Chip challenge. Man, this is crazy. Oh, yeah, it's definitely hot.

That looks spicy.

It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up. Told you it's all powder.

What's wrong with you?

Put it down.

What is the challenge.

With a lot of power on there, though.

Yeah, that's all it is, baby.

But you know me. spicy. I'm like shack. Tell him where I'm from.


Not smart. It won't make no difference to me, man.


I'm cool. Tough guy.

Look at the camera.

I'm cool, man.

Take a seat, take a seat, take a seat. Let's see. Let's see how long you can go right now.

No water. Damn, my nose is running already. One through ten. It's an eleven. It's a lot of powder. There's like all in your tongue in the back.

Is it getting worse?

Yeah, the more you breathe. I'm like about the drool.

I'm so sorry. I'm laughing.



Nobody ever tried that. I don't care what they say. It's legit.

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