I know it's been like three months since you've actually did somewhat of an update. And actually I've been ben behind a camera in a couple months because of obviously the chicken restaurants. But we're back at I still own this car, guys. Just let you guys know, it's been a couple years, but I still have this car and we're still working on the turbos. We have probably some major progress. I mean, I would, I would consider this major progress right on looking at Justin, talking to them, because we actually have a solution and a clear path that we are going to be able to make this happen. I'll kind of show you what we're doing under the car now. You see we have all this space now and you think, okay, it's super easy. Let's grab a couple of these off the shelf manifolds from any Ford engine. We'll slap them on, put some turbos on there, those turbos right over there and it's just going to work, right? Inner cooler is already in place. All the upper stuff is already in place. All we have to do is run one pipe from this side to that side, connect both things, put some waste gates on it and we're done.

That's actually what I thought. It's really what I thought. Not exactly how it went down though. I dropped this car off in May. May like 30th, right? Or was it the beginning of May? All right, well, it was a long time ago and so we're May, June, July. Now. We're august. And we just got a mock up 3d printed manifold for this car. So this is a 3d printed manifold. Look how sick those are. Justin may be slow, but he does have some skills, let me tell you. This is a piece of plastic that is used to test because each one of those manifolds cost over $10,000 to make, which is pretty ridiculous because it's a konick sag, but still some fucking stainless steel.

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Trust us. So you want to be safe.

So I'm not really sure why those things go up so high, but I guess that means we got to buy our own 3d printing machine so that we can make that money ourselves. What Justin has in his hands, I want to show you guys because this is the next part, right? That's the collector. Look how beautiful that is. Is this 3d printed also?

No, this is just cash. That's all right. But basically, once we put it all together, we found out, okay, well, there's no space for all this and there's definitely no room to mess up. So that's why we went the 3d printing route.

Yeah, well, honestly, the 3d printer route is actually pretty cool because you were able to even test the airflow. The airflow is a big part, right? Because obviously it's really interesting. So in comparison, this engine and the other engine in the four gt are very similar. Almost identical, right? They're almost exactly the same. That's why I sold my four gt. I don't know if anybody knows, but I sold my matte black Ford gt just about three, four weeks ago because this one was being very close to being finished. And if I finished this one, I'd never drive that one. And so I have both of them in the same car. This car here is a little bit different, though, because the four gt, that manifold was like the stock manifold, right. And what they did, it was similar.

To it but yeah, they just tapped in off the back of it.

Yeah. So they basically put if you look at this right here, it's like us putting the turbos at the end of this. It's pretty much what they did in the four gt. So they took the oem manifolds and it just came out like a set of headers and they put them off. Now, what we're doing here is totally different, Justin. If you can just grab a turbo so we can show them I can't lift that and hold the came at the same time. So what we're doing here is we're putting these turbos right here, just like that. So they're going to be literally inches away from the exhaust, which is like that's what you want to do. Right.

Ridiculously fast fool up. Bigger turbo, more volume, lot more responsiveness.

This would make it probably the fastest we can get it. And this is exactly what koenigsegg does. oem. Right. So when you usually send like, let's say on a turbo hurricane, they're putting the turbos back here by the exhaust. Right. They're putting them all the way you.

Had with the gt.

Exactly, yeah. We have to put such small turbos on the car to get more responsiveness. Right. So by putting the turbo right, snug on the exhaust manifold itself, it's the best of the best. That's how all oem manufacturers do it. Basically, what we're going to do today is the interior just came and I want to kind of like move this car along because it's going to be, what do you think, a month before the manifolds get here? Two to three weeks?

I want to say two to three weeks.

Yeah. But knowing Justin, it's like potentially so we're probably one month out of actually driving this car to the dyno and making it happen. So within those 30 days, we can get the interior done, we can get the doors and all my lights done, because I had some custom stuff done to the lights. We can get the whole entire dash refitted. I changed the gauge cluster to something more modern and a little bit more aggressive, something that's got full color TFT to it. So it's going to be really good. So we're going to put this on a tow truck now, take it over to my shop and it'll probably sit there until you get those manifolds, just so it's out of your way here. And in case this building burdens down, we could push it out. Well, I've already had a major catastrophe, so I've had a lamborghini catch fire that was twin turbo that cost me a whole bunch of money. And ever since then, it was about two years ago, my gelato caught fire and burned down and I had no insurance on it because I was in the shop the whole time.

I hope the insurance would have this car here.

Yeah, that's good, that's very good. Because this car there's an exact same car of one of these ccxes going up for sale in monterey in about ten days, and I believe it's going to hit 1.8 million on the auction block, possibly more. So that makes mine worth, like, the most amount of money ever because mine's the best. So, yeah, 1.9 is the expected selling price for this car. Very, very exciting, bro, you got man boobs or what?

Things protect from anything. Protects you from pain, scratches, every virus in the whole world. Everything. Video might get flagged now. Thank you. See you soon. Yeah, yeah. Don't break it. unload it right there and put it in the carwalk. It doesn't have shifter cables? No, it's going to go here. You're going to put the interior in over here. When does interior get here? Tomorrow in the morning. It's being personally delivered.

Oh, wow.

From Florida.


The moment of truth. I haven't actually seen this in person, so I skipped the sample. Process crossed your fingers. It looks good. Well, I, like, packed it all up, right? I wrapped up all the small parts and then I was, like, managed. Friday, I was like, there's no way.

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