For a $1,000. Would you take this car right now?

Dealer is about $4,000 for the power steering pump. Well, I've decided to.

Robbie Cross here with royalty exotic cars. We're doing a little segue called Robbie on the road. In a nutshell, I'm just going up to people and I'm saying if you can rent this car for $1,000, check out these cars. You go ahead and rent this today. And we're just going to get people's responses, ask them about the car, what they love. If they have a girl, we're going to say, don't you want to take your girl up? You know what I'm saying? So come with me. We're going to go on a ride. Take this journey.

Let's go.

So I saw Eric and josman walking across the street. Where did you guys just come from?

It just came from the hello kitty cafe over here.

Paolo. I like that name. My name is Robbie. Just hanging out, mind his own business. But I noticed that he was checking out the lambos, of course, and I just wanted to ask you a few questions. how's the bulba, by the way?

Haven't tried it yet.

Go ahead. First box.

Pretty good.

Pretty good. What kind of flavor you got?

Pineapple, mango, lemonade.

And you?

Blueberry lemonade. I think it'd be a little bit better with some gin in it, though.

I like this guy. Look at his swagger. First of all, you got that swagger gone black tag. That thing is fire right there. Got the headband, the shoes, grandkids.

Tell me all the time, none of those black marks on the street. Those are from you, right?

How many tickets have you gotten? Tell us honestly.

How many have I gotten out of or how many have I got?


That's a good one.

I get out of them all the time. I can come up with an excuse for everything and I got an excuse.

Off the top of your head. Go.

Okay. Recently I got pulled over. I was doing 90 and a 60.


And I said, pam, I got these new tires on my car and it just didn't feel like I was driving that fast.

What do you love about these cars?

I think it's so aesthetically pleasing.

You know what I mean?

That's my dream car. Look how beautiful they are.

I noticed you guys not only just very beautiful couple, but you came across and I saw your eyes gravitate to the cars. What was exciting? What caught your eye?

First love is my wife. Second love is cars.

I mean, I love lambos I first.

Thought was sexy and I said there's two of them.

One for me, one for cats.

The way they look like toys make.

You look at them, it's just like.

Looking at a candy store. The cars itself is kind of selling itself and so it gives that kind of like Vegas very luxurious kind of feel to it. Whenever you see it. And it's almost like what you're expecting whenever you come here. Although not everyone has that budget.

Exactly. What's your favorite color if you were to choose one right now, if you could take one home?

Definitely the orange. I love that.

Orange a little bit practicality. I like white because when it gets dirty, it doesn't show so much.

I think I'm going to take white.

I think the white just looks cleaner.

The white one, I haven't really created a nickname for it yet, but maybe we can come up with that. If it was a nickname, what would you call it?

A nickname on that? I don't even know. Something. I don't I don't know.


I mean lambo. So I'm just asking you to the simple question. If you could take her out right now for $1,000, would you take this car right now and rent it?

How long would I have it for?

So we're doing four hour slots this weekend and even in the future, booking.

4 hours, $1,000 is not bad.

Totally worth it.

Yeah, potentially. I mean, I got to wait for my buddy to get here. He's coming in tonight. I'd have to discuss with him and see what he thinks.

And you can?

Sure, if I were by myself, yes. But since I own with my family, it's not practical.


What if we could rent 1234 for the whole family because it's a two cedar. So say we got three of them for $1,000 a piece. Would you guys rent them?

Well, half of them don't drive.

Hell yeah. That ain't bad.

If you rented this car knowing that your buddy was going to be so excited for you to take that car and pick him up from the airport, don't you think that's a great decision to just go ahead and do it?

Yeah, I mean, in a perfect world, yeah.

Unfortunately I have to board a flight scene. But for those out there, 4 hours, $1,000. That's a good deal because other day red just did four laps in a Ferrari, five laps in a gtr, cost me about a $1,000. So 4 hours here with these lamborghinis, beautiful strip, get your lady. It's a perfect deal.

What I can actually do is have Michael or Andre sign you up right now and get you a four hour right now. What do you say?

Oh, man, you would have to press of it right now. I'd love to right now.


But I could not right now.


If I can get some information for you, maybe we can do a future booking the next time you come into town. What do you say?

Hell yeah, man.

Are you down with that too?

Sure. Cool.

Give you a call tomorrow. You give us a call to stay in contact. Maybe we can rent this car for 4 hours tomorrow. What do you say?

Yeah, I mean, we can talk when he gets in town.

If I could set you up for a future booking. Would we? Go ahead for next year. I can still get you signed up. Go. I'm going to set you up with Michael right now. He'll take some information for you. Let's see if we can get you a picture booking. Okay, thank you so much.

I appreciate it.

So if I could sign you up right now and start you on a rental either on Saturday or Sunday, which day do you prefer?

Saturday, I guess, because there'd be more people outside to see you in a shit.

Exactly. So you want to floss? Exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going set you up with either Michael or Andre. We're going to get some information from you. And when you come back with your family, by yourself, with your friends, whatever you want to do, maybe we can get a future booking for you to rent a lambo. How does that sound? Okay, cool. Get some information for you, and maybe we can rent this car for you tomorrow. Okay?

Yeah. Okay, brother.

I appreciate you for the interview. Thank you so much. Good to meet you, man. That was easy, right? I appreciate you guys so much. Thank you for joining Robbie on the road. This guy is amazing. You are awesome. You guys are a great couple. Thank you so much for $1,000 for the day. What you doing, baby?

So most of you guys know, but yes, I have a new pagani wira, and I don't think we addressed the car right. I mean, you saw the car, you saw driving. Well, it has this ridiculous wine to it, and randy and I discussed that he thought it was a wheel bearing. So I got the car, I drove it around, like, 70 miles. Maybe a little bit less, a little bit more. I don't really know exactly. But on my way to work a couple of days ago well, it wasn't a wheel bearing, let me tell you. It turned out to be the power steering pump, which was my most educated guess. But I figured I would kind of give it some time and figure it out. What exactly was the issue. But when the belt flew off and the power steering pump seized and there was no power steering, I kind of figured it out. So I called the dealer, and they didn't really have time to put me in for a couple of weeks. That was actually a blessing in disguise because had I known what the cost of the power steering pump replacement would have been, I would have probably said no to the dealer.

But very nice people, the dealer. I really like them. Super supportive. Just as a cost basis, this is an amg V twelve, and let's just walk into the service center real quick. Here's the bumper, by the way. Very nice. everything's carbon. Of course, what we can gather is this motor kind of is a newer G 65. Right. So we know it's an M. Two seven nine or two eight five, or whatever the numbers are. The codes on the engine. But buying parts from this right, is a little bit unique because I believe that this motor is a European variant. Now, I might be wrong about everything I'm saying and have no idea, but from where we got the power steering pump from, this is a pretty good win, in my opinion, because we were paying well, the dealers, about $4,000 for the power steering pump. And I was able to achieve the same exact pump for $385 from Mercedes. Now, it took forever to get took five days of overnight shipping. But here we have it. So, without further ado, you can see some of the cars taken apart. Now we've got this beautiful titanium exhaust from pagani.

I really like it. I like the blues. I like the purples. I wish they'd used this purple on the tips here. So maybe there's an upgrade in my future here with this beautiful purple. But you can see the xtrac gearbox back there, and I'll kind of run around this way a little bit. It's all put back together. All right, so the pump here itself. Explain to me, Andy, what you think happened.

Well, it ran low on fluid multiple times. Where this plastic pieces? There was another fitting right here. And when I took that fitting off, I saw that there was probably three different types of sealants on it and a crush washer. And typically, if you have a crush washer on something, you don't actually need any form of sealant. There's no purpose for it. So I think that this thing was leaking, and people kept trying to seal it. The problem is they thought it was from this joint, when actually it was from this one back here. You can see, this red gasket was it was in pieces when I pulled it off. So I think it was probably leaking from here instead of here. And it was tried to be repaired multiple times. And that was a fail, because they were fixing the wrong thing. So it ran dry several times, and eventually it just seized.

Yeah, basically. So now you have a new one of those in there. Yes. And it fits good. The same part. Yes. It works well. Yes. The belt on that. We change the belt.


And so does it work? Can we start it?

I don't have any engine oil in it right now.

It's always a problem. Can you put engine oil in it? Yes. Nice. Just giving Andy a hard time. The reason I'm so excited to start it is because I don't have the stock ones here. I had to send them off. But I can't leave anything stock for very long and well, I've decided to straight pipe my pagani. Right. I mean, everybody knew that that was going to happen. I Mean, It's The most predictable video from any new supercar hypercar ownership, ice rate pipes, everything, right? So you can kind of see it down here. There is the little turbos, right? And there's a pipe that needs to connect this rear exhaust to that turbo there. There is an option for some pipes that already exist, but trust me, I want them so bad. They're so beautiful. If you're comparing like the hypercars, they're like a Gulf Stream G 650 compared to a bugatti veyron. Like it's the nicest, beyond nicest pipe ever created for a car. But they cost more than the BMW Five Series and brand new BMW Five Series. I don't even used one. And so I just couldn't bring myself to achieve the same results as far as the power gains, the noise gains, and spend 50 plus thousand dollars on those pipes.

And now I want them. But unlike other hypercar owners, I have the ability to make them myself. And so Andy over here has a bunch of pipes and he's going to put them all together, make it a nice straight pipe for the plugan for testing purposes. Exactly. Now this is obviously for off road use. If the EPA is watching me, this car will never go on the road. And if it is on the road, then Mexico. I'm pretty excited about this. We are going to cerritos, California for our grand opening and I'm hoping that that car is ready so they can take that car down there. And I'm going to probably leave it with the dealer so they can do a gearbox adaptation, gearbox fluid, flush, all that stuff. Because it's just about to hit the time when that service is probably due. I really like and don't like the wire at the same time. So I don't know if you guys have ever seen my video of when I drove that car for the first time. I didn't exactly love it, but also I didn't have time with it. So it's like kind of like meeting like the hottest girl ever and then just talking to her for like five minutes and making your judgment like right away.

So it's really difficult to do that. You need a little bit more time. You got to get to know them a little bit better. And especially with an Italian car, there's so much like quirky stuff going on that I think that that car has grown on me so much in the 70 miles that I've driven it. It's grown on me a lot. Obviously looking at it makes me really happy as well. So I'm kind of excited to get a little bit more exhaust note on there and get a little bit more aggressive feel to that car because overall I think it's a little soft and I think with a little touch it'll be the right car for me. And we're back in the shop. Andy has made tons of progress on the down pipe and look at him. He's got safety glasses on. He's fitting this pipe up there.

Pretty close to being done. There's just a distance issue. This slip fitting allows it to go in and out a little bit and allows me to fine tune it.


I do the final welding on it. Because each one of these welds is going to shrink the whole pipe a little bit.

It so if I have adjustability down.

At this end, it allows me to do that last and make it a perfect fit. So I had that in there and I was working on the other side and I found that one of the angles on the other side is not the same as on this side. So I'm basically just trying to figure out where the error is. It's a very small error, but the small error down here amplifies into big error at the other end.

Makes sense.

Well, it looks nice. Honestly, I'm not going to lie. It looks really nice. And I think that this is going to make it sound a lot nicer. Okay, so what's eta tomorrow? So tomorrow we'll do. But don't forget, I leave tomorrow. 05:00 8 Hours Later so, a little.

Bit of an update on what we're doing here. We've got a portion of the exhaust that we're doing from here up to the turbo. I've got this side installed right now. It's not bolted in place yet, but it's the shiny silver one here. Got a flex pipe in the middle and it's in position right now so that I can make a bracket for it to attach it to the frame. The other one, which is almost a mirror image on the bench over here and basically just doing the finish welding on it and then it'll go in the car and same thing. We just got to put the little mounting tab.

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