Alright guys, today I'm revealing my F 40 that I've been talking about in our videos for so long. Okay. Behind me is my beautiful classic Ferrari F 40 that I bought about two months ago. Unfortunately, it is now edmund classic F 40. And I know this is no shock to you guys because I've been selling so many cars in the past week. I have to because I spent over $4 million on a one of one koenig seg, not 4,400,000 chicken sandwiches on a conic segue.


So I've decided to sell a handful of cars that I recently purchased and well, here's the F 40. My wrap reveal, my wing, all of my stuff. The only thing that's not on here is the beautiful custom wheels that I've got from Wheels boutique. Coming ben, you're way too slow. Why are you shown the greatest part of this F 40? I feel like this is incredible because.

You now own the only F 40.

In the entire world. The sound system in supple for this.

Car has bigger turbos. It's like 800 HP lm rear end, the wing, the diffuser fyi.

This car was bone stop and bought it. So over the past two months, I've been doing all these things to basically just give to my best friend and I'm actually happy. I love this car and I've driven it. He's going to park it here in the showroom. So anytime I want to drive it, I'm just going to take it. Not tell him. Basically he's giving me $3 million for this car and I get to use it whenever I want. 300,000.

Thank you.

The ino detect for a celestial unicorn.

It's beautiful.

Alex choice special sickest F 40 ever made. But edmund loves green and okay, cool. So go ahead. I'm going to take the wrap off.

But in like two months I'm going to enjoy it the way it is.

I'm going to take it on the goal two rally.

You guys should sign up to it.

If you haven't eight spots left, put 1000 miles on this car and then I'm going to take the wrap off.

Paint it green, redo, the interior, which is saddle based, so all the green, yellow, silver, black ones, you those have all been painted. So it's okay to paint that authority, in my opinion.

Oh, absolutely.

It's okay.

It's 100%. I mean, these cars were meant to be modified. These are race cars. These are not traditional road cars. Everything about this car right here is the epitome of what a modern tuner car would be from 1991. This is a Us spec car, so it's a very valuable car. To my knowledge, there's 213 Us spec F 40s, which gives you a lot of added benefits. You don't have to change the fuel tanks, you'd get some different bumpers, some better spoilers, a little bit different aesthetic in the rear, different frame supports. A lot of upgrades on the F 40 came from the Us. Cars because of the homologation issues. But in the long run, I think that edmund will love this car because it's true to who he is. He's a race car driver.


I loved it, but at the same time I'm a Koenix guy. We're headed right now to the grand opening of our first ever Houston top chicken drive through. It's epic when you guys see this place. I was there last night really late and I was almost a little emotional because now when we first opened our first restaurant, it was emotional. Now this is our first beautifully executed, 100% custom drive through restaurant. And it's unbelievable that we're able to serve fresh, organic, antibiotic free, high quality food, all natural food out of a drive through. No one really can say that. Now, there might be one off mom and pops here and there, but we have sold over 100 franchises for Houston soup chicken. One person who believes in both edmund and I is our dear friend randy, who passed away unfortunately, last week was.

In the restaurant business before he did his merchant services back in New York. I believe he had sandwich shops.

And edmund and I spoke to randy 10,000 times before we opened our first restaurant. At first he thought we were joking.

He wasn't very happy. He just said the restaurant business is very difficult. It's hard to make money.

But when he came to our restaurant at Green Valley for one of the sema shows, when we opened, he was so impressed and I talked to him so many times about it. And that's why today I'm not going to drive my brand new koenigsegg. I'm going to drive randy's sbj. And I want to pay tribute to him and I want everybody to understand what the true meaning of friendship is. randy I'm always going to stay savage. I know edmunds always stay in savage. It's terrible to lose a friend, but it's kind of amazing to let their legacy live on. And today I'm taking this car for him so he could be a part of our success.

How do you describe randy? randy was one of those guys who just opened his heart to everyone. It didn't matter if you had money or if you were broke, whatever it was, he was always there to give you advice and help you level up in life. He was truly there for people and we got connected through cars. Through cars became very close friends. That's how you and I became friends. And now we're business partners and now.

We'Re going to stay connected through cars for life. So your svj, this is your baby. I will never sell this car. This will be in my family, the royalty family, the Houston hot chicken family for life. This is my one momentum that I have of him. And today I'm going to bring this as part of houston's hot chicken.

Sorry, edmund, I got to do it really clutch. Dump this at about 10,000 rpms.


What do you think of the new GD three, though?

I love it. The clutch feels fantastic. It's the softest clutch I've ever felt in the car, but it feels so damn good.

So we're five minutes away from grand opening right now, walking and I want to show you guys the execution before the madhouse starts. People walk right in. This is the preparation. So we've got 2500 chicken sandwiches today. That's all we literally had. We couldn't make more boxes in time. But the setup is going in. We've got people are going to walk through this door right here and they're going to walk right out that door with a brand new chicken sandwich. So that's what a chicken sandwich giveaway is.

I'm going to patent that term.

And every grand opening is going to be just better and better and better. I can't believe the success. We have so many people here today. I think this is probably double the last grand opening and for good reason. I think they're coming back for the food because they like it. We're about a few minutes away from cutting that ribbon and getting this place on.

So the turnout is absolutely amazing. This obviously shows how much we love Houston, edmund and the entire brand, our entire ecosystem. There are people packed all the way down the block.

I'm ready to open.

He's ready to open. So it is twelve six we find open at 1215. But if he's ready to open, guess what it's called? houston's hot chicken. Not anybody else's? Hot chicken, come down to Houston chicken on and road. We're ready to open right now.

Houston'S hot chicken number two. Ready to open.

Yes, sir.

This is a machine.

You can't get better than this.

I mean, 2500 sandwiches in 1 hour. Nuts. All right.

At the grand opening of houston's hot chicken here at amro, we got lost Vegas raiders running back Josh jacobs here. What do you think?

Bar tight, but I like it. You know what I'm saying? But bar everything's.

Hey, can't go wrong with it. All the service here, all the service, all the tenders, all the chicken, everything that you want here at houston's chicken. You've heard it here first. Las Vegas British Josh jacobs, everybody. tuna and buys jersey. Everything you can do, like subscribe, all this stuff.

All right, everybody.

So this is Matt who doesn't get enough love. No love.

No love. Because I fall over and I'm goofy all the time. But welcome to Houston hot chicken, guys. 71 55 and road. We open first drive through much bigger store, 2700 sqft. About to do 4 million plus for y'all.

All right, emmy.

You happy?

I'm very happy you're happy. All right, thank you.

Thank you, Houston for designing this whole.

Place and doing everything for you. Giving you a beautiful f 40. Just say thank you and just walk away. Thank you for the astro turf.

That's all you chose. Everything else was Monday.

No kidding?


Join effort. We're 50 50, right? That's the way it's going to stay. I can't believe that I'm having this type of success with my best friend. Honestly, I couldn't want a better partner. We fight like husband and wife, but we just make so much magic happen when it comes to these fucking restaurants. I mean, over 100 franchises already we're eight and a half months old. Everybody has no idea what's coming for them. I mean, Houston taught chickens beyond a billion dollar company.

We are the next in and out.

Next J shack above them. We're the new ones. We're the new ones.

Coming the next two years, we're going to have over 500 stores open all over the world.


Wherever you guys want.

Hey, drop a comment where you guys want us to open up?

Yes, I'm sure everybody's going to say everywhere.


That's where we got to go. Everywhere we're going to go.

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