Welcome to another episode of houston's about to buy some dumb shit. This is Tony.

This is Houston, your host, the general.

Of buying dumb shit. And we're here to talk about something very expensive today.


This is the most expensive, stupid purchase of my life. Now, I have haven't bought this car yet, but we're here to talk about it. If you guys are familiar, it's a very small amount of time. This car was actually on the Internet. It really didn't go viral. Bugatti put a lid on it quickly, very quickly. There was a red sheron in Florida that probably a jealous adversary threw a molotov cocktail at this car.

You got to be pretty jealous to do that.

It's really fun. Like, I mean, imagine just lighting a bottle of alcohol on fire with a raggedy and throwing it at sheer on. There was a relatively famous hip hop star that owned this vehicle. And he must have just had some really big enemies because they hate his car. So they destroyed it. It was deontay wild. Fight fury against him.

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It was on the internet for just a few seconds. Mario has a clip of it. We've saved it. So we've got some of the fire on there. It's mostly the aftermath, but now the car and I've been following you guys immediately, like, when this happened, okay? I mean, the video was up for 30 seconds and exactly where that car was and exactly where it went to. I was trying to get this car as fast as possible before it went to copart. But get ready for it. The insurance company valued the car at $3.5 million, and they deemed the car such a total loss that it doesn't now that they're selling it, it will not have a salvage or rebuild title. It will have a parts only title. This means that it's basically for dismantling. Okay, so parts only title. That's absolutely insane. That means the vehicle is never to be on the road again. But they value the parts only bugatti at over $1.2 million.

So that's the first time I'm hearing that number.

I respectfully declined to buy the car in its current condition. Now, the car used to look just like this. So I got this really nice model out here. So I can kind of reference I mean, I'm looking at pictures of it right now in co part. And Tony, I don't know if you've seen these, but just go ahead and look at those. This car had the alcohol bottle thrown in this area right here. So this fender burned. This windshield is destroyed. All the mechanisms underneath the windshield, which is the top of the dash, the air conditioner blower. What else is up there? Well, you can see the inside of the trunk that's all destroyed, but there's a lot of wiring in this area. I have recent experience with replacing a complete wiring harness on a bigger one. And this car has a lot of wiring up here. The headlight is destroyed. This is actually one piece. So there's no bumper on the car. The fender is actually the front of the car as well. So this is a single piece. This piece is well over $100,000 to replace just that one body part. Each light is $35,000.

I've never priced the hood, but I can imagine that they're all within respective values of probably $30,000 to $40,000. Everything on a shear on carbon. So, just to give you guys an example, I mean, the body on the bayron, right? I recently acquired one that had a spare body to it, and that body is over a quarter million dollars. And the veyron body is not as sophisticated as the shear on. So we have this particular car. It needs a door window, this panel. It needs the wheel, which is about $25,000. It needs the brake rotor, the brake disc, the wire harness for the front. Now, I have no clue what that wire harness costs. I can guess that we're talking in the realm of $80,000. That's kind of my guess. The real issue is I can't show you from this model, but basically right here, there is a shock tower that's part of the tub and that is claimed to be destroyed. And this is the reason why we went parts only, but they went parts only, not myself. And so they don't think that the weight of the vehicle can be supported from the area where the shock is mounted.

So you must be thinking, why the hell would I want to buy this car if all these issues exist, right? It's because I actually have a 3d scan of guidance up, and I think I can fix this car. And if I can't, well, I'll have a pretty nice showpiece, I guess. Got a bunch of park, got a bunch of cool parts. Maybe the next year run that goes down, hopefully it'll get in a rear end collision instead of a front one. But this car really intrigues me.


And I know you guys haven't seen it yet, but replacing all the pieces on the water car I call the scuba car gave me a lot of confidence. Now scuba car is in 100% working order, and I'm very excited about that. We're almost done filming the entire series of that rebuild, and I really cannot wait to share it with you because.

It'S a very cool garden.

It's pretty exciting.

It's probably the most beautiful bay run I've ever seen.

It's definitely the most beautiful bay run in the world. I mean, with respect to every Vayer on the bugatti spec, I killed it. It just looks so cool, and it's got some modifications to it. So it's a little Houston, it's a little bugatti. It's got a perfect balance.

It's a shell of bugatti with a lot of Houston on it.

Yeah, it's great.

That's exactly what it is.

I love that. So, look, Tony, these pictures right here, you notice the interior, right? So the interior is another issue. Now, can you guess what a shear on driver's seat costs?



You're actually really close.


80 grand.

  1. Wow. Really? Yeah.

I would have guessed, like, 15.

No, see, the crazy thing is, I have experience.

So, anyways, yeah, the driver's seat is burned. It's a carbon shell, so the dash and all of the interiors covered fire retardant. I'm very worried about the electronics right there. I don't believe fire retardant needs to go into electronic devices, but it's kind of rough. So the point of making this video is to kind of figure out what value do I really assess this car?


Obviously, it's not a million dollars. It's not even close to a million dollars. With the parts only title, I would say it's worth 10% of its original value.


Being that the parts are useless because nobody is out there trying to buy a sheer on engine.


And who's going to cheer on swap their gallardo?

Yeah, right.


No space.

You don't, actually. That motor is the size of the gerto, actually. But, yeah, I mean, what would you do with this car, Tony? If I decided to get it and.

It was unrepairable unrepairable, we probably put it in the most ridiculous place we could find.

Yeah, like the middle of the casino floor.


I mean, I would probably not leave it there. Fire damage obviously, we could probably replace the fender, the door, the window. I mean, I wouldn't even replace the glass because I would keep the windows down. But I do think that it's actually a pretty cool opportunity for us. I'm hoping that I can win this auction. Now, I don't know how many people out there want to rebuild a car like this. If anybody's watching this video and you want to bet on it, I just want to forewarn you. Bugatti does not sell these parts. I had to go through every hoop, jump through every you have no idea what it took for me to get the parts for the Bay Run. It took me two years. Two years. Every time I buy a part from Bugatti, I have to sign off that it's my problem. If it doesn't work, there's no warranty, there's no help, there's nothing. And then that's cool.


I had a lot of confidence in the Bay Run because the Bay Runs from 2006.


That's the original part of the Bay Run. So the technology behind it isn't heavily computer based. So. Think of the Mercy lago gallardo era. Volkswagen had a lot of similarities. There is a lot of parts on the Veyron that are very similar to other vehicles in that generation. shearan is totally different. The Shear is a one off car. That's the beauty of the Shear. And that's why they're 3.5 million compared to beyond.


This car is a complete tech, advanced, beautiful car that has absolutely one off parts out of the entire thing. So I'm a little nervous about it. But I do think that it's possible to fix this. So if anybody who watches wants to bid on this car, it's on copart. I do think that the car should be about $350,000.


I mean, I think that that's a fair price for the car. I don't think I'm going to pay much more than that because I know what I'm getting myself into.

What do you think?

I think that's about fair. Just because you're not going to be.

Able to title the car well, you're not going to drive it's parts all.

So if you're looking to, nobody out there is crazy enough aside from you put in the car and not drive it.


I mean, we have a different ulterior motive.


You could use it as a display instead of a casino.


Who in their right mind, aside from you?

I mean, I would think that a very wealthy person would want to take this car, make the engine a display.


The engine is kind of worthless because it doesn't fit into anything else. Actually, I was considering a sheer on swap in my day run, but it doesn't work. I mean, it's a totally different design. It looks similar, but it's not like the rear tub and all that stuff. The body, it's all designed different. But essentially, this car is worth a display or if someone's stupid lucky and they're able to source all of the parts, maybe making it like an exoskeleton race car could be a possibility, but that's a million dollars, man. By the time you add up all these parts, I'm down to spend $1 million to see if I could make some crazy one off car.


But I have two other Bugattis now that I can reference. I've got scans, I've got suspension. I've got so many spare parts for the bugatti that I know that I could reduce those and make it work. And I'm fairly confident in that.

But for anyone else, it'd be very tough. It'd be almost impossible, you'd say?


To give you reference, the scuba car sat unfinished, unfixed. It was attempted from paint, correct? Well, it was attempted to be repaired by five people before I bought this car. Five people tried to fix this car.

Okay. Five.

It's more than four.

It's more than three.

And that's definitely more than, like, one. So five people tried to fix this car before around 2010, 2020, ten years. Nobody could fix it. And it didn't even come close. Like, no one even pulled the motor.

Out of the car.

They didn't even get to that point.


So when I got the car, it was, like, semi assembled, right? Like, they had no interior in it because the interior was gone. I luckily had spare interior sitting in my office over here, but no one had even come close to being anywhere close. I mean, the flywheel, the timing the timing chains and all that stuff. Not the timing chains. Not a mechanic guy, anyways. The timing device that's in between the engine and the gearbox has so much rust on it that the entire motor had to be pulled in. It's sand in the side of the inbetween of the engines. Now, the engine itself was okay, right? There was no issues because there was no water intake on the top of the car, so that was okay. But like, the turbos, the exhaust and all that stuff was destroyed.


I mean, the only thing that was actually really good was anything that was carbon fiber, anything that was titanium, which is the majority of the mechanical components, and the engine and gearbox itself were sealed.

There was engine cleaned up really well.

Yeah, everything was good on that. But other than that, I replaced the whole thing. All the pieces, every body panel, all of that. It's all new. So with all that being said, I feel like this car is going to be an equal complication. Although the engine physically is okay, that's actually not half the problem. I mean, you can't really get the car to turn on. We have all these other issues up here.


So we'll see. I do believe that this is going to be one hell of a project if anybody else gets it. And I hope that someone like to vardish or I don't know, maybe at bolin or I'm not sure his entire fleet.


Which is really weird. There would be no way that he would be wanted to buy this car. Like this car. He could tune two of his cars to pay for this car. I mean I saw it at the entire list was like more than 1.5 million. Right at that point. Just buy radio sheeran like and just drive and enjoy it.

You know.

Buying this car would be absolutely insane and I don't wish that a project upon anybody. So. And I love freddie. freddie's a great guy. ed's a great guy. All those guys, tyler's Cool, they all came down here and they saw the beyon in the midst of what I had taken him apart. I don't think that the three of them realized that the difficulty level of fixing of Bugatti and what you have to go through with corporate to get the physical parts right. I went to France. This is a really big thing. I'm telling you. It's a huge thing to do. Take a bite off that. But I was told that Bugatti is after this car as well.

That's also another reason why I was going to say that. I think Bugatti is going to make it very hard for anyone to touch this car.

I think Bugatti is going to be the strongest bidder on this car. I think that they don't want this car, they don't want this engine to end up in some rice rocket or something like that. Imagine you couldn't but imagine you build like this bugatti can't even think of anything big enough to yeah, I know. It's so big you have to she run swap your S class. It just doesn't make sense. Like your vintage or your culmin. We have the engine bay like so big because engine is massive. It weighs like 1200 kilos. It's ridiculous when it's all there instead. I mean you guys should see it. It's like the size of a physical Mini Cooper. Well guys, wish us luck. We'll be actively bidding on this and we'll give you an update on this car if we get closer to being able to purchase it. If it goes over my number, I wouldn't even be close to interested because I don't want to be bankrupt and I don't want to have a car that's worthless and just sitting there for no reason. So I hope it doesn't go crazy. And a lot of people aren't too ostentatious with their bids.

But what's your slow? You're use sausage?

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