You already know. You know what the Sto is about. You know about these keys.

Oh, it is it is Sunday. Again, we all know what Sundays are. Sundays are not only the craziest days, but Sundays are houston's day off. So what we have today from what we have I have a client in our Hurricane Sto, which is our highest price vehicle per day. That vehicle is currently, what I hear on the side of the road. No. God, please, no. I'll buy the hoover Dam. So we're going to throw in getting the truck. Beer and I are going to go on our rescue mission. We'll get some produce and everything on the way, on the way out there. But Sunday afternoon in the heat, you couldn't ask for anything better. royalty's on our cars. You got to love this job. Beer, where's the vest? We need the vest, baby.

I got to go shoot off.

All right. All right. It's vest time. When the green vest comes out, the best things come out to play. Which first reaction on seeing the pictures?

Called it, but I didn't really want to say it. That car was going to end up the way it ended up. sucks. But who didn't see it coming, really?

I mean, you throw a race car out there and people think they're race car drivers, right? Yeah.


The car is pretty torn up. This is the first time I saw the car fully outside of the video. And it may be more like an auto cycle, which is a three wheeled vehicle we've teamed up with. Again, guys, liza has been an amazing partner here. Bars and what we are going to do is we're letting everybody know that for just $20, or whatever it does take, you can be driving home in the mclaren. Seven hundred and twenty S, and the mclaren 720 has 700 plus horsepower. va twin turbo engine. Zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. One of the best bang for your bucks under a million dollars. So what you're going to want to do, guys, is you're going to go ahead, hit the link in our description, and you're going to go ahead and purchase the amount of tickets that you would like. But make sure you enter promo code Royalty to get 10% additional tickets on top of what you already purchased. So, guys, I want you guys to be able to win this car. And when you do win this car, what we'll do is we'll fly you out to come hang out with us.

So, again, hit the link in our description, promo code Royalty, and get 10% additional tickets. We're going to go check it out, get all the inside scoop, all the details.

The police are there.

They've already notified everybody that we will be the ones picking up the car. So the Royalty tow truck coming in handy again. We are 26 minutes and 26 miles away. And so we'll be there about 530. It's gonna take us a minute to.

Load this one up, for sure.

Yeah. But we are ready, at least.

The all wheel steering is actually, you know, pretty, I guess, intense. Obvious.

When was the last time you were out at the hoover Dam?



Oh. Rescue of a car. Oh, cool. Oh, nice. Yeah, the diet had a cooling leak.

I guess it didn't do, technically. Yeah. I guess Cooper coolant overflow something like that.

Caught him from the kitchen fire, so.

Apparently the renter's gonna be there. He's a super cool guy. He's renting from us a bunch of times, has these cars at home. So I'm not really I'm not really concerned with this one being a driver error. I think this one's kind of more of a freak accident, which is okay. One car incident, from what I'm hearing and what we can see. But we should be able to get it, no problem. We're not going to start the car just in case of an oil leak. We don't want to mess up anything further, which a gracious tow truck company would do. Always a good thing. But also, I think we should take the scenic route home. Beer? Maybe check out the hoover Dam on the way back. One of our recommended driving destinations here at Royalty Thought of Cars is the hoover Dam. So take cars out here, have fun. Just don't end up in a ditching. See it? I don't yet. Your eyes are better than the right.

Looks like our destination is up here.

On the right there. Oh, baby. And we have ourselves a winner.

Look how close it was to that.

Yikes. We got to go up in the gas station. Good thing we got these handy dandy lights on the tow truck. Yeah, we're going to have to go straight up and probably just tuck it under there with the bed as best as we can. Tactical tow truck master, baby. Can we go back any further? Stop what you're doing right now. Hit, like, right now. We need 15,000 likes, guys. First SEO crash in the world. Hit the like button.


Well, hey.

It's already on there. Can you see the wind?

I really don't think you could pull that car forward. I mean, he could try it's in neutral, right?

We're going to put it will be.

In just a second. We wanted it. We wanted it.

No, turn the car on. Turn it on and put it in neutral.

No, we wanted to get it hooked up because check.

Because I know, but don't disengage the gears because the front end. I just go in and sit in there, turn the car on, and then get in there. Where else is the damage?

Kind of, like, all over, almost.

Tony and beer. I'm filming it.

All right.


Well, get in the car.

No problem. This is crazy.

Look at it.

Just pop it.

That's why I put the feet all the way back.

All right, we're straight now.

Yeah. You want the wheels turned this way?

I can't it feels like it's sliding.

Yeah, but the winch is going to pull it whichever way, regardless. Okay, just yeah, keep the wheel straight right there. No, to the right just a little bit.

Hold on. You want to say anything, Cameron? I'm sorry, Houston.

It's facing the other way. All right, quick recap of the damages. Beer, what do we got?

All the wheels, front bumper, front lift, a little bit of undercarriage damage. Pretty much all the control arms in the rear are all broken. We have a custom quad steer now. First SEO in the States, in the world, actually, that has capable of fully turning all full roofs. Aside from that, for the scenario and what it was, I think it's in pretty decent shape for what it could have been.

Absolutely. Would you say that the ppf was worth it? Yeah, I mean, look at it. So just so everybody can see how close this was, so we pulled the car up from here. The back wheel was actually hanging off. So you had your back wheel. You can see the tracks out over this overhang. And there are pictures. We I think we got the video of it as well. But this was hanging over, I mean, a foot to the left. And this is a lot more damage and possibly some injuries. Also, you have these poles and everything. I mean, it's something like straight out of Final Destination. And it happened at such low speeds, which is another weird thing. But you see this wheel here? I mean, it's got another eye, so it's nice cockeyed, but it could have been a lot worse. And we're super thankful that everybody's safe, everybody's happy. They understand what's going on next.

But we got to get some water.

It's hot.

Whoo. But I think this is the first SEO crash, most likely the first sto crash.


First one delivered, first one crashed. North America, at least.

And the only rental.

And the only rental. So we're going to go get some water. We're going to get it back to the shop. Houston is going to give you guys a full breakdown once we get this thing back to the shop of what is wrong with this car, and it's on to the next one.

What a great day to come to work. Honestly, at this one, I'm pretty mad. I'm like legit mad right now. I love about beer smiling.

What's wrong with you?

Why would you smile for some shit like this? Try to smack Beer right now.

Do it right now.

First time I beat up an employee.

Can I say something? Why is it every time that a crazy accident happens, you or me is not here?

Sunday. It's been Sunday.

I think tony's got some shit going down where he's doing like he's renting to some really unexperienced people on sundays because I'm not here to oversee who gets the cars, right? When I was in charge of royalty and front desk, I didn't have any of this happen because I was so picky with who I rented because I couldn't replace the car. And it's funny because I can't replace this car. This car is literally one of a kind. I mean, it's jesus Christ.


The worst part about this car here is that every piece of the body is one piece, right? So, like, the front, that damage in the front, it's all just one big piece that comes off the car. When you look at the back, I can see everything's bent back here. Beer. This is guaranteed to be fluid under there. All this is trashed. See right here? All this is carbon, right? And it's just all cracked up here is cracked. I can't see over here, but I guarantee that's cracked everything under the underside.

Piece of your lower suspension.

Oh, that's the lower suspension. That's nice.

Yeah, that's cool.

Very cool. Right here, we've got this on the tow truck. It's going to be really hard to see underneath. The vehicle went, dude, it was like 6ft away from sheer death. Like a 20 foot drop off. Like, it would have been stuck downward like this.

And those poles, like, fight sticking up on. Oh, that could have killed someone.

But the front's trash, I mean, it's just this car is definitely total. It doesn't really take much to total a car of this caliber because everything is so expensive. I haven't priced this out yet, but I can promise you that a front lift that's this wide on an eventador S is $12,000. $10,000 at wholesale, $12,000 of retail. This is one big piece of carbon fiber. The whole entire thing is one big piece of carbon fiber. I'm going to say that that piece is 65 $70,000. I'm going to put it out there at the lowest, it's $40,000.

So in a situation like this with a car that's special, what would happen?

They're going to total this car.

Even if, let's say this value of.

This car is $600,000. $580,000 is the current value.

So insurance pays for the current value.

They have to pay the current value just like the F eight, right? So, like, the F eight that wreck it still hasn't been paid for because the value of that F eight is $200,000 over sticker right now. I mean, you go look on ebay FA coupes are just out of control. And that car I even paid over sticker for that car. So the market is just going up. And that's obviously because of all the shortages. There is no way that these parts even exist yet. They've only made like, under 500 SEO S, and they're just barely getting to America. This car would take at least a year to fix. So the insurance company's responsibility is to pay for every single day that the car is down, and this car is $3,500 a day. So just every ten days is 35 grand. So a month, it's 100,000. If this took a year, they'd pay millions of dollars in this claim, right? So they have to pay the current market value of the car, or they have to fix it. So fixing it is obviously going to be more expensive. Even though the parts may not technically be more than 50% of the value, there's probably not 300 grand in repair in the car.

But because of the time and the manufacturers and the shutdowns and all the stuff, that's what happened. You guys don't remember, to the Blue hurricane, the 2019 that happened actually during our COVID shutdown, right? So 2020, in May or April, whenever that was, that got crashed, the antifreeze one, that car didn't have enough damage to total it. It had enough damage to where we couldn't get the parts, though, so we couldn't get fenders. We couldn't get this, we couldn't get that. And they ended up totaling the car because there's just no way to fix it. But I can tell you right now, based on the splits right here and this crack and all this, there's a lot of suspension and there's a lot of metal tweaks, right? So to crack this this way, it means that a bar in there is tweaked upwards or something along those lines. There's going to be a lot of hidden damage that we can't see here. I have no idea how beer you're going to get this wheel off with this center lug, with the way that the wheel is, it's just going to be impossible.


Sucks, man. We can't get another sto, so I'll try to find one, but I know we can't. I know for a fact we can't. Like, I saw one at lamborghini paramus for $620,000. I mean, like, it's just a lot of money, you know? Like, I don't I don't think that there's a way for us to replace it. So I think the SEO is dead.

All right, guys, we want to get this video to 15,000 Likes. We have our brand new merch dropping on Saturday, September 4. But you have the opportunity to get some free merch. All you have to do is like this video. Need to get it to 15,000 Likes, and we're going to give away a ton of our new merch hats, shirts for women, kids, men, then everything. You may need 15,000 likes. Guys, go like the video right now. I always want to feel like this.

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