We want to naturally sit at 2200, this is gonna be here. I explained that I'm converting this car to a manual 6ft. I haven't updated anybody on my own channel on the sto. And it's funny because, like, I never really get out there and make my own videos because I always am on so many other people's videos. And I kind to count that in my head as an update. Right. But I'm going to start documenting the sto build now. If you've seen shmei's most recent video with myself, I explained that I'm converting this car to a manual six speed with a gated gearbox. We started that process yesterday. andy's kind of getting his way through some of the little quirks that it takes to make this happen. So follow some of the shop, and I'll show you guys what I'm talking about. Here's what we took out of the car yesterday. Right. And this is kind of what I skipped. I forgot to, like, film this part. anyways, this is our sto remove everything shelf. Andy, can you come and help me explain this? Because basically, I think you already have an idea of what we're doing.

Are you thor? Do you?

I think we'll probably use the back half, but the front half of it will be almost completely gone.

But what about that part? Like, are we going to use this part?

I don't think so.

I really like that cup holder. Now we have access to actually use it, like, because there won't be a screen in front of it now.

Well, no, I think the screen is going to be exactly there. I think it's going to come down.

Like, let's put it right here.

It's your shifter is going to be there.

Yeah, I mean, that's the that's the whole thing is that kind of have to feel out where where the shifter is actually going to be placed. Let's take this one into the car. Put this thing back where it goes. You just don't get to drive like this every day. You can't get parked there, man. I still think I can get a cup holder here. I think we can cut this, like, right here. Cup holder. I believe there's a cup holder built.

Into the dash of open glove box.

But that was that was, you know.

It'S just a little bar. Honestly, I think andy's right. It's a little bar. The thing for me, though, is I'm five seven, so that makes me short. I have to sit. I can't, like, sit back here. Andy, is there a way that we could pop off the cables so I can get the mechanism in here with no cables? This is the factory gallardo shifter mechanism, and these were, like, 14 grand, and I don't really think that this is worth anywhere close to $14,000. Andy and I were talking about having a exposed linkage shifter made, because why not, right? I mean, it yeah, pagani style. We can make anything like that. I mean, it's a very simple this is very simple. And if we're going to make it look cool because I'm going to have it exposed, I probably won't spend the money to build out like a full new council and fiberglass the whole thing. I don't know, I kind of like the rawness of it. Plus it's just me in the car. I just imagine this is straight. This is going to be here. And honestly I was thinking about it all last night.

This is high. I mean it's really high in comparison to a gallardo. And we could sit in one of my gated Gardo's next to us. So your hand is much lower. This is more forward on the screen and everything here is kind of closer. Much higher. Yeah. But I don't know, I kind of like the fact that you come off the wheel and you're shifting in that area. It kind of feels career Gtish. That's what we were talking about. I mean, the cgt is probably even higher. It's probably here.

Yeah. And it's more of an angle.

Right? This isn't bad. I liked how this is angled. Right. I kind of like how it's flat. anyways. The ccx shifter was very long too, honestly. Yeah, that's actually a good point, Andy. That's why I think maybe I like it because the ccx shifter is like it's very high. It's a foot long. It's like it's here. I don't know if you can see the difference in seating position. And this is actually physically small. So if we don't do any changes and we just use this shifter box, it's going to sit somewhere like right here. And then we'll just have to make that screen work this way. In another hurricane previous generation to the evo, we would have buttons which would be super simple. Just put the buttons here, no big deal. My window switches will probably stay in the same location he is for Builds Hurricane. Right. His shifter was like here and so he was driving up here. So it was super far back here. Now I think it would have been fine if it was this high, but his shifter was real low. So it was like really hard. So he actually cut everything out.

I don't know. I'm not really concerned about it. But as if you see the screen, the screen is fairly large in comparison to where it mounts here to here. So you can cut this bottom piece off where it holds the start button. But I don't know. I'd rather have a better driving position yeah. Than where the screen sits because I mean, it's just a radio, you know, it's the AC controls are the are the largest factor for this because I'm definitely going to want air conditioning. This is a factory hurricane pedal box. This is a factory gyro pedal box. This is the one without a clutch. And this is how it goes when you have a clutch. So we're going to modify this one here to adapt to these pedals so that it bolts up in the factory locations. This one has a rod attached to the brake master cylinder, whereas this has kind of a cantilever lever system. The brake master cylinder clips in here and this rod pulls this other thing and it moves it. So Andy feels it is easier to modify this to weld on an area where we have a second pedal versus put this box in that car and modify the mounting points.

Something like that. Yes.


It's closed. The biggest issue you're going to have with this setup is you can see how this arm is angled like this. Well, the steering column comes through here. So when the steering column comes through here, you can't exactly add another pedal there without hitting that.

That steering column is so big a Hurricane to have, basically electric steering and all that stuff. They really made the physical column itself and the rods, like, way bigger than the ones in the gray York different.

Angle as well, which is this is a very technical measurement, but it's three fingers away from this in the Hurricane. So the column is right there. If you clear it at rest when you activate that lever and push it back, you could potentially hit it. The flutch pedal needs to be approximately the width of your foot over.


And that's where you run into the steering column exactly right there. It's going to be way easier than we're making a sound, but it's not undoable by any means.

It sounds like the biggest problem is you guys are giving each other too many options. Yes. You're like, oh, this is easy. We could do it like this.

I'm that way. He's the opposite.

He's like, shove it off.

Can we do it that way?

Just do it. It's really true.

And if it doesn't work, we'll just.

Do it another way. Yeah. I like to skip through the waiting period on most of these jobs. So in here, the Sto has the front wheel drive system delete from the factory. Not really understanding why. I felt like this car was supposed to compete with the perfamante of its previous generation. But it's not all wheel drive, which is fine. It doesn't really matter. We're going to add factory all wheel drive here. Over here, this is where the front drive shaft bolts up. And it's got all the factory bracketry. These bolts here and all this stuff, it'll all bolt right back up. They want to use the space at the factory and put carbon ceramic brake cooling in, which is a cool feature that we'll be deleting because you're going to need to put axles here. One five to 1800 was like, holy shit, you're going out of control on a five liter. And now with the Hurricanes, they do 1800 on a stock motor. But the gearbox is when you have a dots and nine plate clutch, that's kind of the sweet spot. They say 1650 to 1800 is really the maximum. But that motor that I built for this car has a billet block, and it can go up to 3500.

I'm not really saying I want to go up that high. It is nice to be able to push it to one of those plus 500 HP kill switches and go out there and have a freeway pass that's a little bit faster than someone else's car. We want to naturally sit at 2200. And with the Gallardo gearbox, we have these ppg gear sets that are full billet. I mean, everything in that gearbox is billet. So those are rated to hold higher than 2500 HP. So we're going to build both of them in here. The next step is to get this powertrain out and put the new billet powertrain in. So I actually need to call them right now and find out if it's shipped. I thought it'd be a good idea to show what we're doing with this Gallardo here. That yellow ugr car destroyed its gearbox about a year and a half ago. Almost two years ago. No, actually it was more than two years ago because it was pre pandemic, basically. It's taken a very long time for us to get to this point to be able to fix it. And so my friend and I ordered the ppg gear set.

I don't know how to explain it properly, but basically the pre lp gallardos destroyed a lot of gearbox parts when you put a 2000 HP on them. The ppg set replaces everything with billet. The ppg sets that we had made were designed off of a different gearbox than a pre L P georgo. So imagine that they were designed from an Audi R eight gearbox. And that is what this is. So I got lucky and I happened to have an Audi R eight gearbox unknowingly. And so my Gallardo that I have already videoed and filmed with the turbo kit on and running was an Audi R eight gearbox that we had basically just inadvertently had. So we had made mine work. But when we put the yellow one together over there, we used the Gallardo gearbox. And the shift forks were different and they didn't work with the manual transmission. And so now what we're doing is dissecting this Audi gearbox to pull the forks out of here and to put them into the other gearbox that had the wrong forks. This is a manual transmission fork, e gear fork prior to nine. These are both the same in nine.

They changed it and they put these little notches on them and slim down the fork because they thought that less weight would make it shift faster. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. We figured it out. We do have everything we need. And now this is going to work. You can see the difference in these shiftworks. This is from the E gear car, the Pre lp car. It has a different design here. It's my squared off. This was rounded. I mean, these these two here don't seem that much different. Just this one seems different.

It's the diameter. Because we changed the gear set, these are completely different size.

So you see the mouth on this.

One has zero chance of going around that.

And this here is a factory piece. This set here, this is new. This is new, but this is factory. Basically, they change this, which is yeah, one and two, three and four. And then this is five and six. Whatever. anyways, I don't know anything about these gearbox. I just don't take them apart. That's the one thing I have, a skill set. It is taking everything apart. And then I give it back to Andy and then tomorrow morning, this will be back in that car. So my job here is done. Problem solved.

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