I asked you a question.

Oh, I thought we were reading the question. No, we were recording the ball. It drove like Jones. It does have a nice wobble to it and a couple of pumps in the rear. I can see that's tilted for sure. That's got the big damage. I also see that you have damage in here which is very unique. I want to wait for Tony gear off the phone, but I'd like Tony to tell me what happened. I don't really know how this happened here. It's going upwards.


So the damage, if you look at the damage, it's forced this way, almost like it was rolled over, but then it wasn't rolled over. You know, we have a pretty severe bender imprint here. And then underneath the car, it's going to look probably worse. Always when a lamborghini crash was so low to the ground that this image underneath the car is always the most severe. Tony, can you come? Stop laughing at me.


Giggles and he closed the door. Watch it back.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, the rear suspension is loose. That's really interesting, Tony. What happened? So when he says he was driving around red rock through the Loop, he.

Lost control, which couldn't have been going.

Very fast, but lost control.

That red Rock spawn, hits, a rocks hits and trees.

So part of the trees are inside. There is trees inside. He had the window down for sure. No, he's in it by himself. Okay, there's a little bit of trees inside. Yeah. See, you got here, too. Okay, we should get this on the lift and see if there's any further damage here's.

For sure.

Further damage. I know there's further damage, but we should for the video's sake, let's just transition into going on the lift.


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About how the park drove. When you're on your way over here, I got you.


I asked you a question.

Oh, I thought we were reading the question. No, we were recording the ball. It drove like jump. It does have a nice wobble to it and a couple of clumps in the rear. So I got about four or five of them. I love this look. I love it. So under obvious look here, the front is destroyed. I see a bend here. The lower front aarm is bent. Look around the back. This area of the car, it has a lot of the same damage as the sto. There's a lot of imprints and dents from the rocks on the ground that went into the you car. Probably called the chassis.


It's like the monocoque. It's underneath. So right here has a major impact, essentially. See this right here? See this was cracked directly below it. It's a big rock that went in right here, too.


Over there, I can see that the rear has something bent. This arm, this lower control arm. See it's pushing down on this? This is bent heavy. These don't ever ride on those. This exhaust pipe right here is is dropped down. The gap between that side of the bumper and this side of the bumper is completely different now. So if you look right here, this is normal. And this is completely open.


So what that means is it was smashed upward.


So all of this gap is completely off.


So you can see it right here. See, this is smashed up and it opens this way. We have to take the wheels off to get a little further inspection, but I would assume that our shocks on this side also damaged. We have obvious door damage, window interior, there are some rips and a leather from the trees. This car may be told, but I don't know. It's tough because right now we're in a really big, really bad predicament. And actually it's going to be a good intro into this. You cannot get parts for cars right now.


Hence, this is why I have manufactured all of my own wheels. So if you look around at all of our rental cars, they all now have a the company is called iconicis. An iconic wheel, right? So it's a fully forged, you know, just equal to lamborghini quality, if not better. And I have them on all the lamborghinis, the porsche, the Rolls royces, all of that stuff, because when the most common damage is a wheel, cracks, curbs, all that kind of stuff adds up. We are unable to replace factory wheel. They're just like, completely nonexistent. So I took it upon myself and we ordered 600 sets of wheels. I had to meet, like, MOQs in order to do this, so I kind of inadvertently started my own wheel business. So if you guys go on our website, you can look and see all the wheel designs. But yes, that is why all these have there. So if I had OEM wheel here, this would be a destroyed wheel. Let's say this car wasn't totaled and I just need to replace the fender, the rocker, some light damage, and the two wheels. I would be waiting months.

Not just months, like six, eight months for a lamborghini wheel. And the bumper, obviously, is completely trashed. All the gaps up here are all messed up. So behind this bumper, there's a lot of structure, a lot of frame. There's a lot of like would you.

Need a new headlight since it's so scratched up?

Of course, yeah. I mean, the headlight, that's obviously it's going to look like that.

I know, but would they consider that for a new headlight?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you're going to see this through the light. All these different scratches they're cut into.

This is like ten grand.

It's probably closer to 7500, but yeah, all the new Led lights from any manufacturer are extremely expensive. What we'll need to do radiator here, you can see there's some bends in this radiator here. I can see some visible trees. And look oh, that one's super messed up. Look at that one. You can see there's a rock right in there.

Right there.

See the bend first? Look at this car. The car may only have, let's say, 75,000 in damage. And the value of the car is $250,000. Not necessarily totaled, but because the parts are unavailable. And it would take between six and eight months to get some of the pieces here, the insurance has to pay us for the time that the vehicle is down. It's called loss of use. So they're probably going to total the vehicle because it's less expensive to pay for the vehicle and then turn around and sell it at copart versus waiting the six and eight month period, paying us the loss of use for that many days, which is too much, and then having to risk the car not being ready at that time. So insurance is all about lessening the risk. And I believe in this particular case, this is about, I mean, just the bumper, the headlight, the radiators, the underskirt. I mean, minus the actual chassis damage, the lower control arms, the wheels I'm adding up in my head. fender refinish repaint. We're looking at probably 60,000 to 80,000, right? It depends on if there's any other suspension damage up here.

I mean, you can see that this ripped out a lot of stuff in the fender, so there could be brackets that are here. Now, if you look in this door, you can see it on this side. Mario where the door hits, this is part of the chassis. This cannot be replaced or repaired. So if there's cracks or rips in there, which happens so often, if you guys ever buy a used Hurricane, open the door and look there, because if the car was ever, like, hit in the front or has really a big impact, it rips the door, mount up, and you're screwed. You can't fix it. You got to replace the whole aluminum structure right there. So that's happened to us before, really. Almost no damage on the exterior, and the door was just, like, hanging off, and we were like, what happened? So anyways, stunk it on the tangent. I feel we might lose this car. So totally based off circumstances, another one bites the dust, I guess, literally orange.

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