Well, I'm gonna start this video off with the greatest news of all time and the worst news also at the same time. I bought a beautiful 2006. Sorry, I had to think about that one for and I made it the best looking, most amazing car ever. But I have to sell it right now. And it sucks because I love this car. I'm looking at it right now and I don't want to sell it, but I have to because I found a car that there is only one ever available in America for me to buy. And there's no way I'm going to pass up the opportunity to buy this car. So I have to get it, and it's a little bit more going to be the most expensive car I've ever bought in my life. And so I just got done buying three brand new supercars, one classic hypercar, and I think I'm going to have to sell them. I do. I really think I'm going to have to. I'm going to try to keep the one. There's one that I want to keep. But my sls Black series, this car here, beautiful. Four gt, might have to just go.

So, Mario, here's the camera. It's a little sombre day for me. I'm so sad. You have no idea. This is my first drive in this car, and it will be my last. So I thought, why don't I just take it out? We're going to drive with Robbie. Tony, one of my friends, is coming with his classic eleanor, which will be a great addition to this board right here. I don't want to do it, but I have to.

What you're getting is definitely worth it.

I mean, I'm not talking about what I'm getting, because I don't want to ruin it. I've got a very large deposit on it, but I've got to come up with a significant amount of money in order to secure this car. And it's very, very, very sensitive. So I'm going to do what I can. I'm going to make it happen. But until then, enjoy this beautiful Ford. And after this video is done, the last time you'll ever see this car.

Hey, what's up, Mario? Didn't even know you're coming.

Good to see you.

Good to see you. I can't believe it. Some days are better than others. And on sabido, the day of Saturday is the best because lucano is beautiful cars. The beautiful people are here to come and see us, and everything is really good.

Are you hungry, my friend?

Starving, bro.

Can I go for this hhc challenge again?

You know what? I talked to Houston. I'm sorry.

I talked to Houston about two cases.

I was thinking of five.

All right, guys, what do you think? Comment right now. Should Robbie do five tenders for 3000?

How about five tenders for 5000?

Doesn't make sense, though.

You can't just I'm down five for three.

I love my brother.

That's fine.

Five for three. Tell me what you think.

I'm down.

Let's do it.

Down to V. Eight. There's nothing like it. I'm just telling you right now, if he wasn't getting rid of that car, I would drive it, sleep in it, and take a shower in it. I can't get over this. Every time I hit that car, it's like it's crazy, bro. I drip. So far.

It broke. Gone. 215 and windmill. Did you see him?

I did.

He was right behind us. Okay.


I told him not to buy that dumbass car. Plus, thanks. Those eleanors, man, they don't work, bro. They just don't. I don't care who you are. They don't work.

Guys. Welcome Riley to the block. Who are you, Riley?

I don't know. Just some guy sling the bat.

He's a gun. slang an American is what he is.

That's what I am tote gun.



Has anyone told you that you look like the next guy?

Here we go.

He's wet, sweaty, and fat.

Like slime, basically, when you're eating. We have a problem. Correct.


Is that a Nicholas roll cage?

That's a good one.

Tony said it.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

I swear, it's like a velociraptor coming through your town. Where did you go?

Did not make out of the parking lot.

No. You had to push him up to toe truck?

I didn't think so. I feel bad. Why would you feel bad? He's the one that bought that $250,000 piece of shit.

It's eleanor, man. Tony, you're way over there and he heard what you said.

It's a brand new car. That's the worst part. Is it like, fusion? No, not fusion. Whoever the guy that has the eleanor agreement with, they can build them legally. That's who you bought it from. So it's a brand new car. It's not like a used, but brand new.

It looks great.

Looks great.

Looks great.

Hopefully that movie Gone in 60 Seconds is, like, going to retire itself soon, and then those cars will just go out style. That's what happened to the supra. The skyline. Every cool car in today is from movies. Wall street, right? Yeah, but also cannonball Run. That was the original Kunosh movie. I mean, any any new other ones you're thinking?

I'm thinking fast and furious.

Yeah, but supra super the R 34 skyline, right? Those are the two Paul Walker with the support.

Shit. Hold on. Hold my breath here. The konick sega guerra from Speed.

Those weren't even real koenig.

I know. They were just bodies.

Yeah, they sounded and looked amazing.

We're not camaros. From transformers.


Oh, yeah. They have a transformers edition.

From chevy.

From chevy.

So ugly.

All right, so he's going back. He's not going to go with us. So let's drive up to Ann Road and check out the new restaurant. It's going to open. Me first. So I want to get over there and see what looks like.

I ran up a check I might do it again. And the me's close had me thinking they're friends. Hand told down I'll be friends to the end. crib outside the city I don't fussy for my ass. Took so many years. I'm just waiting for the west. I'm in debt to know him but the one who to my sands I.

Do it for real.

There's no reason to pretend. And for doing once, I do it again.

I've been driving it for years. I got 79 and it's got 252,000 miles on it. Some bits don't hold self up. Bring all my family in there, put the plastic up, put pools back there. We got budweisers and shit and I don't give a damn. Have my wife so good she blows with a straw and makes a goddamn jacuzzi back there for us. She has good lungs, I got to say.

You all right.

Mary and Joseph. I tell you, if I had a wife, that's who she would be.

Enrolled. Guys, this is where the next houston's Hot chicken is going to be. By the way we pull the swap.

You can see cool guys driving a car now.

Magic tree.

Cool guys driving a car now. There is a car show that will be right here at team four and team chevrolet on May 1. Come down here, say hi, see some great cars, have some great chicken and tell us how great everything is.

Well, about ten days away from opening. So, Roger, does that excite you? anyways, I'm going to end the video here because unfortunately, this is kind of it's a moment of sadness for losing my gt, a moment of birth for this beautiful new houston's Hot Chicken. Obviously, it's not done yet. You see the outside where we have the chickens lighting my event that are on fire, which is kind of a cool thing. It means something in the future, so it means something right now. But you guys will see what that Easter egg is going to bring us over here. Kind of take a look at our booths. These are all rolled steel with just a nice black leather with the red stitch mural going up on the wall. Kind of similar to the Houston Saw.

Chicken in Green Valley.

But this one's got a little bit different vibe because eyes are showing. No two stores are the same. My other store has the black phantom that washes my car. This one here has like, I don't know, it's kind of a cross between the new Ghost, I think, and the phantom. This is a very unique look at what a new Rolls royce could look like. It's a little more rounded, has some more aggressive front bumper, but anyway, it doesn't matter. All these pieces are pretty dope. I think that's one of the best parts about the restaurant. You get so much individuality out of it. Our trademark. This is not on yet, but this lights up. So this is onyx it's pretty. Dope you want to take a look in the kitchen so you can see kind of the structure of everything? Now, obviously, it's not up and running, of course, and there's a couple of pieces that are missing. But through here, this location is a drive through. So it has two complete cooking lines. So you've got two build stations. These right here, the stuff gets built, goes out the front dining room door. This side, it gets built, goes out the drive through door.

Down here, we've got all of our brand new Steve VR hennypenny fryers. This is the bad boy. This is the big $38,000 pressure fryer. That's why our chicken tastes so good here, because we use this frying technology to make it so good. And then you just got the rest of the restaurant kind of come over here and look. This is going to get, obviously, all cleaned up and everything. We're installing the shelves and everything, the fridges dishwasher and all this stuff. It's a pretty involved process, but at the end of the day, it's kind of simple. We only have 84 SKUs in a restaurant, so it's nothing crazy. See if the bathrooms see, I think this bathroom is open.


So bathrooms are coming together. I did a real gold grout.

Different vibe on this one.

Yeah, it's actually sparkled. Gold grout with this kind of, like, unique piece here, we've got a gold sink and gold mirror and gold everything to tie it all together. So this is going to be pretty sweet. All of my bathrooms, I've designed kind of myself. So we're going to do something unique in every restaurant. I think it's kind of a good play on franchises, right? So this outside of the restaurant always looks the same. It has the same feel, but inside the bathrooms, you can get some individuality. So anyways, sorry, guys, about the four gt. It's a cool car, but the one I'm getting next is ten times no, like 200 times, maybe like 500 times better. Anyway, so really, like, give me some support here, please, like this video, because I need it. I honestly want to cry right now. Like, I really do. It's sad. This is the first day driving it. If I wouldn't have drove it, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal for me. But getting behind the wheel, doing a little bit of fun, it's sad.

Can we get 10,000 likes?

There's no way they're going to get 10,000 likes in this video. Just fyi, this is a little bit off topic, but the royalty Rally is basically sold out. We've got 13 spots out of 40 left. If you don't have a spot, sign up. Now we've got some super dope activities like this rally. We're basically post pandemic. We're getting out there, we're doing some cool stuff. We've got private dinners, we have top golf, we've got helicopter rides, we've got boat activities. But anyways, my point is that we've got the rally coming up. robbie's going on the rally. He has no car yet. So if we can get you guys to continue to come on the rally, maybe we can design a car for Robbie. That would be really fitting. I'm thinking about taking one of the smallest cars in the fleet, right, and really putting them in something that's just going to be so comical to watch him drive all over the place.

But anyway, to speak on the rally, all of the hotel expenses are paid for. We got some great sponsors for the rally. Iconic says houston's hot chicken rift royalty.

Obviously, we're giving away an exhaust. We're giving away Wheels. We're giving away houston's hot chicken. We're doing everything the best way possible this time. And all of that. Only $4,000. Similar rally would be like, 10,000, $12,000 if you were to go with a rally company. But I just love doing these drives twice a year. A May and a September or maybe a May and August. I'm thinking about doing a one in August for monterey. A car week. That's always a fun drive, and I never missed that, so I don't know. We'll see this rally here. Like I said, 13 spots left. So if you guys are really trying to come out here may 19 through.

The 23rd, yeah, we'll be back in Vegas the 9th. 22nd. But they have hotels through the 23rd, stay in resorts, world helicopter rides. We have a huge car show to go in scottsdale as well, so shout out to everybody that's helped out.

13 spots left. Welcome.

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