We fixed the lamborghini event. Okay, so here's a story, all right? Yeah, I twin turbo the events door, but realistically, it's all wheel drive. Who wants an allwheel drive twin turbo car? Not me. Okay. When you drive a koenig seg or a pagani or any of these crazy hypercars, even my vayron rear wheel drive, they become emotional. They become an experience, right? And this car is super fun. But, like, honestly, guys, it's kind of boring to me. So right now, Andy, I've convinced him to put the car on a lift and take out the entire front drivetrain and to make this car rear wheel drive. And we don't know if it's going to work, but it worked on the bugatti, it works on a Gyarago, and it works in a lot of other cars of this era. Right now, this obviously, this is a 2018 it's not the old one, but the technology is from 2010, right, when they developed the car. And similar to the bugatti, it's got a similar design and style front diff. So it's a reactive front diff, not an active front diff. So, like in a hurricane, you can't do it because the computer freaks out, but I'm assuming it's going to get rid of the the jerkiness of the gearbox, right?

Because you're not going to have to move the front diff. You're not going to have do a lot of those things. So, Andy, what's the time frame on this? Yeah, see, I told you guys.


This was the first events that are as a platform that Dallas twin turbo.


They had a little bit of an.

Issue with the steering. Do you think since you're removing the it's going to mess with that a little bit?

I don't think so. And the reason why is because I'm not removing the steering angle. Sensors and stuff in the front are not coming from the differential, and they're not coming from the axle hubs or anything like that. They're coming from dabs sensors, which are inside of the hubs. Right. Am I right about that? I think I'm right about that. Also, in other news, the ecu is out of this thing right here, and it's being tuned as we speak. So this car should shoot flames within 20 minutes, probably 2030 minutes, like normal. So that's going to be a separate video. I hope you guys watch that one because I think this is going to be one of the better things that I've ever done in my life. We've already straightpiped it. It's already got andy's super 60 cats, and right now, it is getting a custom tune. Push the button.

Push the button.

I love doing it to Andy. andy's very calculated. He's very precise. He's, like, very careful. But I'm not. And that's why things take 20 minutes. Look, see, it's exposed. It's on an internal thing. And then we can start when we do the axle afterwards. Then I'll leave the dip there because if nothing's coming in and it's not turning, makes more sense. That's what we did. The bugatti. That's why I didn't throw any errors, because there is a small paladix right here with the plug in it. So I think best case scenario is remove this, diff those two axles, and leave the thing there.

Might not be a good idea.

That's what we're going

we did this. So we're charging the battery. Doesn't have enough yet. So I seem to delete the battery code because it goes into, like I don't want to call it lip mode, but it goes into this weird stuttery mode. He just told me this is only stage one. So we're going back.

What did you think?

It's amazing. But he said that he's like, well, how sensitive are you to at this and that. I'm like, what do you mean? He's like, Well, I can go a little farther. And I was like, what are you talking about? The Houston is the maximum potential possible.

Above this panel here is the motor of the car. And from there, the transmission comes forward. So this is the front end of that. There is a drive line that goes back to the rear differential. And another drive line right here comes up to the front differential. From there, you have the axles that go out to each wheel. We are going to leave the differential in place and remove this drive line and both axes. Drive line.

Handy dandy bag.

Six on each side. Have to unbolt the two axle halves. And now we're going to pull the wheels off so we can undo the hub nut. And then we'll just pull that right out of there. We need bigger tools. I'll be right back.

A few moments later.

It'S a big gun.

It's a millimeter. I know it's a millimeter. So these prefer gallardo, but my theory is they just fit right in, and so they do. So now this will just go right back on here? Yeah, but I don't really want to go all the way. Now I just got to figure out how to get this thing back on here with my one hand. Matt, tell me what we done.

You said max it out and max it out.

I know, but what exactly did you do?

There's a lot of torque limits that I didn't touch the first time, so a lot of that smoothness that you felt it should be increased now. So smoother boost limits removed. airflow limits removed. This is max balls, as much as I can give it.

And is this the maximum you've ever done.

On a streetcar?


On a car that's being driven?

Yes. No, what I'm saying, for a wira, yeah. Yeah. So I just want to I want to be the fastest wiro. Like, if I don't have the fastest wiro, we got to go back to the spine board. No problem. All right, let's do it. It is so much faster. Like, it's ridiculously faster, actually. I don't know how to drive it. I'm not shifting at the same time anymore.

It's visceral. That's the one thing that pagani doesn't have, like, a konic zig, is that they're not very visceral right now. You've, like, awoken a monster in there. The downpipes help the most, obviously, but with the tune and kind of like that gatling gun sound, it's very unique. There's not a lot of, like, gatling gun. Like, they're really consistent pop. So it sounds super dope. Now all it just needs to be is purple, and it'll be my favorite car. Complete. Get the AC on us just right now. Still 700 degrees in Las Vegas. Let's go in sport first. Okay. See what happens.

No codes.

That's cool. Well, we have to drive in.

I think you'll be good.

It feels so good. Look how easy it is to drive. They're not even really that aggressive anymore. Okay, let's do it. We need the traction off. This is gonna be fun. So we got an lp 1002. So we got we got to get the new badges.


This thing is spinning. I love it. Yeah. We fix the lamborghini event mode. Yeah, we definitely fix it. You know what we need to do now?

Trust the old back lot.

I love that place. There's no torque steer. That's what I don't like about the other cars, is there's torque steer like this. Fix that. It's so cool. I still might sell this car because I don't think it's yeah.

I don't know why you just did all that when you're about to put it on. Bring your trailer.

Who cares, man? Have fun with it while we have it. But maybe I fixed it. I don't know. I want to drive it longer and go and have fun with it, and.

He'S going to be so happy when you're like, all right, put it back to all wheel drive.

It doesn't take, like, what, 20 minutes, 30 minutes? 40 minutes? It's a little slippery. I like it. I don't want to go crazy, guys, because I don't want to, like, just I got to take my time. But the best part about it is we got twin turbos. We got rear wheel drive. We got a mid engine, and we have no codes on the dash. So, yes, we did it. Now we just got to make it a manual, and all hell will break loose. Is it even possible yeah.

To make this a manual?

It is. I'm working on it. In order for me to do this, what happens is, when I start doing the donut, when it really spins really hard, it does throw a four wheel drive fault. So that's why you're seeing me stop in the middle, because it won't let me. It takes attraction and puts it back on right so I could get it. If I'm spinning right, I might be able to get a good one out of it, but we'll see. Doesn't let me do anything. flooring it. Just doesn't do anything.

Make sure you like this video if you're interested in seeing more of this kind of content. Houston never tells you guys to do it, but I will.

We didn't fix it all the way, but drives better. I'm going to see if I can culled out the front, dip on the traction. That's the next step.

Key points.

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