What happened?

I'm thinking curve, maybe.

You sure wasn't like a stop sign, you think? Yeah, that's what it looks like. Yeah, the the bumper, the damage was too high, and there's damage on the undercarriage. So with that, it's like, it looks like you might have hit a stop sign and then kept going almost.

I ran that bitch over.


Took it with me.

That's what it looks like? That's what it looks like for sure.

Thank God for insurance.

Yeah, we've already called them. Got a claim filed and set up and everything, so it's just a matter of that. But you don't remember hitting anything because yeah, that definitely caused an impact. The radiator is pretty messed up. Just out of curiosity, that car is probably totaled because of the undercarriage damage. How much is that car right now? About 320.

Farmers is not going to be happy with me.

Probably not.

Thank I have insurance. where's the car? I need to get some stuff.

I already have, I have for you.


Yeah. That's your stuff right there.

Where did that come back?

Yeah, it's in our storage now, because now an adjuster will come look at it. They'll get everything situated, make sure the estimate is proper, and just go from there.


Now, just like you heard the customers say, he doesn't remember hitting anything. Now, regardless of the reason, we do have to file an insurance claim. So even after he does come in and say he doesn't remember hitting anything, he is still responsible for the accident. Now, with that, the reason why we charged him $1,000 deductible is because the deductibles are the responsibility amount that he has in an accident. The exact definition. An auto insurance deductible is what you pay out of pocket on a claim before your insurance covers the rest. Now, in this instance, his deductible was $1,000, which is what we charge. For example, when you have a copay as a doctor, your copay may be $100, and your procedure is $200. So the copay works or the deductible works is if you pay the first $100, then insurance takes care of the next $100. It is your responsibility amount. Now, here at realty Exotic Cars, we offer a property damage waiver, or it acts as a deductible waiver in the events of an accident. Our property damage waiver covers the first $3,500 in damage. Covers rock tips, wheel scrapes, door dings, small things like that that you wouldn't have to touch your insurance for.

It will also waive your deductible up to $3,500. He did not opt into this option. So $1,000 deductible, $1,000 charge for him. Now, we're going to show you how upset he was about being charged his deductible because he didn't fully understand the insurance process. Now, it's not necessarily our responsibility to change his deductible or to go back and forth about his deductible, but he is in charge of that thousand dollars, and he wasn't very happy.

How can I help you?

Hi. This is Mo. I leased out that blue lamborghini.

You rented the blue lamborghini two days ago. Okay, how can I help you?

I'm trying to figure out why you guys just charged my card another $1,000.

It's probably for the damage.

You crashed it correct.

That's why I have insurance.

Yeah, so tomorrow give a call back. You'll speak with Tony. He's off today.

What if you guys charge my car another $1,000? That's not going to fucking cover the damage to the car. You guys are going to charge the insurance. Why the fuck you guys trying to charge it on my car? You come down there and fuck you motherfuckers up. I fucking will.

Okay, go ahead and do that.

I'll probably be fucking cool with you, you know what I mean? You motherfuckers want some problems? I'll show you how we do it back home.


I'll see in a little bit.

We're not in the tow truck this time, but we are in washman.

And here's the car. So make a quick work of things.

We got another one.

At the gas.

Station because there's a huge look at the GPS.

I'm sure you guys are like.


Got him in two separate expenses. All right, so, okay, why don't we start this video with introduction? Hello, guys. You're just filming us talking about this car. No one knows what happened. Welcome back to you soon. Tony and I are matching on orange today because we're having a great day. We got some really, really successful things happening in the morning. And so let me tell you, it is awesome. But we were just rudely interrupted by our lunch break and told that there was a wrecked hurricane, which was one of our cars, sitting in the parking garage of the palms. So we called the guy and he said he has no idea what happened. He said he was driving it to valet, to valet to valet. And at some point the car just looks like this. So he said he'll take full responsibility of it, though, which is great. And that's good news. The only problem is I like to know where the bumper is. The major impact straight in the front. Look, Tony, it's got, swear to you, two separate incidents. I can see that. It has to be number one. The car wouldn't have driven.

That tire is so flat. He drove on it flat, but the tire would have fallen off had it gone like more than 5600ft. Okay. headlights just destroyed. He hit something straight on here. Okay, so this is a pole. This is circular. This is a big dent right here in the bumper bar. This is a whole thing. So this was a direct impact because to crack a headlight all the way back here, that's pretty solid. And this is missing. So he hit something so hard that it fell off. There's debris somewhere, radiator fluid and everything. No, this is a pole.

Yeah, it's that like the center for the divider. And then there's like, a pole there.

He would have had to then back up. So our plan right now is for us to get the car out of here. And we couldn't get a tow truck in here. So what we did was we brought a spare wheel so we can replace that wheel and hopefully just drive it out there. And then we'll put on the tow truck and break back. Beer is going to do that for us right now.

Thank you.

Beer and the guy's going to come, and he says he has a bunch of stuff in the car and go get his stuff. So we'll try to get a little bit more information out of him then. But I guess he sounded like he was renting another car. He didn't want to be without wheels. And he told me he was going through an address, so that means he's going to, and well, good luck.

Look at that. I can't see.

Come over here.

There's no way I can get that low. All right, you got to lift it a little bit.

I can't.

Okay. So what do you see.

Under the.

Card is usually a flat plate, and this is, like, crunched up.

Let's see if I can get see? Yeah, barely. So what do you think happened?

He went work here.

What am looking at right here?

Beer this is the bottom of the car. So this is pretty much the bottom. I don't know how to explain it.

Looks like a cracked frame.


So that's the front suspension there. Damn.

Not a woman.

Two hurricanes.


Real frame damage this time. No, I don't want to see. I want you to change it in wheel done. It's got turning the camera off. Mario all the good clips are just cutting it off, and you're like, oh, I lost that footage in the computer. That's what you say.

Lost in the metaphor.

Anytime I yell at mario, the magical footage gets lost. So I'm going to reference me yelling at mario. For the rest of this video. To make sure he puts it in there. What the fuck? Did not do it. What the fuck? I've never seen this guy. It's the whole part of the car is missing. Oh, shit.

There's another one right here, too.

What is this? So we're not driving this bad boy. We get to drive it out for the tow truck.

There's another one right here.

What? I want to see this on the lift right now.

All right, guys, we are at the.

Point of the video.

Where we do give some cool stuff away. So we are going to give away three different things today, one of which being the las vegas rental car golden ticket. So this would be good for any rental for 4 hours. Some restrictions do apply, so make sure you ask all that good stuff. The next giveaway item will be the merchandise.

If you guys would like to pick.

Some merchandise from the royalty Exotic Cars store shop royaltyexoto, you can go ahead and pick from there. Next we will have a giveaway for.

One of these beautiful model cars.

You can also find those on shop Royaltyexotic And we want you to comment. I don't know what happened because apparently this guy didn't know what happened in this video. And then we are going to give all of these good items away at 10,000 likes. So like subscribe, make sure to comment, I don't know what happened for your.

Chances back at the service center, freshly off the tow truck. Tony, if you were to guesstimate what.

Happened, technically, I think it was one instance. I think he hit a pole in the center, backed off of it and then just ran over whatever curve pole was on. I think it was like a uturn incident.

Fair enough. Comment section. If you guys had a guess, what do you think happened? What do you think happened?

I think it took down one of these like stop sign kind of deals.


Because it's about this thick, right, which is about this height. Take everything else. What the scratches you see on the bottom of the car, it's going to be what, scrapes the bottom of the undercarriage?

Yeah, you fucked that frame bar up too.

And the most expensive part on this is the fan.

Got this side skirt, but I mean, you can't fix this, so doesn't matter. It's beyond total sucks, man. You see, that's what happens. These blue cars blow up to any freeze. Even if I wanted to buy this car back, fix it and sell it, you can't.

Sleeping oil.

Yeah. Damn sleeking oil right off the middle. Yeah, I mean, it's over. This is done. We can't buy more hurricanes. Like they just don't exist right now. This is really a satisfying do not open a car rental company, okay. There is no money in this business. We are just losing our cars on a weekly basis and insurance is not paying us because it takes forever and you can't replace the car. So we are down to our what? We have seven hurricanes left out of like 14, eight, something like that. This is my outro. The look on my face, that's all you're going to get. It's a look of disappointment.

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