All right, here we go, guys. I got my mouse out. I'm clicking the bid button.

The 1994 Bugatti EV 110 gt prototype. Only A from New. This is an extremely rare prototype. It was used by the factory for promotional and exhibition purposes. minimally used, near showroom quality. It's been a numerous auto shows, including the 1992 balloon Motor Show. And it's got one off feature interior and bodywork. But let's really get to the quad turbo V twelve and all wheel drive that makes this car so exciting.

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the prototype. Who wants to give $2 million to start?


$2 million here today. Who give a million and start? One? 1 million. Thank you. 1,000,250. 1 million 1,000,250.

No problem.

$1,250,000. We're at 1 million 1,000,002. 512515. 1 million, 251 million, 500,000. 1,500,001. 251 million five. 1,000,750. 1 million, 751 million 750 now. $2 million. Come on. 1752 million dollars.

No, I'm not going to hit 2 million. My number is.

752 million dollars.

No, they're going to lower it down and I'm going to hit it.

The eb 110 really ushered in the modern era for Bugatti, and this model set four speed records, including the world's fastest production car of its time. This is such an important component of Bugatti brand history. Can't miss it.

1,000,750 has been 1,000,008. Richard ol tape. 1,800,000. 1,800,001, 750. So I got 1,000,008 1,000,009, because that means I got a million eight 1,900,000.

So the 10% fee on top of.

That puts it over one nine $1,900,000. We're at 1,000,008. 1,900,000. Get your hands high. $1,900,000 1,900,000. Here it goes at 1,000,008. 1,000,009. How about 1 million 851 million, 850. Hands high. The bids online at 1800. Opportunity of a lifetime. We're at one eight 1851 million. Eight 1 million, 850.

We can't stress how rare this is, this opportunity to own the prototype used by the factory for all these exhibition purposes. It's absolutely showroom, fresh and fast. You'll never see another one like it.

When you take it around 1,000,008 is it is 1,850,000. 1,000,850 at a million eight $1,850,000. Won't get that opportunity like this. 1851 million eight. 1 million, 851. 851 million, 850.

I'm not going to man, I just I don't want to pay over $2 million for my car.

$900,000. Are we all done at 1851 million? $900,000 here tonight.

Come on. Let me have my calculator.

75,000. I'm going to count it down at 1,000,850. Stop.


75 going once wait.

2 million, 35 million. The problem is the reserves are even off yet. It doesn't even matter. It's totally pointless.

1,850,000 signs it's not going to sell.

See, it says still for sale because I didn't even hit the reserve. So it's completely pointless. All right, doesn't matter. Okay, that was, like, close, but it doesn't really make a difference because the reserve was higher than that. We've got 3 miles. The one car backup car is in hold on. Sorry. The backup car here is in three more cars. The backup car has no reserve. I'm down on the backup car at 2,000,850. This is showing me that everything is going for low. So, like, that's what had me a little bit tense to not go over 2 million. Because everything except one car that I've seen so far has sold for well under the estimate. Minimum 1015 percent under the estimate. So let's go turn the shit back on right now. We've got a 2019 bugatti shear on Fort. Yeah, I knew what he was going to say. This is a high mileage sheron. All right. This guy right here had it for sale to garrett Coach. I made an offer on it. And this is before I want to go. Classic hypercar. Found out he was going to go no reserve at Arm southerby.

But I was like, whoa, kind of sketch there, dude. I am going to be bidding on this car because I love this year on and it's a great opportunity to get a really good deal. My limit on this car, 2 million. Probably five to seven.

Where it's going to wait? Thank you. $3 million now. 2,000,005. $3 million. $3 million. Ladies and gentlemen.

Right around here is like where it's got to go down. If someone bid someone bid 3 million is no, they're out of their freaking mind.

3,500,000. 3,000,005.

See what I'm worried about here? I'm not buying this car now, but what I was worried about is someone at the auction, like a guy's friend bidding it up. Right? So if no one bids after 3 million, then the guy was the guy bidding it up. 3250. No, stupid.

3 million. 3 million. 253 million. 3,000,250. Told you.

I told you. No one was bidding on this car. It was just me and that guy. Some guy. The guy that owns it bid up. I know he did.

3,100,000 is selling all the way. We're going to count it down at 3 million.

So stupid.

$3,100,000. What about you? $3,100,000. For the first time. $3,100,000, ladies and gentlemen. At $3,100,000. evan, are you been there? At 3,100,000. 3,100,000. For the second time, $3,100,000. 3,000,050. It's pretty weak. I know. 3 million, 53,000,025. 3 million, 53,050,000. Notes. 3,050,000. Notes. 3,000,050. We're at 3,000,025. 3,050,000. Notice 3 million. Don't lose it for 20.

What would you guys no one wants this car. 2.6. Number on that car. 4000 miles. Not the right number.

At 3,000,025. Sure. There's no sense in setting limits if you're not going to go over them. $3,050,000.

It's worth noting the car would already be going about 270 miles an hour if it accelerated when we started selling it.

That's right. 3 million, 53,100,000. Now $3,100,000. 3 million. $53,100,000. $3,100,000. evan, he's sitting down. 3,000,100. whoop. He's standing back up. 3,000,001.

Like, what are these guys doing here?

$3,100,000. 3 million. $53,100,000. For the second time. $3,100,000. evan, third and final call. 3 million.

So it's sold for.


  1. Damn, dude, that's such a cheap car if it wasn't a 10% fee, right? There wasn't a 10% fee, I would have been all about that. But basically I included the 10% fee of what I'm willing to pay for it. So 3 million probably was the number. So 2.75, you're about $3 million on it. So that's crazy. Absolutely crazy. All right, I'm going to talk to Tony about what just happened, but I want to show you guys the new little renovation I got going on here. I don't know if you've been seeing royalty, if you've ever been here, you know that that's our front desk right there. That's our new front desk right here. And just around the corner, what I did was I built an area for a dedicated studio. Not built because it's still not done. But if you look, we're going to have essentially full studio here. We're going to have one side that's built just for me and then one side that's almost like a podcast area where we can have guests on the show. And this is all glass right here, so it's pretty sweet. You'll be able to come to Royalty.

You'll see where the action happens. And we're going to make it a lot more videos of the things that I talk about, like opinions and different things that go on with Royalty because a lot of the royalty action is alive, right? We don't really make a video until a car crash happens or we buy something crazy or we do something. So it's really difficult to have consistency, right? So I built this studio so that we can get some consistent videos and we can make content on a weekly basis. Now don't forget that we have the video series of the Bugatti Rebuild. I just got my final pieces for the car. The car will be on the road here in just probably a week or two. And then once that happens, the car runs. It works fine. I needed the diff and it was a really long back order. So the diff finally came in and we're going to put that thing in next week so it'll finally be done and then I'll release the series. I've got to film some editing and some little clips that we have to fill in some gaps of some of the things we forgot to film early in the days.

But after all of that, it's going to be super sweet. So that'll be consistent. There'll be a specific day for Bugatti Rebuild and then there'll be a day for one of the studio videos, and then there'll be like a third special day if something crazy and wild happens, like today. Tony, guess what? I almost got a bugatti. eb 110.


I bid on it. And I was winning. I was winning for a long time. It was 1.51.7 and I got to 1.8. And I was like, dude, I'm the highest bidder. I'm the highest bidder.

I'm winning.

Winning. I'm winning. And then last second, someone bid 1.85. And I'm like somebody coker to you. What happened is that it went to the final thing, the bike I was about to hit the guy who was like, oh, no. Anybody else? And then I was like, I'm just not doing it. Because it was over the $2 million budget that I had the lot for that car anyways. It really wouldn't have mattered because there was a reserve. So the guy with 2.85 didn't end up winning. So I could have probably even bid 2 million on the car. Plus the fee still would have been under the reserve. So it didn't make a difference. Three auctions later, three cars later, there was a 2019 black on red sheron sports that I was like, ah, black on red she rose. I'll just take this one instead, you know? I'll just take this one instead and listen to the bullshit that happened, right? So I'm bidding, right? The guy, no action, no action, no action. They bring it all into 1.5. So I hit the 1.5. Oh, absolutely. So then they go from 1.5 to 2 million. I'm like, all right, I'll hit the two.

Okay, so then 2,000,002.5. Why are they going up? I'm the only one business.

Yeah, exactly.

Like two one. Let's get some actually going. So they hit two five, and I'm like, cool. This is my stopping point because I know that that car is a two seven five car. And I hit two five, stay to five for a second. I'm like, oh, my gosh. This is a no reserve. This is the car could actually own no reserve. Okay? Then the guy goes and I know it was the owner. I know it was the owner of the car because he's scared shitless right now that he's going to have to lose that car for two five, minus his fee, 10% 2.25. He's going to lose a million dollars on this car because I was told he bought the car for three too. So he goes, 3 million. Who the fuck go 3 million? So I was like, now I'm out. Because that's 3,300,000, right? Sat at 3 million for like, three minutes or something. Like literally a few minutes. 3 million. 103,000,050. No one. No one. Some dude goes 3,025,000, and I'm like, this dumbass. He bought the car from himself anyways. End up selling for 3,050,000, likely to the guy himself that owned it.

So that car there because essentially, if I was him, I would buy the car from myself also. But at the same time, he has to pay the fee. So I don't know. Is it worth if he feels like he can get more money? I'm not really sure. But if effectively he sold it for 3,000,050, I offered him 2,000,850 on the car. When the car was for sale at O'guerra Coach, he net under 2.7 million. Sounds like his problem. So his problem, right yes. sucks to be that guy. anyways, I also did want to be in one of the little jaguars. Why does everybody hate that car? Anyway? It went way over. Every car was selling under. It was supposed to sell for five, have the 600 sold for 650 plus fees. yikes. Yeah. That's a lot for that car, man. I know. It's a lot for jack. It is. So now I've still got no car. No. Aston Martin is the goddess. Well, the Aston Martin db Six did sell for, like, 750. It was, like, a lot or something. It sold for more. It's on the video. Just watch the video. You find out.

Cool. Watch. Tune in the channel. I'll like subscribe. I already have, but you guys should, as well. Yeah, dude, we should subscribe. That's a really good idea. I'm subscribed. Do I subscribe to my old channel? No. I block my auto blog. All right. anyways, we're going to end this video right now because I still have no car, and I've got to go buy a classic hypercar now that the auction is over. And I kind of feel like all these brokers and dealers out there see that these cars did not sell for big, big money, right? Oh, speed tail almost under msrp. It did sell for under msrp, actually, 2,000,450. My point is, this video is over, and I've got to go shopping. And now guess what I get to do? I get to go out and actually make some real offer. So less than market price. Okay? So good luck to Houston.

Thank you.

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