It's gonna be a great morning. So this is actually the first time I'm driven this car. I've driven it to the bellagio. I took it to get gas. Like I put a little bit of miles on it.

Kind of like, I think, I don't know, seven, but this is the first time I'm actually going to go on the freeway. Pretty soap. I had dinner last night with a friend that's got a wira and we were talking hypercars and he actually had a lot of good things to say about the La ferrari and wishes that he had one as well. So it kind of gives me a little bit of extra confidence into these cars I did buy, and I love that car, but kind of feel like this might be a better buy. So I'm going to keep for a little bit and wait for the market to cool down a little bit on the hyper.

Hypercars, which in turn, the market is going to go up and I should make out pretty good on that car. So do good enough to kind of overpay a little bit for the La Ferrari. That means I'm definitely going to get one of these cars. We got Tony and jenna in the eventsador, robbie in the gt, three rs, and one of my friends in the scud. Just going for a drive, huh?

Yeah, we're going to go out into the mountain area. It'll be pretty nice just to kind of get away from the city. It's a pretty nice day to day. It's not too sunny, clean, like 75 degrees. Vegas in the march.

April. Beautiful.

What happened to you guys? I was looking for you.

It's like the perfect balance of lightweight, but, like, stable. A lot of light cars float a lot. This car is mid engine. It's super long. It's got a really, really long presence, and it feels super stable.

Just he just sounded like that. So I think I'm going to convince my guy Brandon to put a rift exhaust on this la Ferrari right here. This is the only thing I'm missing. Just a safe sound like that one.

Music. It's like the wira. The wira has a really big wing, too. Big slab. Yeah, it's huge.

I got a hat in the Ferrari. As much as I don't like that company, this is incredible. It's an incredible car. This is the perfect car for me. Take it.

Yeah. I mean, not just take it, but it's balanced, right? You can move it around the road. You could kind of dance it all over the place. If you want to do donuts, you can.

If you want to go to the nightclub, you can. If you want to go on a road trip, you can. It wears all the hats similar to the veyron. This has the same power as the beyon. I think if this had about 200 more horsepower top end, it would be a competitor to the beron.

I think the BayON is from, like, 150 plus. It's faster. It's faster than almost everything in the world. Yeah, 150 plus, probably. It's really amazing to hear that 430 scot, dude.

This car should sound like that car, so it's fucking epic, man.

Thank you.

It's, like, beyond my favorite hypercar ever made. It's the greatest driving experience I've ever been able to experience.


It makes you so focused, and I'm not even pushing it. I cannot explain to you how good this car is. You know, you watch Chris Harris, right? Chris Harris is the only automotive journalist that really, really drives the cars. And when I watched Chris Harris drive the P one, I was, like, blown away.

I was like, oh, my God, that's, like, insane. And then I watched him drive the La Ferrari, and I felt like, wow, these are so comparable. And I really feel like this car is miles ahead. The 918, P One and La Ferrari all came out the same time. And this car is just miles above them.

It's way beyond the 918. Like, way beyond it. The P One is I like because the P One has turbos, too. It's a pretty cool experience. Like, you get a little bit of a crazy sounds with all of the stuff with this NAV twelve.

I mean, with an exhaust. This is what all cars should aspire to be. All of them. Just an emotional, extremely wicked experience.

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