So today's video starting out with, yes, not only the Phoenix, but the Aguera hh. Both cars in Vegas right now, and we're filming some super insane broll. So my boy julius and I don't know, I feel like we might be the kings of Las Vegas with these two cars. It's gonna be hard to top that. I mean, honestly, the Phoenix hands down, best looking Koenix egg ever created. Now the h h is in insane. This is actually the first Aguera to America, and it is the only road legal Aguera other than the eight rss that exist here. So if you want a very mild and tame less race car of an agara like mine, this is the one. Now, obviously, 1160 HP is no joke, but it's a little short of the 1360 that the AgerA Phoenix has. Now. I love this car. There's no fault to this car at all. There's literally nothing that is wrong with this car, period. And I'm really jealous. Honestly, guys, I say this with so much respect. I am legitimately jealous of this car right here. And I hope that when I go to monterey, I can basically convince Christian to give me a couple of little fine details about this car for my own.

Maybe starting with these insanely looking, beautifully designed mirrors. That is one thing that I think my car lacks. Just I've got the ccx style basic mirrors from koenigsegg. That's what I'm talking about right there. I love the front splitter. I could really use one of those. And these side skirts right here, that's all I want. Just those little things I'll repaint. It a different color, and it'll be my own. It'll be the koenigsegg hc for Houston crosta. But just to get back on the road, I think we can all appreciate the beauty. I really do. And I sit here and I talk, and I really cannot stop myself to think, like, just four years ago, I had these cars on my wall. I mean, not this one specifically, but I had the Aguera on my wall as a dream car. And now I'm here, I'm driving my own for one of my best friend's cars. It's surreal. I couldn't be happier. And obviously, if you work really hard and you do all the right things and you don't piss anybody off, you can get cool stuff. And I don't think there's anything cooler than these two cars.


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Is the perfect hedge against literally, best day ever. I mean, honestly, from a five year old kid standpoint right now, I feel like this is the luckiest day of my life. I'm driving my pretty much new Koenigsegger gear hh, and one of my best friends driving his Phoenix Rs right in front of me. We're out here just doing cool, and, like, I'm giddy. I'm just so happy. I mean, literally, there were no codex ex in Vegas, and now there's two. I meant to say there's no Agueras in Vegas, and now there's two. So just to get the fact straight, I have the only road legal Aguera besides the eight Rs that exist in America now. There was zero in Las Vegas last month, and now there's two. So we just got to get seven more people to move to Las Vegas, and then all the Agueras will be right here. Two in Florida, and then there's five in California. So pretty easy, if you ask me. If you guys give this video some super love, go ahead and smash the like button. Right now, it sounds like the agara hh is faster than the Phoenix, but maybe he's just not pushing it.

All right, well, back to to a semi familiar place, if everybody can remember. I think my tire marks are definitely all over here, and some of the most famous doughnuts in the world were done right here. The veyron and the Konakseg are completely different, with really, really high horsepower cars and turbos. They kick in, and it just smokes insane. So, essentially, I want to send these tires off because these are ps fours, and I've got some cup 2 hours coming tomorrow, as well as the Phoenix. So I think it's only fitting that we do the inaugural donuts in these two cars. Right here where it all started

the world's most expensive donut.

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