It's probably the most badass truck on the market right now. I bought these trucks out of Boston. You can't make deals unless you do it twice a drive like this every day. You can't get parked there, man. So today is going to literally be just like Christmas, but, like, three days early. So everybody's been getting the G wagon, four X four squareds, and I'm no exception. Everything that comes out that's brand new, that's hot. I'm obviously going to get one because, number one, it's really good for business, although these are not going to be rental cars just yet. Number two, it's probably the most badass truck on the market right now. Number three, I always have to be humble. Houston and one up, everybody. So I got 2g wagons, four x matt silver, matt black. Both have red interior. This one's got a bright red. That one's got, like, a burgundy. And yes, well, you can't make deals unless you do it twice. So you're probably all thinking, why did I cheap out and go with this particular type of shipping? It's because these four x four will not fit in an enclosed trailer. They are over 8ft tall, and you cannot get them in there.

Trust me, I tried. If you guys go on ebay right now, you'll see the matte red ones are $30 to $40,000 cheaper than every other color. Now, this one right here is my personal truck. I bought that for my family. This one over here, we haven't decided what to do with yet because the matte black is more commercialized. It's more aggressive. It's something that's a little bit more rentable. We jump up in here. Oh, my goodness. It smells great in here. Oh, hey, Tony. Thanks for joining us today. It's a nice car. Yeah, it is. Okay. You like the other one better? tony's a hater because he's just a hater. Think that this camera is one of the best modifications you can do to any car because you can kind of tilt it this way, and it's going to mean you're playing eyesight without having all these issues. Now, this one, for some reason, doesn't have the little thingy like this. The black one has the little sport knob, but now the window stickers on these are astronomical. $366,000. Unbelievable. Let's go get Tony and take it to the car wash. 21 miles on this one and are you better slow down.

Better slow down there, Tony. Tony, what are you thinking?

This one is way nicer. Why the color?

Because there's a because we're a hold.

I never thought I would like gray so much.

Oh, I love it.

That one also has the split interior. I like this interior.

Yeah, no, I hate the split interiors. This one has the red with, like, a sports style interior. Just not my cup of tea. It's a little brighter, too, in my opinion. Like, this red may be the same color, but it shows brighter because it has the the contrast of the black fabio. We got to get these washed up so we can go and drive them.

In the pictures and everything. And when you bought them, I was like, it's a g wagon to me, but getting in it and feeling it so nice. I do have some move the seat, though, a little bit. Just driving it from here to there, I was sitting up too high. I don't like that.

Tony'S real mad at me because I didn't buy another phantom. So I just sold my phantom, and I was like, phantoms are going down. They're going down hard. I'll get into the phantom soon, but I've got the sclass right, and I'm kind of like, amazing. Yeah, my s class is amazing. I sent it back to euro charge for some more power because it needed a little bit extra. There's 128 g, 63, four x four squares in the country, basically, for the world, apparently. And we've got two of them right here still.

What kills me, they're such big cars.

Get in there. Let me see how bad it is. You like it? Oh, now you're styling.

You definitely need that lien in this car. Yeah, it's a little compact back here, but you definitely need the lean.

I mean, I'm sure that those are fully extended, too.

Yeah, no, it's not bad in here. I I like it. I didn't think I would. I was the big hater on g wagons.

I had a g wagon for, like, three weeks when I first set my car out. hated it the first week. I've had many g wagons in my life. I bought my wife a really beautiful black on white one that she liked. She ended up giving it back because she's been really into this range over. I got her culling in a g wagon. I got all these cars, and it's pretty dope. I really like the g wagon, but I wasn't feeling special in it. That was the problem. You just roll up, and everybody's got a g wagon. See, now I got a $600,000 g wagon. Okay, then we got two $600,000. Andy, what are your opinions on the new g wagons? Haven't seen one yet. Well, you saw it right here. What do you think? It's a lot taller than I expected. Yeah, those are stock wheels and tires. Everything on this car is stock from the factory.


I already got my first mod going. I ordered some mud grapplers. They're bigger 37 and a half mud grappler. So we're gonna have to get it tinted, and I'll probably clear braw the whole thing so we don't f it up. I'll keep this card until my hummer, because Muhammer I'm looking at I'm looking at, like, three to six more years from muhammad at this rate. Mohammer has been at hummer corps for a very long time, and I told them that basically as we started to tear it apart. I wanted every single nut and bolt replaced, and they took it down to studs. I mean, literally. They showed me the frame rails of the day, the bodies at some other body shop getting rhino lined underneath. I have a brand new H one coming. It's me better than the factory, but it takes them so long, I mean, just to get it to the point it's at, it took six months, so to even finish it, it's going to take six more to eight more months. So next Christmas, I expect my four H one to be back. So I'll drive this one in style.

Always a car delivery on Christmas. It seems like that.

Well, crazy enough, this video is about to be over, and we're starting another one, because in 2 hours, another car is coming that is a complete surprise to everybody. That is worth over $500,000. All right, now both these bad boys are clean, and it's time to show off. We've got to go down the street. We're going to do the Las Vegas boulevard. We're going to get some broll. You driving so we can get these shots. Mario, get in the trunk. That's what I like. See, this is how you get the shots done. anyways, we got 21 miles on them. Let's see if we can get up to 29 miles right now. dang going crazy. Going crazy.

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