I kind of were two big players in that in that game back then.

What are these? We got a lot Ferrari. So much has happened in the past three days, and I haven't even been able to install my congix aguera exhaust. Literally, it's been sitting in this box, and I plan to go out there and install it. I really haven't even had the time. So we're able to secure a Jessica allocation and a cc 850 allocation for my friend julius, and he is pretty stoked. So that's kind of been the entirety of monterey so far. So good news is that when he gets those cars, they'll be right here on the channel, and hopefully I can convince him one day to sell me the Jessico when I can actually afford a Jessico. And it'd be a pretty cool I don't know, we kind of specked it together. So it's like a Houston delius spec, so it's pretty nice. I'm hoping that the meetings that I had this week, like the real meetings that I had this week, which were not filmed, were behind the closed doors where the business meetings are going to bring something absolutely epic, absolutely epic to this channel. It's going to be so cool. Like, I can't even I don't want to say anything because I don't want to ruin the surprise, and well, it's not even done yet, so day edmund, where are we going to go?

We're going to go bid on a La Ferrari prototype.

Why are you guys telling us a prototype going to go bid on La Ferrari? Listen, guys, it's a prototype car. It's got, like, 18,000 miles on it. It's the oil laferrari that I can afford, okay? So me, Mr. Humble Houston, now have to go in the lower range of the cars. You know, I'm not that's a big box.

You could live in that box and buy a real offer, sell your big house.


And then it's just a buyer.


This whole house situation has got me all messed up, too, because my wife thinks that a house is more important.

Than a law Ferrari or a Jessico.

And I don't agree. I really don't agree. I'm assuming this car is going to go for under $2 million. My bid limit is 1.5 million. And if it goes for under 1.5 million, we got a lot Ferrari. If it goes over, some guy bought a really expensive prototype car. So far, no major issues with the aguera. We got a lot of rain, and it's kind of a dirty car.

I mean, look inside.

Got leaves in it.

Pretty nice.

I can't even say anything.

Just look at this. Look at what they took us through.

Look at us offroading over here.

Healthy wave popcorn. Here I go for breakfast. Love it. All right, guys, here's a lot more that he's going to be bidding on. It's a photo type. It is phenomenal what I'm bidding on. Check out the interior record. So this prototype actually does have the target system to make a lot.

Ferrari is coming up 10,000 likes on.

This video right now.

I'm going to keep betting the car up. I'm a bet against Houston. 10,000 likes.

Get the 2014 Ferrari lorrari photo prototype. ps one. This is the la Ferrari third phase prototype, the third family car internally known as the f 150 prototype.

Do you understand?

The loft Ferrari was a million $450,000 brand new in 2015, and they're currently in the mid three, right? 353836 stumbled on those lines.

Hit $2.

Million on the bid, and now this. Ridiculous.

Okay, listen, I want to talk to you about something right now.

This idiot in there paid $590,000 for a non road legal 2014 f twelve with a TDF front bumper on it that has a 2.5% duty attached to it when he has to bring it into the country on a non road legal title, okay? It's literally ridiculous. Like, you could get an f twelve right now for like, 200 grand that you could drive around. And let's say you call Ferrari and got a real TDF from bumper, maybe $16,000 full from Ferrari people here. You guys know the word in a recession? Because everybody in there doesn't know that.

You said, stop venting.

This is ridiculous.

I came here ready to spend a.

Million five on a prototype off Ferrari, okay? And it didn't even sell. The reserve was higher than a million five. And the one that does it even.

Look like a law?

Ferrari sold for over a million five that had, like, one weird carbon seat and a bunch of switches on it, not even physically drivable. You can go and buy a laferrari right now for 3.5 and just drive it around 50,000.

Know my head is distributed. When was this? Yesterday.

You were in the other car.

Right now we're at exotics on Broadway, I believe, and my old editor marks here, too, so I'm excited to see him. You guys always ask me, archer, Brad a cop. How do you not get your license taken away? And these geniuses ticket, this message over here, they work nationwide, by the way, so just hit them up. Their instagram is going to be, like, right here.

I can never get tired of that sound.

How does this happen?

Damon and I just decided to be friends again, completely, kind of out of nowhere, which is good. I'm happy about it. I definitely think that monterey three years ago was cancer in the car industry, in the car world. damon and I kind of were two big players in that, in that game back then. And I think we should just be friends, you know, and be cool because we actually make good content together. We might have different opinions on certain things, but at the end of the day, there's no one that's done donuts and a bugatti and all these crazy things that we used to do back in the day. So I don't know, I'm kind of.

Excited for the next chapter.

We've got some cool plans to film together. So I'm meeting Dave right now to give him a peace offering.

This is what I'm going to call.

It, but I got them each black cards right here. So houston's hot chicken. Black cards for them so they can go to the cerritos location, upcoming Canada locations, and kind of just pig out and have a good time. So evan and I thought that this will be a good thing for us to do for them.

I'm so done with carwy.

What are these black carts for? Houston hot chicken.

Oh, shit.


So you guys can go there. California. One in Canada. There's plenty in Vegas, Arizona. So you guys are traveling fun me. Thank you.

Oh, man.


They'll start looking like me.

Thanks, bro.

That's really cool.

This is sick. That's sexy.

Hey, what's up, guys? You.

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