The mclaren sucked, but was legitimately one of the worst accidents I have seen in Las Vegas.

Yeah, it was really bad. Not only were parts of the car all over the street, but four other cars were hit before we saw the end product.

Welcome back to another royalty end of the year video. These are my favorite ones because I get to sit here in a beautiful area next to my two nice cars, my best friend and the front door of my house. I didn't have to go to work today. Beautiful home.

Let's not look past that.

Beautiful home. I'm happy that I got to stay home. Mario comes to me. We filmed the videos here, and then I just get to go back inside.

And take a nap. That's right. All he had to do is put on real shoes.

Today we're going to talk about the top five worst accidents that happened at royalty, starting with number five.

Number five. Well, it was one of the warmest days of the year, that's for sure. It was the blue lamborghini urus crash up by downtown Summerland.


You actually jumped on that one before anybody else did.

I was there first because I happened to be at my summerland house and I was, like, five minutes away. It was really wild because I thought it was actually going to go to some major catastrophe wreck, but it turned out to be like a glorified fender bender. The urus got T boned, and it wasn't something small. I mean, they're going to total the car for this, so it's not that small.

Airbags deployed.

All the airbags went off. Uras has a lot of damn airbags, let me tell you. If you roll in a uris, you are safe.

There is a uris roll later on in this video.

Okay, don't scare that one. There a little old lady. I'm so sorry. She didn't see that there was a stop sign and she went right through it. tboned. Our renters in the uras blew the airbags out, destroyed the doors, pinned it right in the middle. We had to replace the entire structure of the frame. Like I don't know what it's called.

But it's like the bottom of the pillar, I guess.

Yeah, the whole pillar unit.

That's the best way to describe it.

That was a nasty wreck.

Number four was the gtc. Four lucio on the royalty Exotic Cars rally. Not my car. No. Thank goodness.

Yeah. And that guy was a asshole. So if you're watching this video, bro, you're not cool.

Not cool.

We tried to help him so many times. And late entry to our rally. Super mean, dude. The whole group got into fights and they punched one of our other subscribers, lost renters in the face of the gas station. It was a terrible situation. Later on in that situation, he was actually being investigated by insurance fraud because he lied to his insurance and said that he was avoiding an animal, which would be a comprehensive claim, not a collision claim. Therefore trying to lower his deductible, which is, in turn, insurance fraud. So screw that guy and his car sucks. Okay, you get what's coming to you.

The scariest part about that video or that situation was the Ford was completely out of gas and we're in the middle of nowhere, and I thought we were going to run out of gas when Houston started the car back up.

Yeah, I for sure thought that we had a fuel pump issue in my twin turbo Ford gt. We also had, like, coolant issues. We had just turbod the car and then we were like, let's go on a 500 miles journey through the middle of Death Valley.


Not a smart idea.

Number three is our favorite slingshot renter, mr. I flipped a slingshot on Las Vegas boulevard. Probably the worst slingshot accident we have ever seen.

It was unbelievable. He's lucky to be alive. Number one, which we still haven't confirmed if he's still alive.

No, he's alive. The lady from the hospital called me and said, hey, is your insurance picking this up? Honestly, he wasn't the renter that was so wild. He's got a nice bail to pay and he has nice hospital bills to pay.

Yeah, and you know, the weird part about that slingshot wreck is that he went upside down, but flipped. It didn't just go like this way. It rolled a couple of times and landed upside down in a slingshot. He actually jumped a median. Also remember that he jumped the median. Oh, my God. That was wild. One of the only times I've been scared to go to an accident scene. That one. When we rent to people, we rent to responsible people. We have a very good judge of character, and that's why we have no injury accidents. But if someone else that's not qualified to rent picks up our car, we have no control over it. We do our best to try to mitigate those. And for 2022, we're actually going to be installing some security measures to prevent this from happening. I mean, we learn a lot throughout the time and the process for these cars and these accidents and everything that's going on. So 2022 is going to be a lot better for us for safety. But that slingshot was rough. That was a doozy.

Not only was that one of the worst accidents we've ever seen, but one of the more frustrating toes, I'd have to say.

Honestly, I gave up. I tried to flip it, but the thing was, it was so slippery and there was nothing to leverage on, so I towed it upside down. Yeah, that's not legal, but it's cool. Whatever. I only took it, like, two blocks.

Yeah, and at the same time, all you YouTube tow truck drivers, nobody told us to have kitty litter in the car. Thanks a lot. There's a ton of oil and just, shit.

We had to go to walgreens and buy kitty litter across the street. That was awesome.

So that held us up for the.

Most, but at least I'm tolling my own cars.

That's right.

I mean, we're out there ourselves, right on that ticket.

Owner of retention.


That's right.

Got to love it.

Number two being the orange mclaren 570 on fire at the gas station.

That's a gas pump at the gas pump. That was even where the pump was in the car while it was on fire. Yeah. Again, not our car. That one was weird. That one. We have no idea what happened.

Yeah. Another another extremely hot day in Las Vegas.

That was like yeah, well, when it gets hot, it's hot hot. It's like, 125. It might even be, like, 175 sometimes. It feels at least, like sometimes even.

Going to be 200 on the Las Vegas trip. Definitely. Especially with all the reflection glasses and all this stuff.

It's really, really crazy the way cars light on fire in Vegas. They engulfed. And because it's so hot outside, it gets so much worse. Like, absolutely so much worse. Let's get to number one. Tony number. The mclaren sucked, but number one was legitimately one of the worst accidents I have seen in Las Vegas.

Yeah, it was really bad. Not only were parts of the car all over the street, but four other cars were hit before we saw the end product, which is crazy. It was the lamborghini Uras that was flipped on flamingo and just off Las Vegas boulevard.

The thing was wild. They were going at least 90 to 100 miles an hour. When they turned, it rolled 100 plus feet. Absolutely. Like, maybe even more than 100 plus feet. I mean, the wheels on the car were in different areas, but everybody in the car was okay, which is crazy.

Everybody walked out of there. Two guys ran out of it.

This one also not one of our cars. It happened in front of our other location on the Strip, so we were able to witness it. All these accidents. When I say not our cars, I feel really good about this. There was one that was a little bit worse than this one, but that was the one with the police officer that died. I didn't really want to mention that one because that one was just really sad. I don't think that's fair. But that accident and this accident were comparable in terms of suvs rolling over.

And, like, multiple times.

So many times. You guys see what happened?

By any chance, he flew on Stock car, and that was the second one. And then he he hit, like, my trunk. And then he flew. And then on the corner, it was like, I don't know, like a flip. It looked like a movie. And then he hit the corner. And then he kept going and going.

But when that car rolled, I can't explain. It's like hearing something just getting crushed. It felt like you could feel it, right? It's just insane. And the driver of that car rented it from a place that was renting cars out of an apartment building. No insurance, no bullshit. They just had nothing. This is what we're trying to prevent, right, in the future. So hopefully, 2022, the state comes in and gets rid of all these unlicensed people because these accidents legit. No one has really been in a very, very serious accident without but with other than the cullinan accident that happened this year. But these are getting closer and closer and closer to a catastrophe with someone in Las Vegas boulevard, because some of these are happening really close to really populated areas. And I don't want this to continue, man. Like, we want to rent cars and have fun with people.

That's right.

Like, let's go enjoy the car, go out, be safe, and and just do it in the right respect of of the road. And yeah, you just don't do 140 miles an hour on 35 miles an hour zone.

No, not at all.

No one cares, man. You just look like an idiot.

You definitely look like an idiot. Especially after you crash. And then you end up on YouTube. And then you end up in the hospital. And then all your friends are going to say, hey, I heard you crash. And everybody's going to say, how did you hear about me crash? Well, I saw it on YouTube.

It makes great content for our channel. But I don't want to make these videos. I enjoy making these videos when there's no injuries and it's like a very mild thing and it's just bad driving, but not when it's like, stupid dangerous, and people's lives are at risk. I want to end this video by exciting news. We are making another video right after this absolutely about our top repossessions of the year. And that video is going to be just as fun because as we get car accidents, tony and I've got to be boss man and go take our cars back from people who rent them with false pretenses. Yeah, and it's really funny because in that video or that next video, there's so many of these we don't film. And every time, just about two, three months ago, I had a gun to my head, tony sitting there talking this guy off the Led. Give me a break, man. What are you going to do? You're going to kill me for a Rolls Rice?

It's not even yours.

It's not even yours. Or an idiot. anyways, that one right there, we didn't get to film, although I wanted to film that one. Yeah, but the next video coming up is going to be pretty funny, too. So stay tuned for the top repossessions of the year coming up next.

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