We're gonna drive my two nsx's today. We were gonna take, like, Ferrari and all these other crazy cool cars, but yeah.

Why are they doing this?

Why would I film this?

That's okay.

Amateur hour over here.

I didn't know it did that.


Now I'm having fun.

You emailed me and you said that you had some problem without sexual relations with your cousin.

Whoa, whoa.

Okay. Take it easy, man.

It's a pg channel.

Well, I understand that, but, I mean, I read the headline. It says cousin.

So, like, driving the nfx is great because you start out at, like, 20 pound shuffle bell curls, and then all of a sudden, the turbo keeps in it's, like, 40 pound, and then next thing you know, I'm crumbling, like, 60 pound, and it just keeps going. It's like this is how I feel when when the turbo, like, spools. It's like I'm having the protein shake and then blending up the brothine.

I love it being a quick pit stop at porsche. I've been trying to get a hold of their parts department for, like, a week, and that says, I got a lot of parts to buy. Long list. You like it fast, right?

I was like, Is this stock where?

I was like, no. Well, it's shitty.

I hit it.

Say that?

Kind of.

No, I didn't.

He said, no, it's just slower. And then I hit it. And it actually scared you? It made me happy.

They're both about 800 hp. They both the exact same turbo set up on it. This one's running at am.


This one's on a motec. I prefer the drive of this one a little bit better. It's on flex fuel, so it's tuned for cleaner power. This one's a little bit more aggressive. Once it kicks in, it goes. But this one has half the mile to this one, so they both have their benefits, right? I think the black one looks better. I love the red one, but I don't know. It's tough. Black on black is gorgeous.


This car here, though, red on bronze. And the sex in general is a sick car. Super classic nostalgic jdm. But they're both for sale, so you'll see one bring a trailer soon.

You're the F 44. Correct.

I'm going to drive the sls.


What car? Probably the four gt.


I thought you said you don't want.

To bring that because of the collection. All that bullshit that happened on that's the sls.

So I'll take the four gt and.

He'S going with both. You like, we'll keep switching, or how.

Do you want to do it?

Yeah, and then I'll have someone take what other car? F 44 gt.

Do you want to bring the event somewhere?

No, that won't be here. It's going to Dallas to get twin turbos. We'll probably just take, like, the uris as a film car.

I can do that.

Yeah, it'll be like the film car.


That'Ll be good.

Okay, so four gt, F 40.

He'll go back and forth with you.

And E. I mean, we could take my gated. Mercy. That's a cool. I don't know if it's going to be back by then, though. That's the problem. Everybody that's watching this shit tack E three customs and say, look, take Houston, merci lago done. Take the bugatti. I would rather take the F 40.

Yeah, I thought that was going regardless.

But I don't really want to tow the bugatti. I don't really want to let you.

Guys fucking drive my bugatti.

I don't want to, you know.


Must fight to survive. One man in a black nsx acura. whoa. turbos out to butt holes.

I said butt holes.

Just blew the engine.

Literally just talking about it.

Come on, let's see what happens.

Fuse box, like, started fluttering around in here, so I didn't want it to fall down and melt or anything. Had to put this cat back on. That's all scared us, man.

You know, everything is okay.

When Tony goes was a backfire, but.

It was just a cap.

Yeah, just a cap fellow.

Yeah. Sorry.

We can't, like my nsx is dead or something. All right, Tony.

I forgot to film an outro to.

Which video for the accurate nsx vlog.

That I did, like, three, four weeks ago.

The highlight of this story is that I'm selling those right now, and they're for sale. The black one and the red one and the supra that you guys haven't even seen yet.

Don't buy the super.

It's a really good super.

Python supers are going up.

They are going up.

The 60 manual single turbo two, which is crazy. But I wanted to talk about the little bit of the renovation. It's not even close to being done yet.

We still have got the original lights.

In the back here.

The floor is still a little bit.

Unfinished, but I don't know, I kind of like this industrial look. The wall is a little bit better. We got some pictures on the wall. We do have the bugatti back in the building with the brand new alcantara interior. We've got the sv roadster sitting over there right now. svj outside day savage.

I'm going to say that a lot.


We got to keep that going.

We are going to probably finish this showroom here in about three weeks. We're waiting on tvs for there.


And not just anything brackets for the ceiling. The ceiling brackets, but the tvs. And then we're doing the lights. We're redoing all the lights in here. So there's going to be a nice Led logo up there. It's going to be really sweet. It does look good with the short throw. Sony the then our desk is going to get that stone, so it's going.

To look pretty dope.

Anyways, I just want to give you guys a quick update so we can see that there's.

Oh, yeah.

Let's go walk over there.

I don't know if I showed you guys this, but we have the studio. So right here, this room I built.

For the podcast office. They've got a couple of little pieces of art in here.

I picked that up.

I think this is so freaking cool. I'm a big South Park fan myself. So here we're going to be putting in a podcast area. And then here we're going to be doing my desk. So this is where we're going to film all of my singular person videos. It's going to be super dope because.

I'll be able to talk a lot.

And like, I could have filmed this video right here with broll and me sitting at my desk instead of me walking around with the camera just doing.

This all the time.

At the end of the day, I want to be a little bit more professional for 2022. I want to hit the video hard. And we're like 80% done with this room. I know it's empty, but we're just waiting for the table on this side.

And the desk on this side.

So the desk should be here any day. It said the third week of April. So that's pretty much right now. So yeah, it's going to be pretty awesome to end this video.

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