Tony, listen, come here. We're gonna do something really stupid today. So my business partner, edmond, decided to destroy his brand new Hummer. Oh, shit. I thought it was, like, really ridiculous.

He had that thing sold for 50 over, and then he just lost all that money, plus more. So today I thought, you know what, why did that Hummer have such a difficult time going over that jump at, like, 60 miles an hour? Maybe because it was in the racetrack. Yeah, right. Let's see what happens if we jump a Hummer H Two on the same exact spot, doing the same exact thing.

So I went and bought a humor. Okay. And I'd be there for that one, too, since I could experience both and give you the I'll be driving. bernie's will be in the back. Mario will be in the passenger filming.

I'll be driving. Do the exact same thing, okay? Same everything. And I want to see if a Hummer, age two, can handle that. I think it can.

I just really hope that the results aren't worse than the ev. I don't want to have to go through that again. I traded one of my Land Rover defenders for it. Okay? That's the trade right there.

So let's go check it out. All right, let me refresh you guys on what happened to this car. I purchased all of randy's savage garage suvs, and on the transporter, this put this car in the middle, and he decided that it was just going to be totally okay to go under a low clearance fridge. And he destroyed the roof. Okay.

I fought six, seven, eight months to try to get paid on this. This is an $18,000 repair, and the insurance paid $7,500. They owe me $7500. I'm going to put the description, the link to this company in the description because they won't pay any deductible. It's not enough money to fix it.

So instead of coming out more money, I thought, you know what? This car has been sitting here for, like, eight months. I'm just going to sell it as is. So I traded this car. It's actually pretty dope.

It's everything you want in the Land Rover defender 90. I guess. I have no idea. What about these cars? Hey, wish you luck.

Good luck. Pretty far.

So you guys know my guy, Lucky Lopez. He's been on the podcast with me. He's been all over the finance car side of the business. He owns this dealership right here. That's where rad look.

All these cars are his right now. Look at all this. He's got, like, so many cars. I only have, like, 30 cars. He's got, like, 100 cars.

He now owns this beautiful Land Rover Defender. And I've got this similar color Hummer h two right here.

I got Victor right here. He's going to help us get this Hummer, and we're going to go make this happen. We're going to make this look, hopefully better than the brand new hummer ev, because I'm pretty sure that this thing is more powerful on the off road than that new ev is. But we'll see what happens.

smells like a cigarette. smells bad. Alcantara headliner. Oh, absolutely. Never actually driven h two, have you?

No, but I've driven a old stock.

I like it. I'm not going to be driving this car back, so I'm probably going to have to get a towed. Okay, we're going to have the guys come and clean it up. Yeah, everybody gets a car. You get a car.

You get a car. If you clean it up, you can have it type deal on this one right after we dump it. Yeah, I think that's just going to happen. Monday morning at royalty, we've got Tony working his ass off trying to get someone to pick up a brand new hurricane that I just bought for the fleet. Michael doesn't even work here anymore.

jenna, what are you doing? Oh, yeah, she's creating a form because I had to send a payoff for the hurricane that we just purchased. So I sent them a wire, and they need to send us the title. Pretty good action today. It's only been about 15 minutes since we've all been here, and everybody's got stuff to do, but today I'm getting a new car.

It's it's pretty, it's a it's a good car. I would say it's mario's dream car. Well, my dream car is a gt three Rs, but I guess it's a semi dream car. Yeah. Any of those.

I picked up another 2009 Audi R eight. The first one I bought on bring a trailer was 68,000 plus the feet and shipping. That one I was in for 75,000. Yeah. Because I bought an east coast 2500 for shipping and then like, 37 something for feet.

That car was busted 58,000 miles. Had a supercharger on it, which made me want it. But the supercharger wasn't good. The belt actually wasn't on tight. The belt flew off the first 20 minutes.

I should have filmed it. I don't even know why. I didn't even film this car. anyways, I let Mario driver on the block, and the belt came off.

Okay. I tried to sell it to Mario for $75,000, give him doing exactly what I paid for it, but he didn't want it, so I made it for $76,900. This one has 20,000 less miles. Okay. Has a full PPF on it, and it is red with the carbon side blades.

This one's bone stock. I actually paid broad to do a turbo kit for me for the last one, and I sold the last one because I was really actually unable to get the stock parts. So the only issue with this car here is that it has a lot of seat wear. I'm going to redo the seats anyways. I'm going to redo the steering wheel.

So I figured it's got an alcantara headliner already, which was obviously upgraded from the factory. It's got the full carbon interior. Everything on the outside looks really nice. We're going to do the turbo kit and we're going to be in this car for much, much less with 40,000 miles. So on.

Bring a trailer. Those cars are going for a lot more money. Now, I'm not a fan of cars and bids like the name and the platform not even up on Sundays. It was really weird. All the auctions ended a weird time.

But the deals are much better because I don't think it has a lot of people on there. But what wheel should we put on it? I was thinking going with these, do you think this will be a good wheel for that car? I think this is a little bit too much. Yeah.

This is what probably is naturally supposed to go on that car, right? Yeah. So we can go this one in probably black. Yeah, we'll go in black. I got the V Ten side blades, too, so we'll put that on there as well.

All right, so the Audi are eight and questions here. There it is.

This may be one of the dirtiest cars I've ever gotten, but I love these cars, man. You've got to understand how amazing this car sounds. Like. The pinnacle of V Eight sound is this particular engine. Now, this engine is in quite a bit of cars.

It's definitely in the Rs four Rs. Five, I think. But the way that this thing handles and drives, it just feels so smooth. So it has a little bit of power, right? I think they come stock with, like, 450, something like that.

When you throw a supercharger on it or a turbo, it adds like 200 more horsepower. Now, for me, turbo is the only way to go, because I really like the feel of a turbo in the boost and all the sounds and you know, how aggressive it is, but just makes this car perfectly balanced. So B rogue, the guy who is doing Stradman's gallardo, has a really cool turbo kit for these cars, and I expect to get that car soon.

I'm going to let him dial up the quality of the interior and the paint, shout out to this shipping guy who is taking my simulator all the way to Texas.

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