Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. It's not your car yet. Welcome to Miami.


But look at your sweater. Oh, my gosh. You've already got a ice cream acai bowl. What's going on with you? I don't know, man. You're already in Miami. What are you doing? I have to vlog this because I have no content. I forgot my camera. I made three vlogs on my iphone, though. They're pretty good. I'm going to have to bleep that car because you ruined the surprise. What a dumbass porsche. Okay, so we're going to Iconic, where I was able to secure they've got a ton of cars there. This is literally going on. Bring a trailer. So we're saving what it is. I was going on bring a trailer tomorrow. So if you like it, we make a deal. It prevents it from going on. Bring a trailer on the red one, too.

Oh, red one.

All right, well, this one's got some special wiz stuff on it. This one's going to be pretty sick. I think you're going to like it. I personally hate it. I don't think it's that special of a color, but do you know what to say now? No. Subscribe like, okay, yeah, buy merge so admin can afford his. Okay, get in my belly. What an amazing place to put a private, beautiful collection here. I mean, this guy's got a really great view of everything that goes in and out of this house.

It's pretty.

Dope I like his logo? edmund, I sent you what card I just sent you in text. You sent me so many. Yeah. I said, Should I get this? slr mclaren Not this one, no. But this one's green on tan. This one is sick. Due like, this car. Have you ever driven this car, gabe? Oh, by the way, welcome, gabe, to the blog. He's the one that sourced my F 40. My F 40. Where was it sitting? Where was the F 40 sitting? It was over there. He was in the Ferrari section over there. Now it's in my garage right here. All because of this man right here. So if you guys like the F 40, give a thumbs up for gabe. If you hate the F 40, thumbs down for gabe. Because I probably got a bad deal in that F 40, to be honest with you. I don't want to tell anybody I got a good deal. Hold on, edmund. Before you make a decision or before you say anything, what engine is in this car? Audi 4.2 vehicle. So, Audi, if this is a remanufactured rebodied R Eight from 2008, basically. So if you want to spend $500,000 on a Audi R Eight ready to go, you like the SP two, you jump over it.

Yeah, you jump over it. Oh, wow. Classic. You know, fun, fun fact. Okay? I sold this exact spec three five five coupe. Mine was a 1995 gated six speed manual, red on black. Mine didn't have two tone or carbon seats for how much this car gave right now, you think?

I'm going to be honest, I'm not.

Sure, but just take a wild guess.


Guess what I sold mine for in 2024?


Not even close. 50% of that. Oh, wow. I don't want to like it's going to kill me, this monkey. All right, well, just wait for me to look and appreciate what a $3 million 812 looks like. Okay? Thank you. These are sick. These are sick right here. Yeah, it's a flying car, edmund. It's on a plane. Oh, very nice. You guys replace the f 40 with the crocodile. So my f 40 used to sit right here. Can I have the crocodile? 90% of this art costs more than all of these cars I could imagine. I swear to you it does. This crocodile is at least a million dollars. It's full diamond.

It's full baguettes.

It's all baguettes.

Factory begets.

It's factory baguettes. Look at the fucking fingers. Oh, my God. Okay, here, look. Greatest, greatest sounding Ferrari ever made, in my opinion. Gated, carbon, all that works. Very, very sick car. Okay. But this one right here, enzo, this potentially could be one of the best looking cars of Ferrari ever in the history of Ferrari. Now, that's subjective, obviously, but when you think about this car and the timeframe of this car came out, phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. Obviously. We've got the baghdaddy la Ferrari. Best of the best. This is the car. The car. And I will say this till my end of my grave, but before I die, I will own a la Ferrari. I would do things for this car. This is a true kit car that made it to the next level, right? Like kit car is the word. And this is the smallest car in history. Look at the seats. Look at the dash. Look at it. It is the smallest car in history. This is edmonds dream garage here. I'm looking at a very nice collection, I think. Is this a gambala? No, it's not. That looks kind of like a that looks kind of like a porsche boxer made into a something else.

Pretty close.

It's a roof ctr three club sport, which started out as a cayman and they stretched the chassis and turned into.

A race car for the street. Can they just put the exact same door on it and make it a CGT so I can pay like 85,000 for a CGT instead of like 3 million now?

I mean, it's pdk, actually. It wouldn't be the same.

But it looks the part.

Go look at the rear class.

No, it looks the part. I've seen these rough cars every once in a while over at sema. This is probably the most valuable car in here. If this is a factory.

I think so.

It's factory.

But the stickers are just add ons. But the paint is factory.

The sticker in the middle is add on all the accidents are all vinyl.

But it could go full career.

18 or 18. Either of these could go or either of these for sale. Because, like a family, if you had to value this car right now, I don't know the miles on it, but if you had to value this car, would you say plus 3 million?


I have never seen a Gulf livery career GT in my life. I'm looking, personally for a top tier car that lives in the space above my veyron and above the koenig seg, above everything. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean price. It means, like, overall. And part of me wants to do that, but part of me also wants to just get a CGT and just drive a living piss out of it. Now, those top tier cars are so close to the price range of this car that I literally cannot believe. I'm so astonished on how much CGT is now. I definitely don't think it's a $2 million car. I think anybody is paying one and a half to 2 million for these cars. It's kind of crazy. It's a great car, but they made a lot of them, so they're not very special. There's only 918. 918. And there is, I believe, well over that for cgts. And these cars here, they were $50 to $80,000 off sticker when they were new in 2004. That's, like, a really telling sign that this was way ahead of its time, or people just don't understand it. Right. And the car came in, and it just looks so wild from the porsche family of what was out in that time, and it had no tech.

It was, like, really analog, and it's a very scary car to drive. If you don't know what you're doing in this car, you can lose your ass. Tomorrow I'm going to go look at a car that I believe is a real solid contender for my next car. So I just got next. But it's an addiction. It's literally an addiction, guys. Like, right now, it's, like, the time to buy cars because everybody's racing to get stuff. So for me, I really have no clue what's next or what's in store. And edmund right here, now that he's getting back into the game, going to get him a hypercar. Guys, I swear. The one I'm here for him to look at is outside. So we're going to transition to outside right now. We're going to look at that car, and there's some over there some weird people that are offended by us making YouTube videos. So we got to like this video so that we can prove them wrong, that this is relative content that everybody wants to see, because, I mean, look behind me. What is this? What a gross color. edmond I found the red one.

I'm not sure if we talked about it, but I find a red. White sucks up to beta. You're talking about guards. Red or arden red.

Oh, yeah.

Look at the distance, how sexy that car is. I'm just kidding about the color. My 918 was liquid silver, and I only wrapped it because I wanted it to look a little bit different, more unique, a little bit more stand out. Is the first person to drive my 918 besides myself was actually edmund, and it was his dream car. And that's when we first kind of started doing businesses together. And I came over and I said, hey, I want you to come and experience your dream car. I kind of don't want you to be mad at me for buying it first, but I had to get it the most beautiful looking I'm telling you that this car in person is absolutely gorgeous in the sun. It's just sparkling. I mean, I'm going to start vlogging a little bit right behind it, but look at the sparkles out there. Like, look at this. The only thing it's missing is this green seats or how many miles are on it? Oh, 3300.


So this car is worth in, like, the 175 range, probably. I love the carbon roof panels. They're they're my favorite. They just transition all the carbon. It really works together. Only 918 with satin carbon. Satin carbon. Are you sure? Or is it like a ppf matt carbon. Oh, shit. You're right. This is like oem race car stuff. I've never seen that on there. 65,000. Even the back? The whole back. All of this is carbon. All that's carbon. All carbon through here, man. Tell me about your feeling on this car here. It's not your car yet. No. Tomorrow we're going to go look for a car for me. Okay. Remember sf 90.

That I want to buy?

Can you call the guy, get a good deal? Literally takes me five minutes later. He's like, hey, man, you're going to hear me for this, but I kind of bought that car because he was waiting too long. He was being slow. gabe, I'll take it.

All right.

What's up?

You already know what it is right now. I just wanted to give you a heads up. We're 40% sold out. That's my kids at a gosh damn candy store. You better get in, get your name in the rally, get a spot, or.

Just going to be sold out.

Thank you.

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