I believe that the is like the sickest classic car right now. And that's the car I want because welcome back to the channel. We got Tony hey, he's this right here ready to talk about getting some new cars.

Not just any new cars, a dope car. I'm talking about high level car.


You say hyper car?

No, hypercars, that's a new relative term. hypercar is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a classic car. I'm looking to go old school. I'm looking to go something like 1970s, maybe. That's too old.

That's way too old.

Are you sure that's too? Absolutely.

Because not only that, you break everything from this era. What makes you think you won't break anything from the 1970s?

True that. I was looking on ebay and I was looking on some of the auction sites all week. And you guys, you got to understand something right now. My current car that I want to buy is a law Ferrari. Straight up, I want to buy a law Ferrari. I've got a veyron, I've got some other mid level, like $601 million cars. I got an SLS black series. I've got the gated. Mercy lago 640. I just sold the sv merci lago because my boy randy wanted it so bad. I hooked him up, made his dreams come true, shout out randy. And that got me like, really thinking. The la Ferrari. Okay, so let me break it down. La ferraris are about two and a half to $2.8 million pre pandemic, and they're like mid three S right now. So that's kind of the car I like because it hasn't really tripled in appreciation, which it could have been a.

Car that could have though, because that car has that cool factor that could have.

The thing is, the reason it doesn't is because it's hybrid. Hybrid cars are not going to last the lifetime and they're not going to grow in value like a car like the Ferrari enzo would, right? And I've looked at enzo's in the past and the enzo is a unique car. And I'm not like at the collector level where I could go and just pick up an enzo, let it sit there forever. I'm the guy that wants to get the enzo, convert it to a six speed manual, go do some wild stunts in it and just have a good time. But at the same time, an enzo is a $3.5 million car, which is the same as the law Ferrari. So you have to think these cars that are ten years or eleven years previously made are surpassing the new cars very quickly, right? And we've got the bugatti. EB 110. That is so close to surpassing even the Sheeron the veron, it's skyrocketed and passed already, but the veyron hasn't yet really taken its big jump in appreciation. So let's take a step back when I'm talking about the law Ferrari, right? If I purchase a law Ferrari, it's a short term thing, and it's a car that like I've driven one.

Oh, my God. It is amazing. It's every second of that car is a visceral emotional experience. But if you break the battery, it's $125,000. That's not the end of the world. We're talking about a $3 million. But the problem with it is it's six months, eight months, one year.

Kind of like the koning six shifter cables. It's just it's just the technology that.

Is isn't being produced.


Correct. Yeah. So, like, the the lof Ferrari batteries are impossible to get, and at $125,000, that sucks. Right? So you're looking at three and a half million potential battery issues, and the majority of the cars in the market have, like, 500 miles. And for me, that's terrible, because when you go from 500 miles to, like, 1500 miles, the car goes down $500,000. So essentially, you're paying $5,000 a mile to drive the car. And that sucks.

That would be an enjoyable mile.

Tony and I were talking, why don't we just step it back, go classic, right? Because those cars are all over the board. There is no pricing structure for a car like the bugatti EB 110, the Ferrari F 50, the Ferrari F 40, all of those classic era cars. The cgt great example of a car that went from 800 to 2 million. It's like they're appreciating $300,000 a month. Six months ago, they were like 800 grand.

And I remember a 600,001.

That was about two years ago. Yeah. When I had my men's story, they run I was offered two career dts on trade for 600,000 each. The guy wanted to give me 1.2 million for the car, and I thought, you're crazy. Those cars are terrible. I had driven one previously, and it wasn't a car that I really enjoyed, but I also wasn't that confident of a driver as I am today in a car of that caliber. So I think today, if I got in that car, I'd be a little bit more apt to push it to the limit, which is pretty interesting to think that those cars sat for tens of years and no one touched them. They really just weren't driving around. And the unfortunate Paul Walker incident, where he lost his life, and the career gt kind of put that car on the back burner, I think. I think a lot of people were like, wow, this is a really dangerous car. I don't want anything to do with it. And for me, I'm I'm like in the boat where I'm like, I'll buy anything if it has good value. The cgt doesn't exceed a million bucks for me, man.

It just doesn't. I just I love it at 600. Knowing what I know now, I love it at 800, right, and even a million. But now they're crossing 2,000,001, sold for a little over 2 million out of Arm. sotheby's auction just a few weeks ago. There's just no way, no I will.

I will always think ten. And I've I've told you this. I've never been a fan of the cgt. Everybody's like, oh, it's this great car. It's this great car. But I think that is one of the most overrated looking, everything cars out there.

A lot of people that own those cars and make videos of those cars, and they go and drive those cars, and it's 50 50. People talk amazing about it because the sound of the engine and then people talk poorly about it because of how difficult it is to use. It's like a 50 50 thing. So I lie in the fact of, like, I'm down to own any of those cars if they have the right value, right, and you can justify the investment. Yeah, but that's not what I'm after today. I want to buy a car that yeah, it could be an investment, but I want to buy a car that's giving me that driving experience, that sex appeal. When I see it, I'm, like, excited. I wake up in the morning and I can't wait to go to work because I'm driving that car to work, right? So that's what I'm after today. So my first thought being a large bugatti owner and having multiple veyrons and having just repaired the one veyron that went into the water and completing that project, I'm, like, on a bugatti kick, right? So I wanted to get a shear on, but I kind of want the Super Sport, and that's like four and a half million.

Go ahead and say it. The sheeran doesn't do it for you.

The regular shear on doesn't yes, I've driven the regular one. I've driven the pure sport. I've driven the Sport, and I have not driven actually, I'm sorry, I have driven the SuperSport. The SuperSport is the end all be all of the moment right now. It is spectacular, but it's like a different car. It really is like SLS and SLS black series, right? It's a completely different car from sheeran SuperSport.


So, like, at four and a half million, it's out of my realm of where I'm, like, cool with that, because that buys you a lot of cars. So EB 110. Manual transmission bugatti.


Scissor doors, which is kind of interesting.

It's very it's a very interesting looking car.

Very weird looking car. Only one of the markets. 2,000,500.


That's the problem. 2 million 502,000,500. Yeah. And it's blue on gray.

The blue is cool.

The blue hates blue.

He hates blue. But blue is cool. The blue is a cool car. I don't know much about the car. Usually on all the bugatti stuff, houston has so much inside information for all you guys that don't know or have never got to sit down with them. So much inside information on the bugattis that you're like, how do you know this? How do you know this?

That's true.

That's on a lot of stuff, but.

A lot of research.

The EB 110 is a car I don't know much about, but the look of the car, you still know it's a bugatti.

Oh, yeah. It's sick. bugatti.


You look at you like, wow, that's definitely I'm open to that. I've never driven one, I've never sat in one. I've only seen one twice in my life. So it got me thinking, let's look in this era. Ferrari f 50. It is probably the best. It's hard to say the best of everything, but it's one of the best sounding cars ever created. It's a Formula One engine stuffed in a road car. And it's visceral, it's a manual gearbox. And the top comes off, so it's like a targa, which is pretty sweet because you get a spray pipe exhaust on that thing, and you're just singing down the freeway. And when the top is off, gosh, it's wicked. There's one on the market for sale right now, miller Motor Cars, 4.3 million. I think they're out of the goddamn mind. I was going to say, but do you think they were just $3 million? This one's got 12,000 plus miles. I talked to the guys over there and I said, look, I'm a buyer on this car at 3132, 100%. That's the market on the car. See the price points? Look at where they're going.

And they're stabilized in the low threes. There is nothing going on above that. Now, there's one car that sells at 3.7, and it's like, oh, the market is going crazy. And it's like, people take this, like so to heart. Same thing happened with the lfa. They sold one lfa, one auction, one time, and it jumped the price. Three hundred K, and everybody's asking 750 for an lfa from 400. Right. And so, this is what's happening right now. It's a lot of cars. And so the F 50, I'm super down with. But that got me thinking again, of course. Let's go back. F 40. Twin turbo v eight. Better. Way better looking than the F 50. Super, super thick lines on that car. More budget oriented, 2.5 million average f 40 sale. Now f 40s have us. Spec cars and European spec cars, and there's major differences between the two. There's fuel tanks on the European sorry. Fuel tanks on the Us. Spec car, fuel bladders on the European car. Tons and tons of differences. I like the F 40 right now the best. The value seats are pretty sweet. It's a real race car. It's, like, one of the greatest looking cars, I think, ever designed by arena.

I've only seen one in person, and it is a very beautiful car because every interior is red, correct?

Pretty much all the same. I mean, unless you modify it. But I've never seen they're all just, like, gray carpeted dash, and then it has red text or textile seater.

When you see cars like that, you're like, Man, I don't know if they're all like this, like the career gt I see in my mind. They're all silver and brown.

They're all and there's a few who decided this. It's weird, but about 1140s were made. Don't quote me on the number 200. And something came to America as American cars, so they're relatively rare. And I bet you that there's probably 20% to 30% of them that are gone from accidents and crazy stuff that.

Happened in the last couple of years. We've seen some fires, some accidents on the F 40s, they're on.

So I believe that the F 40 is, like, the sickest classic car right now. And that's the car I want, because that price point is a little more accessible, and there's a lot more buyers at that price point. If I don't like the car for some reason and I'm like, no, this car sucks. The F 40 is very unique. Also, because it's turbod, I can modify it. I could upgrade the turbos. I can do the exhaust. I can make it faster. I can tune it. I can also do body mods because the wing is detachable, so I can do the lm style wing. I can lower the car because I'm stock coilovers. There's a lot of versatility with that car, and it gives me a lot of content to put out, but it also gives me a lot of kind of connection with the car. When I'm starting to visualize it, it makes it really individual to me. I don't know what you guys think, right? I kind of made this video talking real fast because I didn't want it to be, like, a 30 minutes video. But you think F 40 is the way to go.

I mean, there's really nothing else, right? I mean, you've got junk cars that are pretty cool, like the jaguar xj two 20, right? Which I would buy. And like that car, I bid on one. One time, mario's been over here pointing at me, and I'm sitting in monterey at, like, 300 and 5400. He was hitting me. He's like, stop it. There's that car. There's a saline S seven, which is super dope, super cool car that's actually on the cards, but it's not really there's not in the market right now, so we'll see. But those are low. Those are 400, $500,000 cars. I mean, those can be replaced easily. I don't know any other cars. I mean, I've got kuntash already, right? So I've already got one of those. I think I have the first I really think I have the first Us. homologated fuel injected kuntash ever made. I swear. You have the first one? I'm trying to find it out. I contacted valentino balboni and his team and all those people, so I'm hoping that he is going to be able to get us that information. So I've already got the Koontosh, had the diablo.

I've got the gated mercy's, right? Where are we at?


Just the Ferrari F 40.

That's really the only direction you can go. Correct. Five nine, the 430s.

I've got the gated five nine right here. I've got gated 430 right there. Gated 430 right here. I mean, all those cars are 60 gated.

That has to be the next step.

I think that's the next step. I really, really do. You guys comment below and let me know if F 40 is the car you guys want to see. I'm buying it anyways. If you say no, I don't really care. That's the car I've got in my mind. I'm shopping for it already. I've cut it all over the place. We all know how that goes. Yeah. If you know of, like, some wicked F 40s for sale, shoot them to me. Let me check it out. You can email them to me, houston at royalty because out of cars or Tony. Right. I'm kind of pumped for this new era, dude.


I'm going to start playing, like, 1980s music. Oh, God. Like, in my office.

Well, I was going to say you can't do a driving the car because the F 40 does not have a radio.

Mine will. All right.

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