Not too often you have to really cover your ears. Really? Like, you have to really protect your ears.

It looks like it's a sto. The events, the door on the front with different well, the headlights have been stoked.

The more you look at it, it starts to grow. It's just hard to perceive.

Well, when I saw this car in person for the first time, like, two and a half years ago, it was over or at a car show. I thought it was pretty cool looking, but when you see the orange one you didn't see the orange one unveiled. Yeah, when we went there. But it's a coupe. I feel like it has a better thing. It's actually one of jordan's friends as well, but I think it's really cool. I really like it. You have to change the seats, though. You have to buy a pair of seats that are from a newer event that are because these are like, the og, like, most uncomfortable carbon seats on the planet. And this whole entertainment system, it's not good. Not for the value of this. I mean, this car is probably still close to $2 million, maybe more.

Wait. You guys want to know what my opinion is on this car? I mean, it does check all the boxes. It's beautiful. Except for the face. It's a little stretched out looking, right? And then the back of it obviously very unique. Really cool. Take a look at it from this angle. But it does look like something is made to manscape yourself, right? Kind of looks like a razor. Cool. It's cool. I'm going to be balancing a tire on it. That's it. 120 in the world, right? So not going to molecule too much. There's some functional downforce for you right there. Yeah, let's see. Actually, it's actually a storage compartment. These are the actual air vents right here. That help with downforce. That's cool. But what I'm looking for is the actual key lock. Center lock. See where the bars are? All right, so right in here is that a center spring locks to the splines of the center lock. You want to make sure that that's always out flush. It's a 17 millimeter hex head. So just stick that in there. And if you rotate, look real close, you can see how that kind of slides out.

So you don't want it like that. You want it to be flush. You want it to be nice like that. Now that cinema cannot back out.


We'Re doing something absolutely insane. We're literally about to give away someone's very own personalized movie theater chairs. Now, Tony, you're enjoying this excessively luxury experience. Please tell me a little bit about that chair you're sitting in right now.

So this chair that I'm sitting in right now, you have Led lit cup holders as well as leds. Under this bad boy, you have premium Italian stitch leather, a lot like we did on the interior of the koenig's egg. Nice and beautiful.

Now, for people that have a bad.

Back like you, you have all these different types of adjustments. You have lumbar support, you have headrest support, and obviously you can put your feet up. You can also recline all the way back. So not only when you're watching your movies, you can take a nice cat nap.

Amazing, right? So we partnered with valencia Home Theater to give away these very chairs. They're literally valued over $5,000. Think about winning a $5,000 set of electric movie theater chairs. That would change everybody's life. It would change my life. I don't even have electric movie theater chairs in my couch, right? So should I get them? I'm going to get them. I'm going to custom order my own, which you can also do on their website with the custom couch or custom chair builder. But for now, in order to win these right here, all you have to do is comment movie Star on today's video and upcoming Sunday video.

We are going to pick the winner next week. On next week's video, make sure you guys, like, subscribe comment movie star on today's video as well as upcoming Sunday's video for a chance to win these beautiful theater seats, you know what you have to do. customize your own.

So you guys are going to work or what?

This is work, Mario.

This is work, Mario.

This is why you comment movie star.

You're going to find it in one more foot.


Well, Mario, the day is finally here.

Only it took two years.

Well, let's see. April 2020. So that's when we closing this piece of land. I call a piece of land because I don't really count this as a house, but technically it is a house. So it's actually the only privately owned piece of property in this entire what is this, like a 1.1 mile radius airport, which is right there. It's not the actual airport. It's the airport rental car center. But Clark County Aviation owns every single other piece of property around here. And if you look, if you stand up on the Walmart, on the other side of the wall, there's a parking lot that probably fits 100,000 cars. I believe there's over 500,000 cars for rent in Las Vegas. I don't know the exact number, but I was told that number by the mccarran Airport Authority. And I was like, wow, that just seems like so many. So we're building something here that's special. I was actually building a rental car operation here because what better place to build a rental car operation for independent rental car company like myself than right across that's where the buses dropped off that we could see over there? It seemed like a really good idea.

But then I got a better one. Like, a lot better one. And I'm not going to share with you guys what I'm building here because I want to build it before I tell anybody. So it's that special. It's that cool. It's a good idea. But we got a really cool building. I'm super stoked. So ours, our general contractor, he's walking up now and taking this building down.

Anything you want to tell us?

Do you have smell vision? We need to go inside and show you the inside of his house. Someone was living in here and it was rough. I've never seen anything like it.

I'll give them the whole breakdown of what we saw.

Unfortunately, it's very graphic. But there was a dead animal inside in all of the windows covered with the super structural security windows. So no errors getting out. So it was bad. The guy that had owned this property built it in the late or early eighty s and lived there ever since. He sold the house. And I was told that he sold this. We paid a lot of money for this house. He sold this and moved into a mansion in Henderson. So good for him. Hopefully it doesn't smell the same up there. Maybe it's got better ventilation. This property has its own walking trail, as you can see. You can walk around our garden right through here if you want to get some exercise. It's really nice. Very beautiful desert landscaping. We're going to take it all out, but just to get an idea. That cactus has been there for like 100 years probably. This is an original cactus in Las Vegas. So if anybody wants a cactus and I'm going to sell this cactus, just got to come up here and pick it up out of the ground.

Some nice cactus.

I'm telling you. This is a cactus from when Las Vegas was created. Okay. I've never seen a cactus this big in our city. And this must have been here for fucking 200 years.

I wonder if it has a lot of water in there.

Dude, we're gonna about to find out. They're gonna take it down without that what's it called? That today, junior. So over here, this is where the bus drops off for the rental car pickup. So right here in Las Vegas, when you rent a vehicle, you've got to come here. All of them are in one location. Most major cities have a building like this. There's just like a bus every 1 minute. Comes right here, drops everybody off. And this is going to be a retail area for.


Yeah, I just can't talk about the rest of it. So people are just going to come right across the street. This little crosswalk right there. And right there in pedestrian, pedestrian crossing. You got it right to the entrance. And there you go. I can tell you one thing is we got a little drive through action on this one. So that's pretty good.

I'm pretty happy with this. I do kind of want to buy my own excavator so I could tear down the next project that I do. I mean, I could probably rent one. I should have done this myself. I don't know why I could. There's just no reason why there's no.

Permits and stuff involved.

Yeah, but I feel like you only need a permit to charge for democrat funds. I think if I do it myself, I feel like I don't need it. If I'm the only owner of the house for the property, it should be.

A lot of duo.

I like giving free alcohol. You don't need a liquor license to give people free alcohol at barber shops to give you beer. Don't have liquor licenses.

Oh, really?

Yeah. So I don't understand why I couldn't have done that.

What do you think of the demo?

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