So far. Him, what do you think of the new enzyme?

I am absolutely bed bright. This is the nicest sv I've ever seen in my life.

It's it's actually from curated, so shout out to John. Me and John have been talking a little bit more lately, and as I've been getting into these more classic, older, very much so appreciating cars, he's kind of at the center of it. So I appreciate the support, number one. And number two, I definitely want to have access to these cars because this is a new realm that I've been messing with. Because normally, I'm not saying I'm not going to modify this car, but normally I'm the guy that wants to buy the less expensive, hypercar or exotic car that are very rare. Just like this LFA right here. Hi, edmond. That's typically the car that I've been going after because I want to modify it, paint it, do crazy stuff to it. That car was actually involved in a house flood. Now, it wasn't technically flooded. It was just involved in this large claim and it got rolled into it. So I got a good deal on that car, and now I've started to build a small collection of really cool 2005 to 2012 era hypercar supercars. So this is the necessary next step. Now, this is a very expensive car, and I believe it's worth every penny.

You can be the judge of that and everybody else that sits in the passenger's seat, but what do you think?

I mean, just based on the exterior, this is the nicest Mercy I've ever seen, hands down.

Traction control off is a must corsa mode. The only thing missing from this car is a manual transmission. I'm going to make that happen. I don't care which way or another, if everybody knows their Mercy logo history. There's three in America, and those are believed to be well over $3 million cars. One was wrecked. It was Ben chen's car. Hold on. Let's go. David has been always some good stuff. He always knows to tell me right there, we lost something. But one was Ben chen's car that was wrecked. I believe he rebuilt it. Good for him. One car was Roy Cats from Cats exotic personal car. And then there was another one that Roy sold I don't know how many years ago, that I believe is in circulation. Potentially, that car is available. I heard the price tag of that is potentially $5 million, because that one has a relatively low mile. So I am not going to buy a $5 million merci lago. So now we are in the E Gear version, which there is less than 50 of these in America, they say. Says that around here somewhere, 95 of 350, they only they made the less than 186 cars in 2010 total.

So I don't know what the numbers were for the Mercy sv. Only person that probably know that is at bowley. And so maybe he'll chime in on the comments below and tell us how many sv Mercy logos there are. But I'm pretty sure this is like one of 40 cars

come a long way since that blackened pan that we need to go back to Vegas. Nice to have the hummer bag. Wouldn't it be nice if it heavier? A shivan she beanie bag. Mario chivon. She would buy a 600 R beanie.

Who buys 75 pairs of lubu tones.

Because they're worth money.

I can't get myself a nice Christmas present.

I could wear shoes 24 or twelve months out of the year.

You've seen me wear that beanie like.

15 times out where they don't fly off. Yeah, like if I put my shoes out the window, they're not going to come off. Not going anywhere for you guys. So the first time we're going to use the hummer is the most probably accurate version of what we should do with this car, right? I mean, we've got a little shooting exploration going on. I won't film all this because there might be some people here that get offended by firearms, but here our royalty pretty pro gun. So, Mario, I think that's pretty much it for today. Once you guys go ahead and subscribe to our channel, because I'm going to start saying that now and give us a like because we need them for the YouTube algorithm. Because the algorithm is a real fucking thing.

Mario'S face is like that. He's like, yes, he's saying it anyways.

I'm going to shoot.

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