Oh, my god. They had to cut that dude out of the car. They didn't cut that first up. Yeah, coleman. No, no, it was the same. It was during colby. It was also the same thing. We were coming down here, and I got off on the wrong street again. You know, it's a good day when we just pull up to a random shop calling back here. I'm still damn hungry. Who? Who's calling you? Who's? That orange evil guy. The guy that crashed the orange evil.

You want me answer for you guys?

I mean, I guess. What's up, bro? Just good.

We're going to pick up the car right now.

All right. Can I meet you there? No, you can't. You don't have to meet us here because it's kind of like a weird thing with the tow truck and COVID, but we're going to bring it back to the office, and so when we get it, we'll call you, and you can come back over there. All right, sounds good. How long do you think you'll be? 2 hours. All right, thanks.

Perfect, man.


We are back with our winners for the valencia home theater seating giveaway. And again, I want to remind you guys and thank everybody for commenting, movie star on those past two videos. We do have our winner, but before we do announce that, I'm going to go ahead and invite you guys to our 30% off black Friday sale. Make sure you book before the 30th so you can get the 30% off any exotic car for any future date in 2022. Now, with this, I am going to announce the winner or the chairs, but I'm not going to do it right here. I'm going to do it maybe in the middle of the video. Maybe the end of the video. Maybe mario, throw me in somewhere random, but just watch the video, see your winner.

Oh, now I feel really good. Okay, the short story of it is we're back to ewing brothers. It's always a holiday weekend that we're.

On going to ewing brothers.

Ewing brothers, if you guys don't know, is the choice of towing service for metro and nhp to take all the cars to the impound nsp.

Oh, yeah, they changed the name.

It's now nsp. Nevada state police, not Nevada hyper patrol. I got to get that straight. I think it's a cool name, actually. It's. Nevada State Police. nsp. All right. anyways, you and brothers is over here. The reason we went to the el castle door first is because I always get off on the wrong street and can't find the damn place. And then I'm like, okay, we're hungry. And they got good parking here because this german restaurant is always close. So we're going to go pick up two cars today from Ewing brothers. One supposedly has no damage, and it was just a driver who is not going to be getting a car back. Yeah, that's tony's responsibility. Absolutely. And I can't wait to bill Tony for all of his mistakes. But the other one, the person was ejected out of the car, but it's okay. So he called us and said, hey, man, I crashed the car, but I don't think it's going to make it. So we haven't seen it yet. I don't have any pictures of it or anything. And they said we needed a flatbed to come pick it up and maybe a forklift.

Yeah, I hope they have a forklift.

With those long forks. We found the first one. Did you see any damage? Well, I can't see the outside of the car, but no, not really. I mean, I can't see the south side of the car. It's okay. This particular renter was just driving like a maniac really early in the morning. Usually that's like cause for well, actually what's this about? Hold on. See that all that gray right there on the side of the door? What is that? It's all over the back of the car, too. It's all right there. What is that? There's some kind of piece of something coming out. Maybe it rubbed on something on a tow truck. I don't know. That's weird. I'm not sure. Let's just go see. Let's go see. Tony, that one's on hold. That means it's in a violent crime. This one? Yeah. Look, anything that should not be filmed should be an area where it's not allowed to be. Like if it's a car that wasn't a crime or whatever. I mean, look, if we stood on the street, on the sidewalk and filmed in, there'd be nothing you could do about it. Right, but because we're on the property, I get that.

They could ask you. Oh, well, I mean, there's going to have to be some jurisdiction for what's right and what's wrong. For freedom of the press again. Because the press is everybody now. It's not just the press. Right? Everybody watching this video is the press. You guys all have your own cameras and everything. I mean, ten years ago, camera was something you had to go buy. The store get. Now it's a secondary part of our life. You should buy something. It's an auction right now. Oh, damn. Really? Yeah, it's on Friday. Let's go. I am so mad. I am so mad. I missed the auction for the state because they auctioned off a fire truck, and I've always wanted a fire truck. That's pretty cool. Yeah. You have the space now to put a fire truck in your driveway? Yeah, I do. It's so nice coming home. I have all my cars. I have my vayron lfa nsx, my other new cars that I just got that no one knows about, all sitting at my house instead of at the office. I just got to get the gallardo. I ordered some more parts for my turbo gallardo, so she's got to get that one dialed in.

It's so exciting. Dude, go in there and turn the trip to the Top viewer, give us something or done. No, don't force the check. That was right now 191 88. You know where it got towed? At flamingle and El capitan. Oh, all the way up by your old House. Doesn't make any sense. And what time they get towed? 620 Thanksgiving. How long have you been waiting? Right now? Over an hour. To Sit here for them to pick it up and tow it out. The reason they couldn't forklift it out, because there's so many wheels, or I Assume it doesn't have a wheel. God damn. That car is in half, clearly. Look at the ambulance. Damn. Look at this one. All these look at these right here. Yeah, they parked just in this section. Oh, my God. They had to cut that dude out of the car. They get him cut. Yeah, I can see it. Can you pull that wheel back? Can you pull it off? Oh, the back one? Whatever it is, no first reaction. Dude, I can't honestly, like, legit. I cannot imagine crashing. You got the key, Tony? I can't imagine Crashing some shoot.

I would never drive one of those. Look at how painful something came through the driver's area at the bottom. The guy got out. No problem. But what did He Did had to been a big curve, and then he went under something. We don't really have a lot of data on this Accident. You and brothers called us. The guy we talked to, the renter, he was okay. So he's not like he's dead, but that doesn't look like he's okay. seatbelt saved lives, guys. That's all I'm saying.

Back Again. Now, this is the middle of the video where I'm going to tell you guys that we are giving 50% off all merchandise for Black Friday.


50% off all merchandise and shop royalty. Exotic Plus, we are also going to do 65% off all Iconisys wheels for Black Friday. 65% off is not a bad Deal. Get some new wheels for that car now. Tune in for the giveaway winners.

Now that we've got this thing off the forklift and out of the Towing Brothers Lot sorry. Ewing brothers. Lot. You can kind of see the severity of the Damage. I Mean, all right, if anybody's watching, this hasn't been in an Accident, okay? When you're in an accident, in order to cause damage like this, you have to hit something so hard, really hard. Like, do we have pictures of this Accident, Tony? Did the guy take pictures of it?

No, he was answering the phone from the hospital.

Look at this. Come over here. Check this out. I mean, obviously, the inside of the wheel is missing. Majority of the wheel suspension is missing. But my question is, is I'd like to know what happened. Can we call him, maybe find out what actually happened? Because it looks like it rolled, but the top of the bars are clean, so that means it didn't roll or those never reached the bottom. But if you look at this over here come on this side, you have some extreme scraping here, right? But this side right here, look at this. This could be a curb, right? Or a wall. But this is so in the position that this is these are clean. So I'm so confused on what he hit.

The craziest part about this when he.

Had tub right here, you can't really see it, but inside right here, there is a hole underneath the carpet. It is unreal. Like, completely unreal. That's what I'm saying. What happened to this car?

I think the windshield was from somebody pulling up and getting out.

If you look at that side is the same points that they usually well, yeah, maybe that side.

That one not really.

That one's got some extra damage on it, but it's just crazy to me. It's absolutely crazy. This hurt. I mean, you could see that the frame is cracked right here. Pretty solid, right? I mean, it just completely shattered both sides of it, so it obviously went upward. Yeah, this is some serious damage. A direct impact like that. I think that's what happened. Pull went upward, and the back broke, coming back down, but then it hit spun. It had to spun because this wheel here is worse than the other wheel on the other side. It's got damage right there. So it may be spun into a curb or a car or something. A pole on the other side of.

The curb, because this probably got over the curb. This front end got, and the two wheels hit the curb.

Maybe he spun first and it landed in the pole. Like all this damage was created. And then this one, because this one seems to be.

That'S why I think he hopped the curb. This hit a pole, and the two wheels hit the curb.

I don't know, man. That's the best I got on Main Street. Can we call him? Yeah, we'll definitely call him, but we don't want to, like, throw him on camera. But hey, man, what happened? This happened downtown on Main Street. We should just go to the scene of the accident and find out, because I have the address or they towed it. We could probably decipher what happened there. That's pretty damn. Yeah, all the frames messed up. Why don't we do that? Why don't we tomorrow, why don't we go to the scene of the accident and see if we can figure it out? Okay? Does that make you happy, Mario?

And finally, our winners for the Valencia Home Theater seating chairs. Guys, reminder for this giveaway, we are giving free shipping to anywhere this person may be so they can receive their chairs. Now, today, our winner for the home theater chairs is Thomas reiner. Again, Thomas reiner, thank you so much for commenting, for liking subscribing. All that good stuff. You have five days to dm Mario on Instagram at Royaltyecliottic with proof that this is your YouTube channel. Send us your address, everything you may need to ship those chairs to you again. You have five days, or otherwise we're going to pick somebody else. Shout out to Valencia home theater seating. Shout out to everybody involved with this. giveaway shout out to all the movie stars. You guys are all movie stars. Thank you so much for participating and good night.

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