We want to talk a little bit about the bugatti. Right now. I have two beirons, one koenigsegg, and it's a lot. We're investing a lot of money in the houston's Hot Chicken. We have over 60 franchise applications right now, and evan and I are going through those. We are are developing five additional restaurants in Las Vegas. You guys saw the drive through that went up. We have four more that are committed, signed, and basically going to start construction. Our downtown one is already under construction. We have a new one inside a really popular Las Vegas location, strip location. And we have another one in a convention center area. So those two are going to start within the next three months. So I figured at the same time, I want to work out an idea to where I could kind of get some cash flow coming in. And since my other bugatti is finished, then those videos will come out soon. I want to be very clear. I spent 14 months fixing the scuba bugatti. It's my college license plate. It's actually scuba on the car. It's kind of funny, but I spent 14 months fixing it.

Andy myself. Beer. Mike mario. We worked really, really hard to put that car together. And it's just important to make sure that these videos are designed in a way that we have more of a documentary style. This is a big deal, right? And I haven't really decided how or what time frame I'm going to put that out in. But that car is finished and it came out great. I'm super pumped to have that car. So now I'm kind of thinking, like, why don't I sell the red one?

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Now the red one right here, it sits in the showroom. I did some service work on it. It's all up to date. I actually added some new cool headlights. So now they're black. I don't know if you guys can see them. And we upgraded the bumper to have more a newer 2012 and up look, which is grand sport or whatever you guys want to say, but the headlights make a big deal difference. I've got like six sets of beyon wheels, all different styles. So these are the current ones I'm feeling right now. We have the Full rift exhaust. Right. It's a 2008 vayron. It's got black and red interior. It's really cool. It's very unique. To my knowledge, there's only three solid red veyrons in America. So back in 20 06 20 08 20 10 most Vayrons came with the blade, right? The single side in the center. I've seen black, I've seen white, I've seen silver. I mean, some weird combinations. So for a solid color, vawn is a very unique. It's a very high value now because that look is a little bit antiquated. I think this look is obviously the timeless look inside.

The veyron is always going to be timeless because there's no technology in it, right? You've got just AC controls, radio controls, and that's it. There's no screens. There's nothing that can make this car old. Now, aesthetically, it's an opinion on if you think it's cool or not cool. But when you get inside of some of the cars, like a CGT or anything from 2008, 2007, actually, like this guy or right here, right? So this one has aftermarket oh, actually it doesn't right now, but it has a cassette player. It does has all these weird buttons in it. It's not going to age very well. I feel like this car will be timeless forever. So it's a good time to put it for sale with the market really high right now. But it's like the CGT market CGT is 1 million 101,000,300. They're really, really going up. And that's because these classic hypercars, it's their time to rise. They runs are worth $2 million. In my opinion. That's the market for this car. It's a hypercar. It should be more than a senna, it should be more than a 918. This is the car that started the game, and it is only 450 of these in the world.

So I'm going to turn it on so you guys can hear the exhaust, because it sounds pretty cool.


Obviously that sounds epic, right? Stock beyond sound really bad. Now I have the stock parts for the car. I've got the stock exhaust. Of course, I do not have a set of the stock wheels. Now, stock wheels are a really complicated situation because they're really ugly and they're $40,000 of tires. Even the sheron uses a cut to michelin Pilot SuperSport tire, which is found OEM on a gt, two Rs, gt, three Rs, or a lot of other new cars. Even the aventador svj has cup twos on it or some packages. But to buy a $40,000 set of tires that have technology that's not even up to par with even the current tire technology, like the perellis that are on it. We've got a 355-2521 on this car. And it is a much better ride, much better handling, a much better traction, much better everything. So I'm a big advocate in throwing the wheels away. I wish bugatti would make a set of rims that you could upgrade your tires to, to the new shear on tire because it's the exact same size as the beyon. I just don't understand why they haven't come out with that upgrade yet.

Because nobody wants to, number one, have to shift their tires. If you live in California, you're lucky they go there. But if you live anywhere else in the country, you got to ship them to a garrocoach, which is like $8,000 in shipping. To ship your wheels, they have to ship them back to you. You pay 40 grand for tires just so you can have a service stamp in your book? It's completely archaic. It doesn't make any sense. So I have one big issue with bugatti right now, and they're dropping the ball on just making a good new set of wheels. Like just drop sheer on wheels on this car with shear on tires, you're all set. Because it's a regular tire machine with those wheels. I have a couple of sets of wheels for the this car. So anybody that doesn't want to buy this car, I can give them an option. We've got the spoke ones, we've got these ones. I actually made a replica of the divo wheel, which looks pretty sick. It actually looks really good in this car. I was thinking about putting those on here actually this week. But overall, the car is in great shape.

It got service from bugatti at 9700 miles. So it's going in right now. Tomorrow Beer is going to bring this to a garrett coach. It's got 10,950 miles on it right now, so they usually put about 10 miles on it when they service it. So it's going in for its next service. So we did September 2020. Now. We're in September 2021. So every year you get a service. They do have a good deal now where you get to do a biannual service. So if you put less than, I think, 2500 miles on your car in the year, you don't have to pay the $22,000 for service. It's half of that. So basically, you do 120 thousand dollars service every two years. So it's split 210s, right, which is actually pretty cool. It allows you to get your bugatti stamp of authenticity for the engine and the gearbox and the seals and all that stuff. There's a bunch of tiny little things that they love to just replace. They decided with bugatti to make maintenance, like airplanes, where it's a time thing, not necessarily like an actual wear and tear thing. I get the concept. I enjoy it.

It looks cool. It does a good job. It's like always, stacks of paper that this car is authorized right by bugatti. But that's going to be up to date. The rest of the car is good. I mean, there's been no issues. I've had this car since it had 7900 miles, and I've enjoyed it. The only time this car was ever in any, like, cool, fun thing is when we took her to the snow and did those donuts right. But that's it. And the car is in perfect shape. It's never modified it. Other than the exhaust, this has been my most reliable, most amazing bear on I've ever owned. Now it's time to get onto the new one. That purple one, it's fully modified. That's a car that I'll probably never be able to sell. But maybe one day, like, a young maybe a crypto kid will want to buy that car because it's got a totally different approach to it. It's completely straight piped, it's got rear wheel drive. I mean, it's a monster of a car. I'm actually really excited to put that car on the internet because people are going to love it.

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