Turns out his truck did not break down. He's actually been joy riding my svj in Miami for five days. So we just caught him right now. Let me show you guys. This is a shot of them driving my svj five days after they picked it up on the night. We've got the transport driver right here. So we just found out some really, really amazing information. We sent our svj down to Miami for a three day rental, and the shipping company that brought it down there, which at the moment right now will not be named the svj, was taken to Miami or three days. It arrived two days late. Correct. So we had to extend the renter farther into his vacation. So it was picked up on a Wednesday and was supposed to be back here Saturday. Well, today is actually Thursday of the following week, and we've been trying to figure out where the car is, because the transport company says that his truck broke down. His truck broke down, and it turns out his truck did not break down. He's actually been joy riding my svj in Miami for five days. The car is gone now from Miami five days after he got it picked up.

So we just caught him right now. Let me show you guys a shout out. The car wash. What was the car washes called? Crystal Images in Fort lauderdale, Florida. Shout out.

Super nice, man.

I'm telling you right now, all you guys that live in Florida, go wash a car there for us. Absolutely. This is a shot of them driving my svj five days after they picked it up on the 9th. And as you can see, you've got the transport driver right here. He's checking all the stuff. Obviously, something is broken or something, because he's focusing in this area. We took some screenshots. I watched the video. So my svj was stolen by a transport driver.

Tony, man, detective skills on police detective. Way too good.

We're getting good. Tony, let's jump in the uris. I'm in this beautiful law Ferrari that my friend Brandon let me use. I appreciate it so much. Thank you. I told him I wanted to buy a law Ferrari, and I was really scared because no one would let me drive it. And he had loaned it to James for a little bit, and I said, hey, before you take it back to where you lived of, can you just stop in Vegas for a day so I could just use it? I want to test drive for, like, ten minutes so that I can kind of make sure I want to spend the big money in this car, because this car would be my largest purchase ever, and I just bought it, and I'm like, I already want to sell it and buy this car. Van, this is the greatest car I've ever driven in my life. And I say that with a lot of respect, because I've driven tons and tons of cars, but I swear to you this is the greatest driving experience on planet earth. I would and they go the same price. Now if the chiron was like two and this was like three, I'd probably buy the shiron also.

But three and three. This is the greatest car. I mean, having this in a veyron is totally acceptable. Shout out to them. Really sexy. verda uris right there.

Now available, guys.

Now available at royalty. You like that one? No.

Just kidding.

Smell like 20% throttle and it just like it moves all over the place. Unbelievable. I'm telling you, I've never wanted a car more in my life. The seat is so comfortable. It is so enjoyable to drive this car. Like I'm telling you, it's amazing. The tires are called. It's not even warm. It's just absolutely mental. This car is absolutely amazing. Ferrari, I hate everything about your brand and everything about your company. Killed it on this car. Absolutely. I have to figure out if I'm going to part with what car.


I'm not unlimited funds here. I could finance it. Honestly, I could finance the car and I'm not opposed to it. The is 100% going to go because I bought that car as an investment. Six months. I got a super good deal in the car, I think, and depreciation is going up. The bayron is not going anywhere. Can't sell the bayron. I don't think selling the veyron makes sense. How could I sell the car that I spent two years rebuilding? I'd rather just let it sit there as art in my house. All right. So I called the car wash and they sent me a video with him driving it in. I just asked and give him the.

Wholesale because this gets deeper because this gets connected to all right.

So I had a phone call with the broker. I don't really want to put the phone call on the thing because there was some more sensitive stuff said in that call that was unrelated to this particular situation. So the transport driver took the car and he was joyriding it for four days. He's been telling us this truck broke down in Tony. Can you remind me where it was? On the border of El paso and Arizona.

Which don't touch.

Anyway, the transport driver just admitted it to the broker that he took the car because I sent him video. I mean, at that point, like video of him at the car wash is whatever. The car is now in the truck on its way to Vegas. What happens next is I need the car back.


I mean, the first thing, I want my car back. Right. That's the number one thing. So there's another transporter going to pick up the car right now as we speak. That's coming from Texas. Two k to go and intercept the car. Bring it here. The guy that drove the car is no longer going to be delivering the car as well as the other cars if he was taking mine. I heard in this transport truck, there is, like, $3 million in car, according to the videos that I saw. There's a lot of nice cars in there. So I would question everything that's happening. We don't know if there's damage on the car. We don't know anything. It's so ridiculous. Like, why take the risk? And why be the guy that's hey, what's up?

Hey, he'll be there in an hour.

Yeah, I talked to the driver.

Oh, you did?

He called. Okay, cool.

Yeah, and Harrison called me, like, 03:00 A.m. Said that the Jazz bj looked good in the trailer.

Yeah, I'll call you back after I get the car, and I'll let you know.

Cool. And just remember, that wasn't the guy that was in Florida yet. So he's just a co driver that came and sucked in from where? The car we picked up the car in El paso or wherever it was.

Okay. You can't have such conflicting stories. Going to tell me that he just got the information from his driver, right? He doesn't know. He's just getting information. So I'm just a broker role when any problem goes down, and then he plays I've got a company credit card role, and these guys are all my guys. These are my truck. These are my people. When you're doing the right thing. Right. So he goes back and forth, and that's the problem with the industry. And I'm not going to say that I don't give them the benefit of the doubt. I mean, they're driving across the world. Who did he say he was paying for? The penske truck. He said his company credit card was paying for. That's what I asked him. I said, dude, if you got a Penske truck right. Like, showing the invoice, show me something. I mean, I don't know what is the proof that you said, I don't want you to have to pay for it. I heard you say that the whole thing is that this truck, it's not going to be a Penske truck now, because what he told me is another driver came and intercepted it.

Right. So they didn't have to get a Penskey truck. So they left the truck there, and the other driver flew to Colorado to buy new trucks. Yeah. It's been a complete circle. I don't understand why why would you keep saying anything when we have a car that goes down at royalty? What do we say? The truth. If I sell a car if I sell a car and it sucks because sometimes I just have to sell cars whenever I feel like it. And people have those cars rented kind of like the blue sv. The blue sv, right? And now it's going to be the svj. Well, it's been the svj for the last five days. No, but what I'm saying is that's not available because it's not here yet. But people have pre bookings on the sv, and sometimes you just got to sell it. I don't tell them that there's a tire and it's missing. It's in the bellagio. And the police impounded the car. I'm just like, no, man, I sold the car, dude. Sorry. Like, it's a business. I should make up some really elaborate stories that don't make sense. So the customers start feeling, like, sad for me.

Finally, the svj is here.

And it's the 18th.

It's the 18th. So nine days late. Or wait, no, hold on. It was picked up nine days ago? Yeah, it's been picked up nine days ago. Trying to do the math in my head, man. It's like six in the morning right now. Okay. I have no idea. This burrito is from Mario. Thank you, Mario. What's up?

Hopefully no Land cruiser is falling off today.

Hopefully no sdj falling off today.

Nice to see a youtuber. You know, most places I go videotape, they're like, what are you doing?

It's a new world, right? Yeah.

If you're not on the Internet, I'm.

Telling you, like, 2024. If you don't have your own content, your own channel, your own somewhat streaming system, you're going to be a nobody.

How much of the internet's traffic goes to YouTube?

I have no idea.

Pick a number.

In the mid to high 50.

I took a little YouTube class that said 35%.

35% of all the internet's traffic goes on YouTube. fucking Google, man. Well, if you notice, there's no Penskey truck. I'm just going to wait. Just going to wait until we get the full story, see what actually happened. Call back. We'll find out. Oh, my God.

This car was picked up Wednesday, March 9, at 02:00 here's.

Bicycle Tuesday. Okay, so you're talking about the Wednesday before? Yeah, like a whole week.

Well, the previous transport driver was driving it around. I've got it on GPS, going all over Miami, and he took it to.

A car wash. You have guinea or you have yes. He calls me on Monday, drive a truck for me. I don't have a driver. I was like, and I'll take my vacation. I'm down to Maine now.

Car hauling content.

They have it on my old channel.

All right.

And then Monday, he doesn't call me all day. And then Tuesday, he's like, okay, show up Tuesday night, and all the cars are ready to go. And here they are waiting to be loaded. And then I was like, I'm so embarrassed that I trolled this trailer when I seen it first time, like, five years ago.

So this was his trailer?


Well, look at the writing on the wall. Why would you want to irritate people with millionaire out of transit? Who thought of that? I got to cover that up.

So you picked up the car Tuesday night, which that's actually when the GPS says it left. So you just drove your own nonstop. nonstop. Yeah.

Last night we dropped the uris in Phoenix and then four more hours here.

So you you know that you know what they've told me this whole time?

Truck broke down or something.

They said that the truck had no headlight in El paso, Texas. And they sent me GPS location of this truck, like pictures of the truck in Texas. This guy told me they're in Texas. Truck is broken. We can't get the parts for it. We're renting a truck at Penske. I'm at the Penske office right now.

I just paid this house and I'm going to pen hauling content.

This is insane to me. Do you know who is?

One of the brokerages that we deal.

With told me that the truck that was leaving Miami Monday was going to wait until Wednesday, take the car, and it would leave Wednesday at, like, literally the second it got picked up, it would leave immediately. And then it'd be to us on Saturday. So Saturday comes sunday comes monday comes tuesday comes Wednesday comes and now we're Thursday and Friday.

Yeah. Last night he was like, stick with some narrative over the truck breaking out. I was like, man, we didn't agree to that. We agreed for me to drive your car hauler good. But for me to say white lies, I got my own friends to make, you know what I mean?

The biggest problem is that he drove my car around Miami.

What happened?

He said, but how did they get dirty?

The car needed to be picked up and it was wet.

But it went to a car wash on Monday. That's how we caught him. Because the guy that owned the car wash sent us a video footage of the transport driver driving my car into a car wash and getting it cleaned today.

I was like, he said, they're going to be so mad when you come to get the car or when you deliver the car. I was like, oh, those are my favorite customers. I make friends with those. And he goes, no, you got to tell them. I was like, I'm not going to tell him anything, but tell me what happened. He goes, they needed the car picked up on some day like two days from when he could pick it up because the customer was the rental car, basically.

No, what actually happened was it turned into this because in the beginning, the transport driver picked it up a day late, and he was three days late to drop the car off in Miami. So the renter had to extend his vacation to take the three days. Right. Instead of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, he had to rent the car monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It's like, be honest with me and tell me the truth. The guy's late. He hasn't left yet, man. Sorry. We can't get a driver. The other driver doesn't feel like it. Thank God it's Friday, man.

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