And it doesn't get much better than this. Boys. Today we're driving the koenig Nick, akara Rs Phoenix. One of my good friends let me borrow this, and I can't tell you how excited I am because I myself have an Agara S and I've never driven an Rs. I can tell you right off the bat, I moved it from my car wash to the front. It's epically different, and I don't know if it's in a good way or a bad way yet. My car is very, very unique. Now, I'm going to make a head to head comparison video of both the akaras next week. Just to start today out, obviously, we have the beauty. This car is 100 times more beautiful than my kona said 100 times. You've got real gold leaf. You've got all this exposed carbon right through here. If you look, that adds so much amazing texture to this car. This little gold leaf right here on the lip with the side skirt. insane, okay? Absolutely insane. Now, this car, which I believe is the first road car to get active arrow from Koenigsen. Now, active arrow and also active suspension. So this car has different modes, and I'll go over those in a second.

Essentially, we have a wet normal and a track mode. This car literally looks like track mode all the time. So essentially, it's pretty much just a weapon for the streets. In the settings, we have these three modes, and obviously, we definitely need to go to the track because today looks like a track day. It's 06:00 in the morning and nobody's on the road. If we hit track, we're going to hit yes. And then the car slams to the ground. In the car, you get beautiful black aluminum. Everything is new. Digital dash, digital this, digital dash. All the stuff is really great. But let's really get to the good part here, the driving.

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Do it. Do it. Now, first thing you notice, everything is stiff. Everything. The steering wheel is rock solid. Microenix Egg has a very light steering wheel. This one most likely electrically assisted. Very, very heavy, which I prefer much, much preferred. brakes are about the same. acceleration is greatly improved from second to third. It has more traction also, which most likely is because these are brand new cups to our tire. The cabin noise is probably ten to 15 times louder than mine. You have a gearbox line, which we barely can talk over. I have it in low rps right now, but it's a very high pitched, almost sequential sound that's coming from the gears. I don't know if I like it yet. Definitely loud. Very loud. I've noticed that the actual exhaust notes and the cracks and pops. And the tuning of the exhaust is slightly different as well. This has more drone, I think I prefer mine. Mine has a better interior cabin noise, for sure. I'm going to need more power. It's not even pushing it. I'm going to need more power. Feels really light. Oh, my God, it's so much faster. It's so much faster.

It's linear. It's very linear. I have a very aggressive boost curve. We do that again. A third gear roll. You got to shut up and hold the wheel. When you're driving this car, there's like, no way to be. It's violent, it's oppressive, it's visceral, really. It really is. It's so much more stable. Obviously, the arrow is helping dramatically keep the car low to the ground. I've got the car in the lowest setting, so we're probably an 8th of an inch or an inch off the very low. It's very, very low. But the cabin noise is reckless. I mean, it's absolutely mind blowingly loud in here. Phenomenal. It's ten times. I love this car. I love everything about it. Now, mine itself is the only regular Agara. Regular what? I mean, Agara S. It's a predecessor to the Rs. So there was Agara agara r and then the gara s and it goes to Rs. I think it's a phenomenal car. I mean, it's absolutely phenomenal. I really have no complaints. It's refined when you get into this. This is like the amg version or the M version of my car. It couldn't be better. I really don't think AC could be a little stronger, maybe.

I mean, we live in Las Vegas. It's a little light, especially when you push the gas. The low speed drivability is a little bit jerky with this gearbox. The wine, I don't know if you guys could hear that on the camera. The wine is a little aggressive when you're at low rpms, higher rpms, the engine noise takes it away. You really can't hear it. The arrow is phenomenal. I mean, you really can feel the arrow on the freeway. You can feel the stability of this car. It's absolutely planted to the ground. The active suspension is great. This car does ride much, much stiffer than my car. For good reason. I mean, it's designed to go faster. My car has about 1060 HP. This one has the megawatt engine, where it's 1360 HP. So the additional 300 HP from the E 85 ethanol fuel, if you put 100 octane in mind, mine goes to 1160. There's only a 200 HP difference. I feel like it's not just the power itself, it's the overall tuning of the car. Because essentially every aspect was fine tuned in this car. So the extra power doesn't really mean much if you can't put it down.

So if you don't have the arrow and you don't have all the extra little fittings and stuff with the suspension, I don't think the extra horsepower is necessary. Because it just won't be usable. But this really is usable. I mean, I barely push it on the freeway, and it's dramatically better. At the end of the day, I do think that this car is much more refined. But is it worth the extra $5 million? Yeah, probably just because of the value. Right. And you have the coolest one. Would I pay the extra $5 million? Absolutely. Because it looks so dumb. Damn. Awesome. From an engine based standpoint, this car looks almost identical, with the exception of the gearbox is now black minus silver. You've got that nice little one right there, which indicates it has the megawatt engine. It's actually the flex fuel sensor suspension has a bunch of wires coming out of it, basically because it's active. And then you got a couple little two sensors on the exhaust here. So I assume that the exhaust is actually a little denser packed. These catalytic converters in the rear probably have more. I don't know what you'd call it.

Like sound deadening or something like that. Functionality really gets the drone going. There is the active arrow cables right there. If you see on the top, that go to the wing. I don't really mind the wing, but I kind of like the simpler wings. It looks a little cooler, but at the same time, this thing's working. So I'd rather have form over, you know, or function over form, I think, at the same time.

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