This car is just a very unique experience.

Welcome back to The Channel today, before we get started in our cinematic, really great video that we have for you guys today, I want to talk about the reason why I sold so many cars so fast. It's kind of sad, and I wish that it didn't go down this way, but I sold my Ford, my Ferrari 40, a couple of Rolls royces, and a handful of other really great sports cars that I recently acquired because I was preparing to purchase a very special car to YouTube and a really special car for me. My friend Randy from savage Garage passed away about two months ago at this point, and the day that he had passed away, randy and I agreed to trade the F 40 for the pagani wirra. His pagani Wire, plus a little bit of money on top of my car wasn't quite worth as much as his was. And the next morning, he didn't wake up. And it's been really hard for me to talk about this, because death isn't easy to talk about, and it's kind of difficult to deal with it publicly, right? So when this happened, I knew that everybody around Randy, not necessarily specifically friends or anything, but just in general, like, people that are around the YouTube and different dealers and stuff would want to just go after all of this stuff and buy all of his cars at a discount and try to flip them and make money.

And I did not want that to happen. I worked closely with randy's brother in law Dan, and randy's wife Anna, and I was able to acquire quite a few of randy's cars. Some will stay just in a collection that won't be driven again, and one will live on the Channel. You guys can get it. Now, I did purchase randy's pagani wyra and a few other ones, but that one most specifically. And I wanted to really just keep that memory alive. And I really think that that car is so special. It's the only pagani, truly, that's ever been really on YouTube and driven the way it should be. I mean, there's a couple of other great guys that have them, but this pagani has been the car that is like my original Bugatti, right? It was the original pagani that was driven hard and really put through the wringer. And I just felt that it would be a really bad situation if that car got into the wrong hands. Now, the wrong hands, meaning someone who was just going to park it in a garage and store it away? I don't know. I guess maybe I'm a little petty, but that's kind of offensive to me.

When you have these big, crazy cars and you just park them, they're meant to be driven. And so I sold all those cars after just buying them, because I wanted to be able to financially afford the obviously, the Koenix sega cara that I bought and not sell that one. And also keep my twin turbo ventilator and a couple of other cool cars like the veyron, the scuba car that I had. All those cars add up to quite a bit of money and investing 90% of my income right now into Houston hotchick. And it's difficult to warrant another two and a half million dollars expense on a pagani and other cars that he had that are not that expensive. But I made it happen, and I wanted to just talk about it a little bit before I just went right into it and say that I now own the savage Garage pagani y rep. I'm going to keep that memory alive, and I'm going to keep randy's memory on that car for the rest of my life. And I just want to be very true to the meaning of that pagani. So without further ado, let's start today's video.

We'll drive it around. We're going to take out a bunch of red rock right now. I want to put some miles on it and see how I feel about it. I mean, this car is just a very unique experience. I know where we're going. Yeah. Got to refill my account. Might have made a very wild sports bet a couple of weeks ago. And actually, like, last couple of days ago, yeah.

For me.

This thing came undone. It started to close. I definitely think that this car has a few I would call them idiosyncrasy. They're like small, tiny little issues that italians think of for no reason. Anyway, the thing is, is, is that this car is dramatic. It's emotional, it's extremely quiet, which I'm not really a fan of. So rift is going to be making us a custom sauce here. So that's going to be pretty tough. All the pagani founders out there, we're coming for you, all right? We're going to save you guys. I love the way it feels, right? I love the balance of it. I really do need a little bit more power. I'm hoping that the car is just, I don't know, like, I guess when I remember driving it last time, it felt a little more powerful to me. Maybe it was just because it was the first time. And I think my problem is I drive a clinic segment almost every day, and so everything feels slow at that point. But I'm going to take this car to the dealer. I'm going to get it checked out. It's been sitting for a long time, hasn't been driven since the last rally that brandy went on, and it obviously went on the track.

And there is a power steering fluid, power steering fluid leak. That if you could hear the line I've been telling it fluid. But look, the car is amazing in every respect. The car is phenomenal. You cannot buy cars like this anymore. Right now, obviously, pagani still exists, but they're becoming more and more technologically advanced, which is cool, and I like the numbers, but I think that if any manufacturer is going to go backwards in time, it's pagani. I don't think that we need high horsepower anymore. I don't think we need to win races. Look bugatti supersport. How are you going to beat that car? It's ridiculously fast. Right? And then you have, obviously, the koenig Seg. Jessica, that's going to be too fast. I mean, my Konick seg is 1160. My friend julius is 1360. The Jessica, 1600. How could you go faster than that? It's not possible. It's not safe. Okay. This car needs a little bit more power, and it needs to dance all over the road. And you need to swing it from left to right. It's just I don't know, man. Like, I'm still a little early, so I don't know exactly how I feel yet.

Now, the first time I drove this was a video of me saying, this car let me down. But I think that I have a new appreciation for this car. And you need time. You need a lot more time in this car to understand it. Right. It's not something you can just get in and go. If you were to just borrow your friend's car for an hour or two, you wouldn't even make a dent in this. So at the end of the day, look, this car is epically amazing, all right? Epically amazing. So I just feel like we didn't have this conversation in, like, a month. Okay. Is that a good answer, Mario? Yeah, this conversation in, like, a month let me have 2000 miles on this car. Right? We did 56.5 miles today. And I just I want more. I want to go farther. There's too much traffic. We need a road trip. All right, so this is giving me my next rally car. We're doing this one, rally number two. I'm going to take this car, probably take this car to monterey. Maybe the Bayeron I haven't decided. The Bay Ron is probably the car that should go to monterey because of the history of it.

But I think this car is going to be rally number two. And there's only three spots left. So we sold out all the big suites. We had four big suites. We sold them all out. So all four are gone. Those were the $15,000 suite. We have three spots left at ten grand includes a five day cruise to Mexico. Pretty dope. I don't know if you guys heard, but there's no more, like, COVID requirements on the cruise ship. That was really a big deal. Just kind of take a test before and after. But at the end of the day, less testing, way more fun. There's no entry limitations. Mexico is super open. And yeah, it's going to be a dope experience. 23 spots left. So we're only taking 25 people on the rally, 15 people on the cruise. So we've got eight spots left. Sorry. No, there's twelve already here. So we have seven. We have six spots left for the rally only and then three for the criminal. What's that now? On that out. Let's go like the video and subscribe and catch you in the next one.

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