And I shouldn't have bought this car. I really shouldn't have bought this car because I don't need this car. Not that messed up. It's got a lot of clear, broad damage. Not a good idea. alright, guys, this is a car reveal video that Mario and Luke see, I'm trying to invite you to the video.

You're just trying to actually get the video.

I always solo thing. No, I always want you in the video trying to reveal a car. Right now, Luke guy, he has 100 subscribers trying to hook him up and get him 105. So if anybody wants to subscribe five of you guys, please head over to luke's channel link and bio. anyways, we just got back from the rally, and while I was on the rally, I bought another car. And I shouldn't have bought this car. I really shouldn't have bought this car because I don't need this car. And I was thinking about selling more and more and more and more cars because I don't know if you guys can see around you, there's too many cars here. So as I was on the cruise ship for royalty rally number three. Okay. That was fun, right?

Very fun.

I'm thrilled to laugh.

I'm so thrilled that I'm so tired to be back.

Yeah. anyways, so when you guys do a rally, you got to do a vacation after the rally because the rally is so much work. But while I was on vacation, I came across a sto that was very popular. This is the Dolbre Brothers sto that was going the wrong way down a drag strip and ended up in the grandstands, basically. It's not that messed up. It's got a lot of clear bra damage. It's got a lot of dirt on it right now. So you can see some little scratches. But like this right here, this is all clear bra. So it's not really that bad, right? We do have the mirror bolt broke off that little plate right there on if you can see that. And underneath here, we've got no damage. If you can see the red piece right here was damaged on that side. Let's go over there. See, it's not that big of a deal, guys. Like, everybody, this is the worst part of the whole thing right there, that little piece. So the intention of me buying this car is either a one of two things. Either I'm going to fix it and just sell it right, which I don't want to do, or I'm going to build this to be a few thousand horsepower car with a gated, manual gearbox or like a really cool dct.

I went to seem it yesterday. I started talking to the guys at dodson, see if they're going to make me some gearbox stuff. But we'll see. I mean, that's like real deal stuff. Turn it, push down, and then you picked it up. This is a beautiful engine, but it's got some dirt in here. We're going to wash it off. You see these bolts right here? Right here, we're going to take this wing off. Okay. We're going to make a wingless sto because it's going to look super sick. That's going to be for another video. We're going to do another video revealing my first mods to the sto. Wing is going to come off, all the stuff's going to come down, and I'm going to paint the red body color. So you've got carbon in the back, carbon in the front. All this red is going to be body color. So no, let's give a black one. Has a front. I don't know, lip, I guess it's like lipstick red thing right here. No one's got a body color matched one unless it's black. So we're going to have the first body color matched car. It's going to look really good.

It's going to have the same thing, and you're going to have that full carbon diffuser. That carbon diffuser is on its way. This is literally the only real damage on this car. This is $25,000. And this piece right here is, I think, $5,900. I've already got that piece in stock from my previous sto accident, so that one worked out really well.

I want to give a huge shout out to Today's sponsor, exothermic Technologies, for this amazing flamethrow. We are going to go shoot it. If there was ever a time to buy a flamethrower, now is the time. So what you're going to want to do is you're going to click the link in the description, use code ACC 20, get yourself a flamethrower for the holidays. Burn down your Christmas tree, get a new one. Here's where you start.

Turn it on, bam.

You flip the switch up.

There's a tiny problem right here. This radio cracked a little bit, and then this little support frame got pushed back just a tad, and this headlight bracket right here just got disconnected. So we're going to put this back together. I've got the actual piece for this, and we're going to get that all squared away. This is actually a really easy fix. You know why? Because I actually have lights. I think 50k is oversought because I've got 25,000 is the cost for the front lip. I already have the other one, but let's call it 57,000, right? So we're at $30,000 there. I'm going to put this headlight right here on a different car because I've got a brand new right one. And then that radio right there is like, about $900. The AC condenser right there doesn't look broken, but it's bent. That one's about $600. That little tab thing situation that you got going over there to hold all that stuff, that's another one. $200.

Wheels for free.

Yeah, I don't think we're going to do the iconicist wheels in this car. I got to send one of these off to have them measured because I actually want to make a replica of this wheel with a five lug pattern because everybody loves the Sto look, but no one can really get the Sto style. I'm probably going to go with the spokes. I like the spokes. Kind of like the SLS over here. That style, right, is what I want to put for this car here. So basically, that's the new car. Reveal, guys. Mario, thoughts?

I think it's great. I think personally, I think you're going to fix it and then you're going to probably end up selling it. Yeah, I don't think you're going to do the whole 2000 gated horsepower thing, just past experiences, but I'd love for.

You to get it done.

Notice how Houston prepped you guys. Before he said he was going to do the gated 2000, he said that he's going to possibly sell it because if it goes missing, you know, because he told you this time.

Okay. I mean, I want to sell a lot of cars. Money equals restaurants. Restaurants equal more money, and more money equals more money. Okay? So it's really great. And then more money equals more cars. Eventually. And I really want to laugh, Ferrari, but I like this car. I do. I actually have been wanting to do this for a long time. So, yeah, we're going to keep this one for a little while. We're going to fix it. We're going to get it done, and then we're going to mod it. Right? I've got this crazy billet motor that I built for a different car that's going to go in this car up.

To the dobre brothers for hooking you up.

Yeah, darius, he got me all set up on this one. I like the dobrie brothers done videos in the past, back in the day when I had that red beyon, and they've always been real cool kids. So sad to see this happen. But we made a fair deal and.

Good to have it.

So maybe this could be a new rally car a lot more comfortable than Mcconick's End.

So what do you guys think of the Sto? Pretty sweet, right? Honestly, I haven't been this excited for a car in a really long time. And I haven't really decided what plan I'm going to go with on the gearbox. But I can tell you that this car is going to have a few thousand horsepower. It's going to sound like a very high pitched I don't want to say the word f one because F ones are, like, really, really high pitched, but it's going to sound kind of like aventadore merci lago style, right? It's going to be the dopest project I've done in a long time. Now I've got these hypercars that are super sweet. You know, when you build something special and you take it all apart, it's like starting from the ashes, right? And so symbolically, we were just out there messing around with another video for Houston top chicken, and there was a flamethrower there for some reason. And I was like, hey, we should light the front of this car on fire because it's going to become something new.

Not a good idea.

I thought it'd be cool, symbolically, to burn what we have and to build something special and something new. And so that's the birth of the new Houston project. project's been in the works for years. Years. I mean, this power plant I've been talking about for four and a half years now. But I actually have good news. It runs and it drives and it goes and it sounds phenomenal. On its first dino run, it made 2029 hp. So pretty stoked. I think you guys should really like this project. This one we're going to film as is. You know, I'm not going to wait to have it all done and then go. I'm just going to start filming it as we build it. The car should be pretty sick. So stay tuned. Subscribe to this channel because you're going to not want to miss this one.

Thank you.

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