Matt and Denise are visiting Green Valley to check out the progress of an exciting new restaurant. The restaurant, which is called HHC, offers a royalty-like experience with exotic cars and luxurious features like a big ice maker that prints one inch by one inch cubes for cocktails. Matt and Denise have been working hard on this project, selecting finishes and equipment to make the restaurant stand out from mainstream places. They are especially excited about having "very unique offerings" with their food, such as special craft beers and happy hour specials featuring finger foods. Thanks to Matt's hard work, the vision of this place is becoming reality right in front of them.

At HHC, Matt hopes to create a luxury version of his other restaurants where diners can come and feel like royalty. Matt says he couldn't have done this alone and is thankful for the help of his team who are "killing it". He wants people to say that HHC downtown is the de-luxury version, something special and unique. Denise also came along on this visit to provide her opinion on the finishes and equipment for HHC.

HHC is an exciting restaurant project in Green Valley that will offer a royalty-like experience with exotic cars and luxurious features. Matt, Denise, and their team are working hard to make this vision become reality by selecting finishes and equipment carefully in order to create something truly unique. With their hard work, HHC looks set to become a popular spot amongst those looking for an exclusive, royalty-like experience.


Do you remember designing this place? But it turns out that he wasn't able to put it back together. We're starting the five nine nine manual conversions here. I traded the 2009 R Eight for a oh man, monday mornings at royalty. How sick are they? Not when they're like 35 degrees outside. But Healthy Houston has a juice for breakfast. So we've got humboldt Houston and Healthy Houston all in one place today. And you've also got gloating Houston today. That time. Remember like a couple of videos ago when I told you that I bought like the best investment car of 2023? Well yeah, I was right. And the 2009 Gated R eight that I purchased on an auction website, red black, 39,900 something miles. Beautiful car. I mean just absolutely spectacular. That car I intended to keep because it's going up in value and I love driving investments. Now so many of you guys out here say invest in real estate and all my friends like Ryan Pinietta and Graham stephan and Andre and all these dudes, even lucky, they have their own opinions on what they should invest in. Now for me I love investing in big projects like businesses or commercial real estate or something grand that just gets me 30, 40, 5200 percent of my money.

Typical like single family homes and standard real estate deals don't really get you there, especially right now because money is hard to borrow and it's expensive. So cars for me, I have found that if you move in and out of them really well you can make a lot on your money. You could make $70,000 investment double within a year, maybe a year and a half or even shorter. Just like today. I traded the 2009 R Eight for a factory 2005 Lamborghini gallardo with a factory manual gearbox. Do you guys think that was exciting? Well, get this. Monday, February 6, our lehigh stores opening. That's in lehigh, Utah outside Salt Lake City. hhc is expanding to the wild, wild Utah. This car is worth $150,000 15,000 miles. Clean carfax, no accidents, no issues. Absolutely amazing car. Why is it taken apart? Well, Tony why you interrupted my video. I didn't know, I'm sorry. From what I gathered the car was in a DIY repair service. It was taken apart because it needs a clutch and now it need to be put back together. But it turns out that he wasn't able to put it back together and now I have the car and he has a beautifully running 2009 factory manual gated R Eight.

And I have this car. As you can see, we have some of the parts for the car gearbox that has the manual transmission parts on it, AC compressor, hdr stuff, cats, headers. This is the engine. Yeah. All we're missing is the brand new clutch. So that is right here in this box. We're going to put this brand new clutch in, get this thing all dialed in and I am going to post this on. Bring a trailer and let's see what it does. I have never myself laid witness to a yellow on beige interior car. I'm not a fan of yellow and these yellow gallardos kind of haunt me a little bit but they sell and the generation that's purchasing these cars right now yellow is in. So this car will do really well. And I do like the interior because it's not just your standard yellow on black. So I think that it does have somewhat of an edge compared to the other standard yellow on black cars out there. There is someone out there that's going to find this one special and want to pay full price for this car. When I put it all back together and do the ceramic coating, the full polish, the ppf, all that stuff, this car is going to just shine and it's just going to be unbelievable.

I love gallardos. Mario loves gallardos too. Every time I buy a gallardo he just absolutely loves it because he gets to drive it around and I let all you know, I let all the guys drive them when, when they're done because these cars are truly nostalgic and they're this is the car to own. If you don't have half a million to $800,000 to buy a manual Mercy, this is the only thing you can get with that same sort of driving experience, that same sort of sound and that same sort of emotional connection to the road that provides something that's just lamborghini right? So if you don't have all that money, this is the next best thing. And honestly I kind of prefer this car. The Mercy is a big boy car and I love those too. But obviously the price dictates the experience you have. In about 2 hours. I've got to go over there and check on the STL because it's been painted so we'll see if the color is matching. We're starting the five nine nine manual conversions here. I have become the only West Coast authorized install shop for eag products and our first five nine nine is going under the 9th this week.

The second one is right over there. Little white one back there. That one's mine. Bought that car like two years ago and I've probably driven it like three times. Robbie took it on the rally. I didn't buy it to drive it in paddles. I bought it to drive it in manual and we finally dialed in the manual. Well, art date. I had nothing to do with it. I just helped with financial resources for him to continue to build those great products. He dialed it in so well that he believes that it drives multiple times better than a factory car. So we'll make a video on that in its own retrospect. Matt and I are going to see our new houston's Hot chicken. It's not really a new location but we're doing an update on our downtown Las Vegas location called Main Street and I'll bring you guys along with come on. You just don't get to drive like this every day. You can't get parked there, man. For those who've been following the channel for a long time in the hhc kind of journey, journey to journey. This was the second location that we signed Green Valley.

I went there, we signed the lease, we built the building and like two weeks later we signed this one. Now this is a heritage building. So if you turn around and look, you've got all these old school signs retro Vegas across the street. Now we're fully underway. Fully under construction and basically t -90 days from opening. To be honest, this is like the best one. I've got denise what do you think? Do you remember designing this place when I was showing you and edmund, I were showing you the designs. Do you know where we're standing right now? The bar? Yes, this is our over twelve passenger bar. Matt actually brought us to this particular spot. And said we should take it. I was 100% against it and edmund was like, oh, we got to do it, we got to do it. I just didn't think that the downtown vibe was where we needed it to be. Now this is basically pandemic. I mean, downtown was empty and I wasn't wrong, but now two years later, it's a pretty good idea. Freeze bakery was right here and then there was a flower shop right here. And I convinced breeds bakery to move over there.

I bought the flower shop and now we have a 2000 square foot space. Now we have a tavern license in the city of Las Vegas, which is pretty epic because we can make craft cocktails. We can just go with that ruby. Cool spot. If anybody lives here in Las Vegas, you guys know that there isn't really any new restaurants unless you're going towards a casino or you're going back towards the Strip. So we're right in the middle in the arts district. And so where we're positioned is where lawyers and hospitals and surgeons and there's a bunch of people living in here. And it's a really cool vibe but it's typically just bars and grunginess and it's just not nice. No, just don't make any noise for like two minutes. This is our front door here. Now we have the original glass block from the 1940s. Right. This is where you walk in. We're doing a this is where we walk down. This is pretty standard in all of the hac where we have this long line queue because we do get long lines and we want people to be organized I hate going into restaurants where it's like everybody doesn't know where to go.

And then you'll have some tables in this area right here. I'm going to toss up like 100 inch TV right over there because this will be the official spot to watch dgk and Raiders games in the downtown area. And it's going to be mental. It's going to be so beautiful in here. Matt, come talk about these drinks that we've got on this one.

Those slushes we'll do it casamigos like margarita slush as well. Probably like a Sex on the beach style, you know what I mean?

This is the most organized restaurant we've done yet. Basically. Our soda counter is here. It's in a perfect spot here. We did a hallway to the bathrooms. We've got some really nice tall, like twelve foot bathrooms or ten foot bathrooms here. And I'm going to do a six chandeliers in the middle. We believe that this will be our highest third party lunch area in all of our stores in Las Vegas, because here, this is the 30 minutes lunch, right? This is where paralegals and we have the police department and all of the.

City officials over there. In downtown, everybody eats in the back to our classic layout design, brand new kitchen hood. We have our normal kind of fryer set up here. But the big difference for our operation with that bar and everything is going to be this giant dish system that we have to make sure everything stays super, super clean with all the extra glassware and all the high end glassware that Houston wants to add in to make sure that bar really has an elevated upbringing for what we usually do at houston's. Hot chicken maintenance room in the back. I don't have all of our utilities and everything completely off of the walkway. So we keep all of our walkway super easy, super open and super efficient.

Bigger than normal, right?

Much bigger.

Because here's the plan. Normally we don't have this area right here, so this is probably 30 by at least 15 or twelve. So we're getting an extra 500 square foot of kitchen space in that area we're talking about with the dishwear. And here we've built in an office, which is pretty sick because the office, even though I took everybody's chairs away, is still a necessary place to have equipment because in Green Valley oh, my God, green Valley is like, it's so tight back there. We never expected to do 300 plus thousand dollars a month in Reed Valley. It was built for 120 grand, 150 max. And now we're doing 300 plus.

And it's just everybody last Saturday struggle, struggle.

And it's great. Please keep coming to Green Valley. We love you, but we've got like, storage containers in the parking lot because there's just no space for anything. And we've gradually started to build up some more space. This one here with the bar, I hope we get that customer. I know we're going to get that customer. It just wants to spend a little bit more time here in Green Valley. It's like turn and burn, turn and burn, turn and burn. It's for lunch. It's for a quick dinner maybe a date, something like that.

We got a big ice maker that prints out a big nice one inch by one inch ice cube for all of our cocktails. So it'd be really nice, clear cocktails, no dilution of any of your cocktails. You'll be drinking them nice and strong the whole way through. We're also going to have a happy hour special every single day with different features. We're also pairing up with Able Baker to do a special craft beer launch as well. So we'll have a very, very unique offering top to bottom, from liquor to beer.

Now, Village Center Circle technically has a bar, but it does have the same size kitchen as our other restaurants. Now here I did want to do, like I know he says I'm crazy, but like a boneless wing special or something like a little bit of like, finger food, right? And so I kind of was leaning towards getting better and more larger equipment. So in case I wanted to slip in something real quick, I kind of wanted to do, like when we have those happy hour specials, some very unique offerings with our same food, just kind of prepare differently. And I think it'll add something just special about Main Street because I would love people to be like, hey, where are we going dinner tonight? Oh, we'll go to hhc, but I'm going downtown. I want them to say, I want to go downtown. I want them to come here and feel like this is like the luxury version of hhc. And I think we're going to hit the nail on the head with this one. The reason I'm here right now is because I'm picking out some of the finishes and some of the stuff that's going to go on the counters and the ceilings and everything.

And so Matt and I are going to get to that. And I want to have denise's opinion. That's why she came with me. It's crazy to see how amazing it looks once it comes from paper to reality. Like matt's killing it because he's the brains behind the operation. Stupid old me could have never put this whole thing together. But I had a dream with the right people, we could all make sense of it. And this was second on our list of Lisa stein. And so to see this one actually being a reality now makes me feel so good. Keep watching the videos, guys, and thanks for having us today. Yeah, I want to go and just go to the body shop and just kind of check out the progress on the sto.

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