Today is going to be a fun day. Guys, welcome back to the channel. Welcome back to my vlog Let me just start off by showing you this. Look at this. How sick is this? I got this new popeye statue for my little podcast area right here. This is a super cool painting by a local artist that but my personal opinion, it's kind of like the hhd team, but we won't get into the specifics of that one right now. Today I want to show you guys a couple of things. I got the wira. I'm going to take the wira. I'm going to go and drive it all over the city. I've got to put about 150 miles on it. I just swapped out the power steering pump and we did the downpipes. So now we've got our own down pipes in there. The engine line is still on because I haven't gotten the tune for it yet, but I wanted to put some miles on it, make sure it's all good to go and make sure it doesn't have any issues. So no leaks and everything. I took the car to Soritos for houston's Hot Chicken grand opening for our first franchise store in Critos, California.

But I had no time to drive it. I mean, I literally got it off a tow truck. The shipping guy parked in the parking lot. And 2 hours later, my family was there and everything. And the traffic was crazy for the holiday weekend. So I just had it sent right back to Vegas. So today I wanted to go check on the newest addition to the Vegas market. Right. So we've got about nine stores in Vegas. Two are just about ready to open. The one that I have in summerlin, which is 1910, village Center Circle Drive is about ready to open. I mean, we're looking at 60 days max. So I wanted to go over there. I've got to pick out the tile for the floor, tile for the bathroom, and a couple of little last minute details. They're just doing a little bit of the front of the house demo right now. Got the new royalty logo in here. Robbie, would you like to go with me today to go pick up some tile? It doesn't look like you're doing much. I mean, if your computer is off and you're not booking any cars. Honestly, michael's, over there, at least handwriting something.

It really wasn't that cold start, but it sounds pretty good. A little easier if you're taller to shut these doors. That sounds so amazing. God bless America. This is what we have in our streets. My Peace. Oh, wow. Holy shit. Oh, man. My head keeps hitting the brain. That's great. I got, like, a hole in my head. Well, this car doesn't have good brakes. Seriously? You didn't say that about the coding saying I had no, that has the best brakes I've ever had. This does not have good brakes. I'm going to actually look at maybe changing that. I'm not really sure why it's funny. No matter how old or how much my car taste changes or my car collection changes, I could be in a pagani wira and still do, like, a rev up next to a modified Honda Civic like this. What's going on, everybody?

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All right, so I'm going to show you guys how easy it is for me and how I do this. So everyone at houston's on Chicken, I come into this place decor, and I pick out the bathroom tile. And normally we're doing concrete flooring, but concrete standing takes so long, and a lot of the guys who just raise their price to where it's just kind of out of reach doesn't make any sense for me anymore to start paying 25 $30,000 for staying concrete. Now, it doesn't look nice, but it can be a little slippery. So I come in here and I take a walk around these aisles. Right. Then in like, three minutes, I just pick two really cool ones and then I leave. That's it. I've done three stores so far, and it's pretty straightforward. Like, actually, this right here, this is probably what I'm going to use for the floor. So we'll look at that next, but I'm going to do the whole walk and get this one done. You know, this is what we're going for in the bathroom. We're going to go bronze this time. summerlin, where this store is going is a little more elevated, so I'm going to see if we can get the gold grout strong.

We're going to go to the restaurant for this, but I've got wood around the restaurant and I need to put some tile around the back of the order counter. Normally I do stainless steel, which is probably what I'm going to do because I like that look. But I'm just going to it's a lot of stainless steel this time. Who knows? I think we're just going to get on out of here. The longer I think about this, the more I change my mind. Right, but I mean, you see how many options there are in here. You don't change your mind. I changed my mind every year. You literally went right for this bronze one. I know. And that's the one you went back to twice already. I know. That is just because I feel it got feeling. Yeah, I feel that one. So I think I'm just gonna stick with my plan, go pay for it and just get out of here. But I need to get the ceiling in the floor to be contrast. So I've got to find a tile that's got a really dark hue to it. Maybe even a bronze tile. Do you think this will be good for the floor?

Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Because it feels like it has the same hue towards me. This one took a lot longer than I expected. We're 28 minutes in the store so far, but I got it done. $19,007. So that's all the material that we're going to need for the restaurant. And I think we're probably just going to have to get some light fixtures. We're going to head over there right now and just double check. But I think that we're going to be all in on this particular restaurant for just under $300,000. And I'll show you why when we get there. Hell yes. woo. Fire. Okay, so we're in 1910, Village Center Circle, unit number one, right? That's this whole building right here. Now this is a very, very large complex, which is really cool because I want to show you a couple of great things about this location. Number one location number one part about those locations. Actually, this where I grew up, right? So this is the place that Robbie and I used to come every single day, every weekend with our parents. And we used to come over here and sit at least like three or four times a week.

starbucks. There's a starbucks around them on the corner over there. And that's where we really hung out because my uncle and my dad, they just sat there all day for hours just hanging out with a bunch of old people and we would come over here and eat. Now that one over there, chipotle, used to be rubio's sultan's Girls been there. The pizza place has been there. Porter son has been there. Smoke shop has been there. And this place here used to be a Dairy Queen or a Cold Stone or whatever's ice cream place. So it's changed to a Thai place now. And then this was pickup sticks. And then it became a bunch of different one off little restaurants that didn't make it. Now the center is really unique because if you look at the statistics, all of the chain restaurants last a long time. Now Houston Hot Chicken is not a chain, but we're a national brand, so that's a little bit unique. But let's take a look at the patio real quick while we're here. I'm digging this place. Now, Houston top chicken is a vibe, right? I mean, look at these lights out here.

I'm going to plug the music out here. And we've got all these tables. These are all the stuff that came up from the inside, as you can see. I don't know if you guys can see in there, but we're doing a demo. It's looking really good. Now, realistically, this is the nicest area of Las Vegas. You've got Little League fields right here. You've got the library right here. It's called Trail Center in summerlin. And this is like the og fancy area in Vegas. And it's so clean. Great area to drive. Really nice turns and trees and waterfalls and everything you need to drive next to to make it. freaking tripping me out, bro. We used to freak and play basketball. I know Robbie hasn't been up here in a long time. I frequent these areas because I always look for new locations inside here. This place already under construction, literally has a vibe. It's so cool. I love the brick on the wall that we're keeping. We're obviously going to change it to a really beautiful mural by a donovan Fitzgerald. I'm actually going to keep the bottom right here, too. This bottom brick is cool as well.

So we've got our wood going up on the wall. We've got stainless steel coming up right here to the main sign. I'm going to have a really dope hhc sign made for this. You can see this little piece of wood right here. This is going to become the line queue. It's going to go down that way. Turn down this way and then just cut over. The main ordering will be right here. So you'll line up to order straight down the middle this way. Order over here. sotos will be right here. You've got the same really cool vibe. Indoor outdoor pad outside with the tables. And then this hhc is going to have a full bar. Now this is going to be not the first hhc with alcohol, but it's going to be probably the first one with a sit down tabletop bar. And I'm pretty stoked about this because my idea for the concept from the very beginning was to have alcohol. And so that's obviously going down. We're getting alcohol. We're getting the beer license at every one of them guys in this area. summerlin, this is an area where you can have two hour lunch if you want or an hour of lunch if you want.

Most of these guys are medical professionals, lawyers, doctors, hospital workers, nurses, people that can take their time and eat. And they could actually have a beer for lunch if they wish, right after work. This is a spot where there's no real traffic egress ingress in this area. So it's really chill, it's really relaxed. This is like a neighborhood, so this will be a great place to come watch the games. I'm going to throw up some super sick tvs up there. We'll have all the local Raiders games. We'll have all that stuff going on. And then down here, we've got some basic bathrooms. Obviously, you guys have seen the tile that I put in. This actually looks pretty good. It's not going to lie. I do like it, but I want to wow everybody right now. In reality, this is super dope. Now, I just think that this needs to be, like, crazy. And when you walk into these bathrooms, this one's actually kind of crappy. I don't really like this one. White really bothers me in bathrooms. But we're going to make them look super thick, as you can see. Little countertops. We're going to kind of keep that same vibe.

We're going to go black right on that in gold and get the mirrors in and get all the super crazy light fixtures. It's going to be dope. So that's just a quick rundown of the space. Got to get some new lights and everything. I think it's going to be this is going to be a good one. I say that about every one of them, but, like, it's going to be a good one. It's going to be good. Okay. That's how you build a restaurant in, like, 45 days. Obviously, it's going to take a little longer than 45 days to get everything from the permits and all the stuff done, but I've got all the front facing small data, small things, small items covered. Ian was measuring for the steel that's going to be done. He's going to make us tables, make us a lot of stuff. So pretty stoked. Guys. This is a big parking lot for car shows also. So we're going to go back to royalty, and I'm going to start calling some more franchisees because we're getting about 50 to 60 people a day that are trying to franchise Houston South Chicken.

And it's a lot of work, okay? A lot of contracts, a lot of paperwork, a lot of stuff. So edmund's going on vacation for one month. He's going to Egypt. We're doing a massive deal in the Middle East, and he's going to be there for a long time. And I don't want to, like, flying, so I'm going to hold down the Ford over here. So I've got to run hhc. I've got to run royalty. I've got to run iconsis. I've got to run my oh, my God, so many other things. Well, Robbie, can you do something and help me? Why are you so out of breath? Because I'm fat. Drink red Bulls. It worked for me.

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