Which was pretty cool.

Like 300 no, 360. And then I sold it short at 525. I didn't see the car market going wild. Wild. All right, so, today, this is the car that is on the chopping block. This is a 94 Toyota supra. It's a right hand drive car with a non turbo manual, two jz supra. This car was fitted with an additional turbo kit, so now it is a single turbo to jz ge or something like that. I don't really know a lot about supras, but this is a factory car. It's not in that bad of a condition. It's fairly nice. I mean, it has some power. It's probably got a little bit of bumper issues and some paint, but overall can you close the hood, Mario, so they can see it with the respect of the ridiculous wheels that are on it? This is a good looking car. So the paint is only bad in the bumper. And there the rest of the paint. Looks okay. It's polished out pretty well. It's got exhaust. It's got some decent mods. It has a nice shifter, some claw seats. I don't know. I think this car all day is worth mid 60s.

Let's see if we could trade it for a Ferrari. Sounds cool. I just let this work. This is actually a really nice car. It drives great. It's smooth, as, good transition. I mean, I would put, like, a double dim radio here. I'm assuming that this is all just because of, like, a vcat. It's got a catcoat engine light.

Where are we?

We're at a dealer called Mint Imports. This guy specializes in importing Japanese right hand drive cars. So I figured, what better place to take this car than him?

Maybe go shopping while we're out at home.

I am. I'm going to see if we could trade. There's a car in here that I want, and I've agreed to trade this car. So if he wants it, then we're going to trade.

Yeah, eventually. This one just came in. I need to sell all the cars, to be honest.

I mean, if you're a dealer, you got to sell all the cars, right?

Yeah, but sometimes I get too attached to my cars.

I'm right there with you, man.

Like, I wish I was, like, a multi millionaire, and I'll be like, yeah, you know, I'm not doing business anymore.

Yeah, that's a good idea. I think this car, it actually runs really good. I drove it all the way over here. It's the first time I drove a car. Yeah.

Two JZg sergey. You don't drive cars?

First time I drove this car.

Oh, really?

Yeah. I mean, I have a lot of other cars that I like driving.

Yeah. Pjdg. So it's factory. Five speed shows an NA converted to a turbo.

Yeah, I mean, I think they put a turbo kit on an NA motor. Right? Because it's a single turbo. It's all modded. I mean, it's a nice thing. There's no real leaks or anything on it. Everything works. AC blows. All that stuff works good. So there's a check in July and the cat code, I think it's just related to the turbo kit.

Turbokit, maybe.

Key. Honestly, bro, I don't like these jdm cars, man. Like, I went through see, I bought the lfa and then I was like, oh, I have to have them all. So I just went I bought this, dude. I bought a 7000 miles rx seven that was completely meant perfect for like fifty K. And I just I never even drove it, bro. I just I just parked all these cars there and I went through this whole buying thing. supras and nsx's and R 34. All these cars, 33. And I never used one of them. I mean, I drove the lfa because that was like a Dope best car.

Lfas are really nice.

Yeah, and I had the only orange one, which was pretty cool.


No, 360. And then I sold it short at 525.

That's not bad at all.

Well, the market now is worth 800. They're crazy. One just sold like 850 on Bring a Trailer.

That's crazy.

I didn't see the car market going wild. Wild. I know it was going to go up, but didn't know it was going to go like that.

How long is the market going to.

Go up for on lfas? I think they're going to keep climbing.

In general, in period.

I think it's going to keep going up. I mean, I don't see no one wants any of the new cars. That's the problem. You go to a dealer and you go buy a brand new car today and it's just it's just like they're all junk. This is the car I came here for. I'm hoping to make a deal and trade the supra for this. Four, five, six. Now, this is a British racing green on tan, six speed manual gated, four seater Ferrari. Now, yeah, it's pretty much the ugliest Ferrari ever made. I mean, maybe the mondial is a little bit up here, but it's pretty freaking cool. I personally think that this car is so unique and so fun looking that I don't know, I've never driven one. So maybe they drive terribly for the trade. For me to trade the supra for this car, I would do that. Now, this one's in one is a terrible condition. It's actually kind of a poor representation. I'm going to take this call. Hey, sorry I had to take the phone call. anyways, this car is dope. I love it. And I'm hoping we make a deal here.

If not, oh, well, I'm not going to be super sad. I think that this would be such a great project and maybe even a good idea just to toss it up on Bring a Trailer and see what someone else wants to pay. I think that this car brings $90 to $100,000 if it's semirestored right now, that's going through the engine, going through the services, taking it to Ferrari, getting all the work, redone the bearings, the bushing, all this stuff. So I think that's probably a 25,000 $30,000 service. So I think that the price of this car has to be in the low forty s. And that's where about I think it might sell, I don't really know, but I'm hoping to make a deal. So I'm going to go over here and talk to these guys and see if we can make something happen.

I heard that conversation.


Turbo aventador. huh?

Yeah, that was Dallas performance. I called my twin turbo setup is installed in the eventsador. I have the newest events door. They've done so because I have a reroll steering car, we had to adjust the charge pipes and they just called me to tell me that they had finished that. So about 15 to 20 days away from that car being complete. A lot of work rolls. Like I would send it to Ferrari and do like a 25k service, get the motor out and all that stuff. That's the problem with those cars is that you either sell a dirt cheap or you you put crazy money into it to get like a decent return. It's like one or the other. There's really no buyers in the middle that are willing to be like, oh, I'll give you 65,000 for it because I know it's worth 150 if I do all this money. Right? They wanted to be turnkey perfect or dirt cheap so they can do this stuff. I have an F 40 and I bought that car I don't want to say cheap. I bought that car for an average price and I sent it to Ferrari boat.

The service goes over $100,000 Ferrari, but it runs and drives. It looks fine. I was like, what is going on here? How could this be this much money? So anyways, I mean, I have to write the check because if I want to sell that car, no one's going to buy it without the service. Or I sell it for dirt cheap and someone buys it.

How'S it going? My name is miguel zaragoza, owner of minco Imports. We import rah and drive specialty cars and whatnot. Mostly it's plastics and exotics.

We made a deal. And here's his title. And here's my title. I had to give him some money on top because apparently toyotas aren't worth the same money as ferrari's. But I don't know, I think at.

The end of the day, if you're happy, I'm happy.

I think we're both happy, but I don't know. It's my first super ever job. I like that car. But this is also his first Ferrari, so I think it works out. I'll let you know when the drive back.

So you traded your super for a Ferrari?

I traded my Toyota for a Ferrari, yeah.

Guys, make sure you follow mint if you ever want a right hand drive car, reach out to them. This is the guy.

Tell him we sent you. He's gotten so many cool cars. I mean, if you look over there, they've got some dope ass porsches too. That's kind of my next thing. I want one of those old porsches. Now it's time to drive our first four, five, six gt.

They're pretty fast. To be honest, I think it's faster because it's NA. So yeah. Yeah, I believe it's.

It's faster.

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