First day of the rally. I mean, technically it starts tomorrow, but right now, today, we're kind of like, pregame in it. We've got some gun stuff. I've got Jake from leviathan. He's about to give Chuck lidell some super sentimental, amazing hummer that he had rebuilt. So, Jake, tell him a little bit about the hummer. Because I don't know the whole story, but I heard that this was chuck's original og hummer that he bought, like, his first thing that he got when he was famous.

Right? Yeah.

So 2003. Chuck adel's on The Ultimate Fighter, obviously against Peter ortiz. He goes on wins the ultimate fighter in that final episode, they roll out this 2003 hummer, h Two. It's strut dubbed all that stuff from back in 2003. They roll it out. chuck's like, oh, shit, this is awesome. It's a hummer. To be fair, it was never his style.

Yeah, I mean, back then, at three, the whole big twenty two S, twenty four S, the chrome wheels, that was what was in. And for those of you guys who know Chuck Withll, he's kind of the opposite of that. He's more of like the lifted 1996 F 250 kind of guy.

So that's what we did. We came back in, we brought it to Michigan, to our shop, ragnarok motorworks, right outside of Detroit. We tore this thing down to the studs and rebuilt it all the way back up to be what it is today. He hasn't seen this hummer in a little over a year because of COVID Now it's ready to go back home.

All right, guys. So we actually got lost on the way here and, well, Houston is the one that gave us the coordinate, so Houston, way to go. Now I'm just getting actually, Maps took us the wrong way. We're here with pj. We got Austin in the back, and we're finally making it to our destination

video. Stay savage, guys. Stay savage.

Anything you got to say, this is for you guys. The sendoff.

Hell, yeah.

Send off a little windy. Stay savage. That's the one right there.

All right. I like it.

Pink lion killer. I tried to do this for the second rally, and I was clear up on, like, I 15, going by way too fast, way too windy. So I'm just like, whatever. I'll just come down here and do this. I'm pretty ready to go.

Part of the rally. Look at those Sam going rally with no pigeons. This is my copilot. Hey, guys. Okay, guys. So it is the perfect time to give a quick shout out to our sponsors for the Rally Zydax evented. And cfmoto not going to waste your guys'time, so let's get straight into it. Zydax builds pcs. If you guys are into gaming like me or editing, you need something that's going to process and render all your information. zydex is your one stop shop for all your pcs eventin. I'd like to consider them the bentley's of ebikes. Okay. If you're into mountain biking, getting active, that healthy lifestyle, definitely check them out. eventin the best ebikes on the market. And then cfmoto, they sell some of the highest quality ATVs side by sides and or wheelers. Check them out. Check out their dealer. locator. You guys are in the market for any of those stuff? Definitely check them out. They took good care of us on the rally. They're a big help in helping us do these rallies, so thank you. Boys, back down. Artity, as you remember, last rally was in the amg dtr. We're going to hopefully get Houston to do some donuts right there, too.

Mario'S ass.

Weird. What Death Valley is this Death Valley area? Yeah, about Death Valley. We've got about an hour and a half to the next pit stop, and then from there, about another hour and a half will be at mammoth.

You can't park there, man. Can't park there's.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

It was crazy. I know it's windy out here, guys, but I cannot tell you how ridiculously hard that was. We just came through all those mountains. I have no power steering on the coaching sega right now. It is rough, hard. I mean, my hands, I don't know if you can tell, but they're like they're literally bloodshot red all over my palm. And everybody's out here smashing their egg looks sick. It's like a rally is epic, man. You just don't get to drive like this every day, man. That was fun. We're really far ahead of everybody, so we could use a quick break because that was a workout. There we go. Literally like oh, like shit. Yeah. Okay, I get it. All right, well, for everybody that may or may not remember, that's where the ffc for luco lost control. For good reason, actually. Yeah, there's that sign right there that.

Tells you I heard you guys got some good stuff. You're crushing up.

Not you. You're not getting that footage for me? No.

Okay. how's the drive so far? Awesome. how's the gpr? Good? It's okay. Looks like the red ears got pulled over. Leave a comment down below. How fast you guys think he was going or if he was even speeding at all, but chances are that he was. We're about 45 minutes away from the westin. We just had our final pit stop. I am now driving to afg because, well, my girl savannah, she got cart, and I basically had to give up my ride in the hurricane, and now I'm in the amg.

Why did they do that? Scared me a little bit.

All right, everybody, we made it to mammoth, and it is pouring, it is snowing, and it is hailing. But look at that. I caught up to the leader in Houston.

First day is pretty much complete. Kind of interested in getting some food, man. I'm feeling good today. No issues in the koenig's egg. I mean, we don't have a front lift. That sucks. That was pretty difficult. I did scrape the front bump burn thing. Got a beanie out of it. I did get a free beanie. We're at a pretty nice hotel. I mean, jenna, she, she kind of messed up. She, she booked the wrong hotel. We stayed the hyatt or the westin last time. Had a much better parking arrangement. But it's all good, man. I mean, look, even Parker got a nice little spot. Can't even tell. But yeah, weather looks good. I mean, we had a little bit of rain. Super nice.

Cools it down a little bit.

Yeah, it's a little different for us. It's great because we just came out of like nine degree weather into this, like nine degree weather. So you excited for Yosemite tomorrow?

Super excited.

Have you been there before? I have never been to Yosemite. I mean, so what? What do you expect? I mean, is it going to be like wild roads like today where we almost fall on yeah, hill. Almost on a hill, but a lot more green now I'm picturing like I'm picturing this to be whiter. Yeah, I think it's going to be white, not green.

So we are at the hotel and going upstairs to get the light and then we are going to go to the cars. Good morning, guys from mammoth. It is 06:00 A.m.. We are ready to get rolling.

I don't think anybody realized how amazing the weather gets. It's called mammoth.

It's cold.

How are you feeling, Mario?

I'm cold.

You can see my breath.

That's a nice jacket.

Yeah. So Chris is present from my sister's boyfriend.

Back in here. A little royalty inside world.

Yeah. Just in case I could flip it out and it's like I'm a chicken man today or I'm going to go to work at royalty.

What's the plan for today or what?

Actually, funny enough, me and Tony get up like five in the morning. So we're always out here ready to go. We woke up and Yosemite was closed. We were trying to plan out the way to go around because yesterday we had this storm. mammoth to monterey is 5 hours and 30 minutes through Yosemite. Going around Yosemite is 8 hours. And so luckily enough, at 08:00 A.m., on the dot it opens. So we assume it was closed overnight. And then 08:00 A.m., when the workers got in, they opened the roads and that's what happened. So right now we're headed to Yosemite. We're going to be running the right road today. So once we get to monterey, we're going to cannery Row on a famous canary road. You guys all know it. We're going to stay at the intercontinental. We're going to get some six shots. Six shots? Yeah.

In the tunnel.

Without car week we can go there and have fun. They're not going to be watching us all day. So excited. Are you riding with your girlfriend today?

Or I will be driving today courtesy of Houston. Nice. Gives me a hurricane.

Company issued hurricanes at royalty. Okay. And then Mario decides to take the CLA from the trip.

Erwin, good morning, bro.

Good morning.

How are you? How are you?


You ready for today?


Through yosemite and lots of loopies and twisties.

That's right.

Man. Your car, bro. It sounds so good when you pass by us at high speeds and then you get that verbal. Austin. Mario, how you doing?

It's the best day. It's super cold.

Look at this car.

We've got the convertible.

It's going to be yeah. Take the top down.

I know, I know. Take the top down. Do you have a beanie? Let's go skins.

And we'll take the top down. We have a good time.

How much do we get for every mile that we go?

No shirt.

Top down in the mountain.

Listen, if you make it from right now till monterey, okay, I will personally give you a hurricane when we get back. One sticker flew off. Ed.

Let me try to keep the rest of them.

Yeah, those are the sponsors. We got to get those in there quick. shameless. Plug, zydax. Build your pcs. Best company ever. eventin. The supercar of ebikes. We got the urine. We got the C. Seven events to Dale. amg, gtr, CLA, the Egg, the gcr. The best of the best. The porsche, the evo.

How are you feeling, pj? We're in the canyons now. Grip on the wheel behind the gcr. This piece is like 7 miles in front of us. No catching up to the coating tags at all. markers with us is a 600 lc. We got the Nissan gtr Lexiofer. They run an E 85 hp. In front of that, we got the amg gtr.


We would be like, just make sure. So bad. Just making sure I have summer tires on this car that we're driving through ice right now in the middle of a mountain. I'm a little worried about the GP three Rs because same thing with OK. Oh, my God. I am so fucking scared right now. You have no idea. Oh, my God. We are just driving on ice. We want a little more traction. Stay in the snow. When it's like that. I'm really nervous about this room. Funny. Where did you take us? Well, we're going to blame victory for this one. Yeah. Snow on film. Yeah. I've never seen that scared.

Dude, we hit that patch before we got into the canyons. That little small one he was hauling. How are you feeling, Parker?


That was crazy. I've never taken this car in the snow before. I was just watching him the whole time. I have so many clips from behind. Like, look at this. I'm just pretending I don't even know him. Look at this animal in the snow in a koenig. Look at this guy. He's driving his Koenigzag in the snow. The road before, though, was insane. Like, before it got snowy.

30 seconds.

Amazing. Yeah.

Video definitely a little scary. This is the most dangerous road I've ever turned on in my whole life. In the most, you know, aggressive car with michelin cup, two tires, no power steering, zero power steering.

One. Good luck. Let's go. Look. Check it out. The real richest carrier. Do you want to hit the pedal? Absolutely. All right, guys. So we're at murphys, California, this little quaint town, you would call it. We just had some really good pizza. We're all pretty tired and sleepy. We still got about 3 hours to monterey, but no more twisties it's all freeway, so we can just be calm to. Let get some content and call it a day. After that,

these people again. Car week was two months ago. I'm not again. All right, guys, after eight long hours, we finally made it to monterey. We are at canterra, as you can tell, and, well, I'm hungry. Are you hungry? I think we're all hungry. Bed and food, that's all we want now. So see you soon. No better time than to start the vlog at 07:00 a.m. At the gas station, huh?

Yeah, this is the right way to go.

Perfect. Healthy start to your day.

You know, honestly, I'm trying to quit these red bulls because they just have so much sugar.

Cruise get a lot fixed in before you quit. The thing is, I'm pretty sure the cruises are going to have red bulls.

They do.

Especially at the bar.

Can you not be that way? You're enabling him. Pretty sure the cruise is going to have them here.

All right, guys, the infamous moderate tunnel, baby. We're about to go to big sir. We've got all the cars. It's going to be a nice, fun drive, guys. Royalty rally three. If you guys want to experience some of the best driving roads in the country, definitely come on the next rally. Royalty rally four. We're probably going to do an east coast rally, but we'd love to see all of you. And the best of all part is that we provide rentals to people who don't have supercars. So you're not limited to experiencing this kind of experience. And then I just want to give up a quick shot of the rally sponsors zydax, Abedson, and cfmoto. Zydax is your one stop shop for all your PC needs. abedin is the basically what I like to call the supercars of ebikes. Very awesome and affordable ebikes. And then cfmoto, they sell some very great ATVs side by sides and things like that. So definitely check them out. Thank you guys for this buck.

All right, guys, you saw some pretty epic driving right there. Just a little nice little turn off. There was a tunnel that we're actually going to go back and hit. Parker is going to go right now. What do you guys think so far? Awesome triple lifetime. What about.

You insane.

Are you gripping that handlebar on the side?

I am sweating like crazy.

You guys are moving, man. Hard to keep up with you guys.

All right, guys. It looks like the 360 cam made it.

I think that hopefully looks pretty cool.

It's alive.

The camera survived.

They started up here.

Now it's down there in a different spot.

Oh, it was like, dude, come out and see it.

All right, guys. After three solid hours of driving, we have finally made it to the inn. Out. All right, guys, we made it to the resort, and it is about time to kick back, relax, get some food, call it a day. It's been a long day of driving, but in the meantime, check out the view. Beautiful. To epic rally. All right, guys, we made it to cabo. Well, almost cabo, but we're on the Norwegian bliss in the middle of the ocean. Got a nice breeze. We're going to go meet up with everybody. We're going to switch to the gopos, too. We get a little walkie for a cruise. There's a go cart on the top of the ship that we're about to go try out with the gang. All right, guys, you know what time it is? It's time for the speedway at the Norwegian Police. We got Matt. We got Hannah. What's up? We brought to meet up with the rest of the crew. All right. Meet up with the whole crew. You guys ready? What's? All right. So Parker won. We already paid them. Yours truly got sick. Matthew pretty well. Candidate. Well, Tony spectated.

That's right.

Aiden spectated. Houston was tankly first, but he was.

At first, I didn't get the right.

Erwin was in the middle.

Power wavery show.


So unbelievably beautiful out here, guys. Golden Hour in cabo. What a day. Dan.

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