So, Houston, your conversation with Mr. koenig's egg.

Time to go. I said no. Basically, short answer.

Welcome to monterey, California, guys. tasting me an adventurous day, that's to say the least. Let's go check on Houston and the rest of the guys. Oh, look, tony sag.

Yes, indeed. Mario. Welcome to great. Thank you.


Appreciate it. Welcome to the ccx 1.75. It's almost a 2.0, but it's really not because we ran out of time. We didn't do the turbo kit, and we've got, like, 95% of the turbo kit, except the manfold most important cars manfold put siblings on the car that didn't make it. So we put the supercharger stack on. Technically, Andy put the supercharger stack on. Beer didn't help at all because everything he did, we had to redo, and, well, that's why he had to drive it here. From 09:00 last night to five in the morning.

Shout out to beard, by the way, a little backstory. I actually made a poll on YouTube that said, which car do you want Houston to take to monterey? It was the bugatti. The this, the ccx or the sto? Everyone picked this. Wow. So that worked out.

Really knows that it's purple because you.

Wanted to take the Bug.

I really didn't want to take the Bug. I was, like, kind of, like, trying to sell it, and I was going to, like, sharpie all over it that it was for sale. But then I was like, you know what? Why go to monterey? To gotti gotti from monterey to me, it's got a bad omen. I picked this because I didn't think it was going to happen. And I guess they think this. Hey. So part two to this is the battery test, and this has a very special battery system. So right now, I'm going to get this off of here, put it right here, and then hopefully we're going to jump it. Another small caveat is that we have no road track supercharged fluid because we took the fluid. We took the road track superchargers out, and we didn't order any fluid. So I overnighted some fluid from Southern California, and we're stranded here until it gets here. Supposed to be here between eight and 09:00 a.m.. It's early a. M. Delivery. It's alpha delivery now, so that's really good news. But we can't physically turn the car on until that fluid comes. So now we're going to take it off this truck.

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In the meantime, this is the car we came to monterey in. Keeps these new Black badge Rolls royce coming in. This thing is too nice. Best feature is right here, ladies and gentlemen. Boom, boom. We got a mini fridge. And this is the other car we came here with. 1996 porsche 911 Turbo, air cooled, all wheel drive. Very, very rare car. Now, as many of you know me, I am a porsche connoisseur without owning a porsche. But look at this 6ft manual. I drove this on the way up here. And let me tell you, insane well beer. Look at you, man.

Damn. Houston.

Look at Houston, though, with the versace jacket. He's so extra. It's unbelievable.

It's amazing, isn't it?

Yeah. All right, so we are officially here. We just parked. We actually didn't bring the Koenix deck out right now, but we are going to bring it out later tonight. So you guys can check that out. But, yeah, we're about to walk into quail. We're going to keep it nice and light. We're not going to be traditional youtubers. I was going to show you a couple of nice cars, the main ones, and that's pretty much it. What do you think?

I think it's awesome. I can't wait to see this on the cool cars that haven't been released yet or anything like that. You guys will see that here shortly.

This is your first time, right?

Yeah, this is my first time.

You're about to see some really nice cars.

I'm so excited. So I could barely contain them.

Perfect send away.

Oh, my God.

That's the one you want.

It's a bugatti race car. This is a real pirate vibe, isn't it?

And this abuse looks good. What are you doing?

Just hanging out.

Kind of a letdown. It's so slow this year.

Do you remember last year? Well, I guess the year we came, it was like jampacked everywhere. I mean, you couldn't breathe in here. And then there was so many more cars up here. This is beautiful engineering.

Houston'S not even into the car. He's just into the engine.

The car is the car. It's amazing, don't get me wrong, but like when you look at, like, how they mount the motor to the chassis, how it's freestanding, every piece is used. It's such an incredible design. She gave it to me, but she never signed it. I don't get it, man.

There's really, really nice cards here, everywhere. But compared to 2018, Beer wasn't here. But compared to 2018, quail was off the charts incredible. But I'm not going to backlash it. We got a F 40 right here. Beautiful car. Definitely one of everyone's James cars, right? Beautiful F 40. We got a pagani right here. pagani zonda. Can't ever go wrong with that. Yeah. We're going to go check out four more cars.

Loaves endless. Kontosh.

Yeah. So a bunch of lambos. Nothing too crazy. Kontosh McLaren SLS jywire It's actually kind of interesting. So it's an off road. Okay, so this is an off road, basically. porsche 911. Yeah. Pretty interesting. But it doesn't have a portrait back. What interesting? Would you buy?

Huh? Would you buy it? Maybe if I was into a little bit more into offroading like that?

Yeah. What are your thoughts on the S seven saline? Now, it's a hit or miss for a lot of people, but I personally really like the look of it. Beer, what what's your thought on the saline?

Dope? But I think this four gt is way more forward.

You like a four gt? One more. I do. It's a six cylinder. My guy still come on, man. A million dollars for a six cylinder?

Six cylinder that's still smoking. A million dollars still smoking. Some V eight and V twelve out there.

It's not worth it. Guys, comment section. Let us know. Is this worth a million dollars? Model block calipers. All right, everybody. So we just checked out the new Kunosh by lamborghini. Now, I have a level with you guys with a beautiful car. I love that they're bringing back the old kuntas for their anniversary. But the price tag that it's in for 112 units in total production, really, it's not too exciting. I mean, they're starting 2.5 USD, which is outrageous, and it goes all the way up to 3 million euro, which is about $3.5 million. Now, like I said, it's a little bit of a price hike, but people are going to pay it. So besides that, what I personally think they did is they took a tion, took a chen scenario, pushed it together, and then they sprinkled a little bit of mercier. Log on. So let me know your thoughts on this exclusive loose look. I love what lotus is doing with their hypercar. Absolutely beautiful. You guys saw this in 2019. I mean, it's nothing new. You guys have seen this all over the Internet.

It's a short with base, and it's fully driveable and in gt mode. It's long with bays, and it's autonomous. We can choose to be relaxing and enjoying the scenery of the car like a maniac on the service.

When is this, like, for when would this something like this come out?

Second end of the decade.

Yeah, just before that.

The future is looking bright.

Well, that's what we tried to do it right.

Look at that.


Four cup holders for all the shots.

You'Re about to take.

For you don't drink and drive. You sip and swerve orders. So, Houston, your conversation with Mr. koenig's.

Egg, time to go. I said no. Basically, short answer. I was like, look, man, I'm, like, so close to doing a full agara conversion. Can I just have the taillights and the headlights? He was like, well, first they're not going to fit. And I said, I understand they're not going to fit. Yes, but I'll make them fit. And he was like, yeah, I don't really want to make a freak inside car. He was being really nice about it, but basically he was like, no. Everything has got to be varied by the book nowadays, right? His company's changed. He did actually give me a little bit of insight. You're going to hit the school, lady. We knew the limitations of the turbo already. We had kind of the idea of what they did. And I asked him, I said, I feel like your early 2013 RigER have a very similar twin turbo system that I'm doing. He said basically exactly the same thing that I thought. So that being said, pretty exciting. I actually think that he undercover was like, cool.

Good job.


He looked like he was actually impressed when you show him the pictures out. Yeah, I was looking at his body movement and stuff, so it's pretty cool. Overall, what do you think of the day?

This place is great.

I think we got to cap off this day or this video with some ccx content, though.

Let's do it. Yeah, I want to go out there and drive it. I think that I think it's such a good balance. There's nobody here. I mean, there's a lot of people here, but not like 2017 or 18 or 19. It's just so clean and easy to get around. There's not a lot of traffic. The parking was easy. So there's no brakes. There's no brakes at all. Zero. I didn't know anything at all. Oh, I didn't know. Wasn't on the car. where'd it go? There's no point of this. We're just going to go home. Honestly, what is an oversight?

You should apologize to everyone for hyping above.

No, it's a couple more steps. I'll leave it right here. May I have you call automotive shops on a Friday at 500? Maybe this is a mobile mechanic.

You can't say that it does. You look extra fly with your outfit, too.


Really mad right now.

Even more frustrating.

It's really good, too. Not only are we filming this second, I had my job. I started the last one off of why you want to film my misery? Right? Like Andy put in 24 straight hours worth of work. And apparently the body shop that did my exterior paint also painted my calipers, obviously, but they did not tell me that they removed the brake lines. So there was no fluid in the car we got here, and that's something that well, I guess you didn't think to check, so now we have no brake pressure. I mean, we could probably just go to auto zone, I guess, and put some brake fluid in there and get, like, a little bleeder and bleed the outside. I can't drive it. I mean, I can drive slow, right? Like, I can just take it down to Ocean Avenue and park it there. So stupid.

I think we should not do things last minute.

Well, it's just always last minute when you're in the car business, you know? You ever seen those shows where sima guys are building the car for the last 30 seconds, and then they got to get on the truck and go to sema? That's like us, except to monterey. And it was supposed to be turbo was supposed to be done. It's not. It was supposed to be in quail, and it got so close that I didn't I basically withdrew my application to put the car on display.


It'll go I don't know. It'll probably go next year. I don't know if I want to.

Come back next year.

I realized that. And when you go to these shows, in this event, you've got to, like, bring $30 million with you. Like, if you don't bring $30 million with you, you can't have a good time. You just can't.

Guys, houston. You can tell when he's depressed because he starts talking about substantial finance. So what? That's what we're going to go eat. And that's pretty much a wrap, then, I guess. Sorry, guys, for no ccx content. But when we get back to Vegas, that means we have stuff to do.

That's a wrap warranty. Cool.

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