Royalty. You got a friend. You got has to be. So we're going to take this thing out. We got the drop post. Going to show you guys what one of the greatest lamborghinis in my opinion. I prefer this overlap. We'll go over that. But it's been overheating. idling a little weird. Yeah, the first like 5 seconds. I know because it's been overheating. Sorry. You're coming to tell me to drive slow? Nothing stupid. No, I want you to crash his car. If you crash it, I'll get like thousand. So please drive. The guys heard it can't crash. I have permission, you know.

Only for him. Don't run at the entry neutral.


Don't drive any courses.

Only for sorry.

What do you think of houston's new phantom?

Sick. But is it any fast transition? Never get used to it. On the left door. Yeah. houston's phantom is pretty fucking. You know why you got the phantom? Why is that? hhc. We have a picture of a phantom with a chicken on it. He's like, I need to trade my cold in for the phantom. That's a nice spectator. It's meek mill's old car. Did you know that?

Yeah, he told me when he got it.

Meek mill blacked it out. It's not a black black badge. They don't make black badges and phantoms. But I got to say Meek Mill a terrible job with his car.

Minus is a lime green accent.

It has lime green caliber. disgusting.

Have you guys ever wanted to own a Lamborghini? Well, again, we have partnered up with wizza to give away this beautiful $335,000 msrp. Lamborghini hurricane perfamante. Also, James Stradman is giving away this perfamante as a co sponsor with wiza. Our goal for this prize is to help wiza combat heart disease. Over the last three months, wizard has given over $125,000 to great causes. What you're going to want to do is you're going to want to hit the link in our bio. Use promo code Royalty to get 10% additional entries. Let's make magic happen with wiza because they give great chances to win great prizes. And they also raise money for amazing causes. So hit the link in the description. Promo code royalty. 10% additional entries. Wizard royalty make magic happen. bam.

To get the screen. What do you think I did?

I honestly in this car.

No way.

I started sliding.

Literally. I can't even hold the camera right now.

I think when Houston gave you the green light, he didn't give you the green light to go about.

He said don't go to corsa. But I want to try out corso to get the right down shift. I mean gear shift. And it's perfect now, but I'm checking for a comp now. I love making it long straight so smoothly. Take it easy. Why are you breathing?

I'm not in control of my destiny right now.

Okay, that's cool. All right. See you guys at hvc. I don't condone job like that. Take it easy. Don't drive like a maniac. I had an open road straight, no cars ahead of me. That's the only reason I did it. You guys are like the ultimate restaurant.

Owners pulling up his supercars bentley girl choices.

It looks like a really hot chick that La at htc. heathon and I go in order. They just bring us sampling some new flavors. And then this is checked out to one of our employees. Asked Riley, who loves guys over there? Riley so special. Riley is like, oh, they're the owner. She's like, follow me. Yes. That Rolls royce and lamborghini out. Tefast bears.

Hey, like cows. You always put the camera in my face. Why can we just talk normally? I just want to talk to you.

I'm just trying to get all the footage I can.

All right, so we ate Thai food and now we're headed over to Ten. I'm a shift to like a normal car. Look like a normal automotive at a car. But if you treat it like a stick off the gas in between ships version of the manual. We have 750 HP in this event still. We're about to do a launch control right in front of Mario right here. And then we'll do a flyby for you guys. I think that's a cop behind me, but we'll be cautious.

Mario launch control.

All right, boys, we got the badded Lamborghini inventory of them all. The sv, better than the sbj. Now available at royalty for 4 hours and 24 hours rentals. I believe 24 hours rentals is $3,000 a day. everything's included. Do not mention a moni discount, okay? Do not be associated with me. Houston always says anytime someone mentions though I want the moni discount, it's an extra 10% surcharge because any moni follower is going to do burnouts and destroy our tires. So tell Houston you're a hhc, a houston's Hot Chicken customer and it'll give you 10% off. Don't mention my name. Seriously? Not kidding. Unless you want to pay more, that's okay with me. Let's get this video up to 25,000 likes. Let's blow it up. Maybe if we get it up to 25,000 likes, houston will let me do a burnout and donuts and all that cool stuff with it. But for now, we got the GoPro mounted in the rear cup. Went that way. We're going this way. We'll see you guys next video.

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