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You get the wheel.



Thick moves close your pixels. Wish there was a tech that knew what they're doing.

Wish I had a pole over here.

All right, beer. Moment of truth.

We're pulling up.

There she is.

Looking all pretty as ever.

All right, let's do this. Let's get a little walk through around the car. Let us know what you see and find.

Looks good so far.

Well, we know it's one of the wheels.


But is there any other damage that you see?


There it is.

Look at that. Oh shit. That's crazy. Look at me.

It's like whole middle parts missing.

You see it kind of in the dark, but yeah, we'll see it once the wheel comes off. There it is.

The eo.


Oh shit. I wonder where they hit. Oh, they hit some oh. 1000%. They right here. Big ass rock anda freeze blew up.

Dude, look at oh my goodness. Man, that is impact.

Oh, it's bent up. He hit someone here. Too weird. There's no curves to hit out here.

It had to have been a rock in the road or something. What do you see here? Anything off the top of your first glance?

None. Right.

Immediately? Yeah.

A little bit of undercarriage.

Okay. Yeah. We'll put it up on the lift and check it out.

Can you just please let them know we're not like fully it's not torqued.

Down all the way. But what we did was we put a spare wheel on there so that way we could have it mobile and get on a tow truck. In. That way we could take it home that we could do it.

But we got to over clarify things because, you know, how some people are.

You have torque it down.

Don't need the ramps.

No, I don't think so. Lower it straight.


Yeah, a little bit more. A little bit more. Right there.

All right.

There, right there, right there, right there.

Yo, that got me dizzy.


Like riding up it and then you moving it.



And just all blue because it kind of takes away from the sexiness of the car. It makes it a little bit too aggressive for a race car. But overall, I mean, you know how much I don't I'm not mad at.

This one.

But I'm not mad.

Actually, I have something to nitpick.

Here comes what are we nitpick this spring?

Looks retarded. Okay. You have very bad taste in wings, all right.

It's not for everyone. It's a subjective build. You either like it or you don't.

There's nothing subjective about this build except your wing, because it's the only non functional retarded looking piece on the car. The rest of it is not subjective. It's like very 765 esque design. edmund, what do you think of the wing design on the car?

It's not functional. Increase turbulent, sideways.

I guess we're going for a drive.

Yes, you would think.

You promise?

I'm not.

Why would you do that? You're not going to do donuts? I promise.

I'm going to give her a meeting.

I'm going to do donuts.

Why don't you write the post? Maybe because she's five foot four. Would that ever cost your mind?

Such a cool car.

No, I saw her mouth.

I'm not going to piss her off. But how do you take this back?

I got you. Stop it.

I got it. Perfect. I can't do anything because it screams.

She'S so mad at you, bro. She is so mad at you.

I told you I wouldn't. She wants to cry.

Go do him.

That's the first thing he said.

He's like, I'm not going to do it. Stop being so grumpy.

I'm grumpy. I don't really care what he actually said. He never liked anything either.

You're still mad about edmund taking your car. You're going to rev it up and then like, skirt off.

Thank you.

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