Blown three motors on this car. You don't modify cars like this. alright, so today is about a twin turbo Gallardo that I've been building for a hundred years. Literally a hundred years it's taken to get my five liter twin turbo gallardo back on the road. Code for, well, I hope more than an hour today. But on the way there, I wanted to show you guys. This is my S class. My S 63. That e three upholstery out in Florida. Just did all the brand new orange interior. Beautiful high end with these orange interiors, all hand stitched like custom. I mean, I think these new patterns right here are just wicked. Look at what it does to the sclass. I mean, out of control. The audio in here, we went full focal, all utopia except the tweeter, because the utopia tweeters are this way. So we had to go down one step with the evo tweeters. But those are pretty sick. Nice. Most scanny amp display with the utopia Subs in the back. Pretty nasty build if you ask me. I mean, honestly, this car is built upgraded turbos running full E 85. This is like a race car with five seats and it weighs like £7000.

But it is the best car I've ever owned in my whole life. And I think for the rest of my life I will always want to drive a Mercedes S Class. Except the new one because that one sucks. This here twin turbo bayardo 2005. It's got a wild build on it. It's in very poor condition right now because as we've been building it for so many years, I have been wrapping it, painting it, changing the body. So you can see right here, I did the front bumper with the squads of corsa. Look, I've obviously been towing it around everywhere. Interior upgraded to the Perfamante slash. Superlagara seats, carbon seats here. I went in, did a little starlet in the headliner. That door panel is off because it's still not finished. And so as we are doing this, I decided that I was going to let me open the engine lid here. I decided that I was going to take all the purple off and go back to factory colors because factory to me is like new thing. That's what's in. I know I don't say that with the F Class because they don't make a cool factory like that.

But as far as the wraps, I'm not really a big wrap guy right now. Plus this wrap was so old. I mean, I did it two and a half years ago. Kyle was cfi. He redid this original Dallas performance turbo kit. He redid it, he put all these wiggins clamps on it for me. Changed some of the stuff to some cool royalty emblems on the oil filter housing there. Down here I've got the old Dallas exhaust. Still cfi. He made me a really cool center exit exhaust. But I've got the squadron corsa rear bumpers. I did the 2009 upgrade taillights, but the real key here is this five liter engine. Now, the five liters, dude, it's funny, it's just kind of a coincidence that I was making this video, and about two days ago, I saw that James Stradman was really close to getting his five liter back. And I had just recently spoke to B rogue, and he needed a little oil pump filter thing, and I sent it to him, a little gear for the oil pump. I was talking to him and he's like, getting a lot of hate because it's taking him so long to build it.

And I wanted to kind of even address that because it's so crazy that these motors right here, they don't take like three weeks to build. Gentani and Dallas and ugr and sheepy, they don't mess with five liters because they can't put them on the road for a long time. So there's only a few people that will even mess with a five liter engine now because this platform is so much different than any other platform now. You guys see it all glitz and glamour online with all the other guys doing their turbo kits and trying to go down the half mile, but you don't see what's happening in the background. Those guys that go out to shift sector, they've got two to three engines and transmissions that are fully built sitting in a trailer, because these things blow up, like, constantly. I heard that a dots in dct gearbox will last upwards of ten to 15 passes at over 1700. Mean that's an $80,000 gearbox that every time you drive down the road, do it a half a mile. You're talking about spending $4,000. That's absolutely insane. People don't realize how crazy it is to build these cars.

everybody's blowing motors. I don't care what shop it is. They can talk all the shit they want, but at the end of the day, nobody has perfected the bills. Now, just because you guys don't hear about it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So I've blown three motors on this car. Now I finally feel like I got it right. But my power level on this is currently sitting at 1200. Now I want to take it to 1500. And rear wheel drive, I've got a gated gearbox in this car, so it's a little difficult to drive with the clutch that you need to have 1500 HP. Right now, I'm going to push the clutch I have in here because it's kind of like a good balance. But at the end of the day, these are these are expensive machines. I mean, this car here, I have at least in the engines and the turbo kit and the build, $300,000. So unless you've got a blank checkbook, you don't modify cars like this. The Hurricane, you can get 1500 HP on a stock engine and throw a billet gear set in your gearbox and just hope for the best, right?

You guys are seeing these crazy hurricanes go down the shift sector in Texas. Two K doing crazy speeds, but they're not like this platform. This is a sensitive platform. Now this might not be the fastest, but let me tell you, it drives 1000. It sounds better, it feels better, it has more emotion to it. You're connected to that car. So I'm running on a face tune here and this is going to be more of a break in situation. I'm looking at probably two weeks, maybe three weeks of solid work on this car to get this thing 100% dialed in. I've got to send it to the body shop. This car hasn't been driven in a very, very long time. Pre COVID, this is the last time I drove this car. I'm gonna wait for everything to warm up. This is not an easy car to, to drive cold. You got to let everything oil temps hit up into the more normal operating temperature you've got. coolant has to get up to 90 degrees celsius. It's on full E 85 right now, so we're going to test what it's probably closer to. I'm on map number one, so I think I'm going to be around 900.

I can move it up to twelve, but I want to break in the engine before I break the engine. starlight's working. It's purple. It looks fresh. The base two, little less than $900.

I want to hit it too hard right now. Let it go a little bit. We'll get into it on the way back. The acceleration is very smooth, it's very linear. There's, there's no issues right now. I've got good vitals on the car, good temperatures, good operating temperatures. So I'm happy with it, you know, I got to get back, put 500 miles on the car. So I put 22 miles on the car since we turned it on, right? We need about 500 in order for me to really start pushing it going to the anti lag and all that other stuff. I remember, I'll tell you.

I've had that license plate since I was probably 21 years old. It was originally on my lotus and I transferred it to my Viscoyardo because this was like my car. I have been building this car, honestly before we started getting really serious about YouTube at one point, not this car, but this power plant caught on fire and the car burned down. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the Street arrow. It's a blue two jz. swat Gallardo. That was actually the original turbo gallo that I had. That's the one that burned down. And I sent it to the body shop and I had it redone and it was all orange. I sold it to him and he, he wrapped it blue or painted the blue, whatever, and put the two jz into it. I used it as a display, display car. So I purchased this car. This is probably four and a half years ago now. And I put the engine and gearbox and all that stuff. Turbo kit. I've got a full motec m one, four, two in here, the brand new version. I put all that in this body. And I bought this car from Kyle at cfi Designs.

And so he had taken the motor out or did something with it, I don't really know. So I bought this car without an engine. So I went through two broken engines, two built engines in this car before we got it right. The used engine that I had bought, which was a ugr engine out of a crash car, that one blew up after, like, I don't know, ten minutes running. It had a problem in the block when it got into an accident. So that one really wasn't my fault. Then I had an engine built by Dallas performance, and then the founder of Dallas Performance unfortunately passed away, and I think some things went down. They since fixed everything. I mean, obviously my twin turbo ventor was just built there, but I am so scared to blow this engine. Now. I had three five liter Gallardo engines built, and I have two stock ones. I have five five liter Gallardo engines, three fully built turbo ones. One's in the car, two are spares. And then I've got two spare stock five liter engines, just in case. My first ever Gallardo that I owned from 2015, the first rental for royalty, the first of everything.

I still have that car in case that engine never blows. But these are the most sensitive power plants on the planet, and that's why no one touches them. So give everybody some slack for taking years to build them, because it's not their fault. It's just the way it is. You can't get parts, you can't get anything. These engines, just to build, cost $60,000. Not including the engine, like just doing all the work, pistons and rods and the sleeves and the block and every single thing, these are the most sensitive. How much was your fillet engine? Oh, that was a quarter million. That was no joke. So I've got a new engine that I'm going to release in my next car. Okay, so I'm building another race car soon. This one I just wanted to finish. We did it. It's good. It's obviously lasted 23 and a half miles so far. So if we can get this thing to last, like, 500 miles, I'm going to turn the boost way up and we're going to get it.

Every single inch of this car is built to the max. Fuel system, motor, bottom end, top end, the gearbox. I've got fillet, everything built. flex plates, every gear is millet. Drop gears are filling, everything is millet. So I'm going to break that gearbox in before it's very difficult to shift. My clutch already feels a lot better.

You guys are here for it, too.

So you can't beat this stick right here. You just can't beat it, you know? Just want to shift in every gear. Like, keep shifting.

Let's. I'm boat to the golf cart. Do not flip this. The wheel was already turned. We've had a bad incident with you flipping things. I would say this is a great success. All right. I don't know if you know, but I started manufacturing my own wheels for my cars. Let me show you. I'll show you on the hurricanes outside. It's called Iconicis forged. Originally, I started because I was having a really hard time getting lamborghini factory wheels about a year and a half ago. When people curb them, they wreck them all the time, and so people curb the wheels. I couldn't get one wheel, and on ebay, it was like two grand or 500 or 1800 for a single wheel. And I was like, man, it's so much money when I can make them myself for less. I ended up not doing cast wheels like the factory. Most factory wheels are cast. Some are forged. It just depends on the car. But we started a full forged supercar line. We actually make a handful of wheels. I've got these ones. We released these ones before the technique came out. So I don't know what happened there, but I had these wheels on this car over a year and a half ago.

But if you go on my website at Royaltyxella, you can see my wheels. And the reason I'm bringing this up is because these wheels fit on the Gallardo. So I was thinking, which set of wheels do you guys think I should put on the car? Now? I have every single wheel in stock. I mean, literally, I have thousands of wheels in stock. My partner and I, kirk, we love these old defenders, so we make this wheel, as well. This is an iconicist wheel, right? I don't know if you guys have any of these land rover defenders. These fit on most Land Rovers. I don't know exactly every single one, but just in this area right here, I've got a defender there. I got a defender here. I guess kind of the old cool storage cars. The ogh one still right there. These are some of the land rover wheels. We actually sold all of these wheels to a land rover build company. So we're getting ready to package these. That's what we got. All these boxes here. We're getting ready to package these up. I did just make a super sick new wheel. It's so hard to see, but this wheel right here, this one is dope.

And this wheel comes in two different colors. I wish I could turn the lights on here, but they went out. These right here are super nice. And we make these in factory, like the silver. It's a machine cut face and gloss black centers. These fit factory floating center caps. So everything we make is basically factory plus because we had to build factory spec wheels for all the Hurricanes because we had to get them Dot approved and all that stuff when you're renting cars. So here's that same wheel. This is my favorite wheel we have right now, designed by me. It's pretty dope. Okay, I'll take this one out here. All right, so this is a Hurricane wheel. And we've got this in a uris as well. Look at that thing. So sick. I was thinking these were the wheels I was going to put on the Gallardo, and, like, I was going to put these wheels on everything because I just designed those, and they're super sick. So I have them in bronze. I've got them in this machine face, and I have them in all black. We have them in Ferrari wheels. We don't have any sls wheels.

These are some classics, but these right here are our wheels. So they make oem factory replica wheels. They fit on the five nine nine, which I actually have on my personal five nine nine right back here. So look at this. Sick, right? These fit factory five nine nine. offsets. These are no spacers on here. Offset in the rear. sland super dope. You could go a little more aggressive in the front. I didn't, because I didn't want to rub. I lowered my car a little bit so I could go five plus millimeters in the front if you wanted to. But look at those wheels. These are basically replica or factory inspired four or F eight wheels that fit on all classic ferraris. That can take a 20 inch wheel in the rear, 20 x twelve and 20 x 9.5 here's. The rear right runs a 300 and 535 or 30 20. No 300 and 535 20 on a Ferrari. 300 and 530 20 on a Hurricane. But anyways, look, I'm not trying to sell wheels in the world, but I think, you guys, if you have one of these cars, you need to buy some wheels, let me know, because they're all here, right?

They're all in stock. Oh, these are my Hurricane wheels I was telling you about. These are matte Black machines. So this is my first set. That was my prototype set right here. And look at the concave in the back. Concave in the back is sick. I have to go back to work. I could make videos all day, but then no work would get done, and then I wouldn't be able to pay mario's payroll. So bye.

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