But the next problem is I wanted.

To have this thing scanned and taken apart. Everything is mismatched and they're all they're all cluster. I don't know. We hit our first snag on the manual transmission sto build. Tony, I need to unlock the sto. I got to show everybody what's wrong. I wanted to have this thing scanned and taken apart. So if anybody in the comments knows who can make me a skeleton version of this particular shifter now, I know there's one online super light. The performance cars that they make, like the fake four gts, they use graziano gearboxes and they make a skeletonized shifter for it. It's kind of ugly. I think it could be done way better. There's obviously a market, so I'll probably make, like, 15 of them. So if anybody wants to take on this project and design something really beautiful and really slim, not pagani style, because it has to be a base and set up. But if you guys want to look at lotus exige, this company in the UK made one that's super epic, and it was in my lotus. But they don't make them, obviously, for gallardos or lamborghinis. So we're going to head up to Bill raider, who's building my gearbox right now, because he just sent me a text and he said, hey, look, I've got an issue with this gearbox.

And this is for the manual. Transit is going in here. So MSRP. That's my boy. Nick, how sick is this plate? I'm not kidding. I am so jealous. Nick got the MSRP plate for his raptor or for what? Did you put it on raptor. Raptor. You not going to put on your hellcat selling it. My dwag is going to stay 100 over. 100 over. It's a good plate, actually. Do you want to go see Gearbox? Hell, yeah. Why not?

I don't know.

I'm looking at but yeah, sure. Let's drive up to Bill raiders shop. Nick, can you buy me lunch on the way there? Of course. I do owe you $500, unfortunately, after your bad bet. Yeah, I bet $2,500 that the Rams would come back last night when it was six to ten. And then it got worse and worse and worse. First impressions, Nick?

I like it.

Seems just like a normal jew. Yes, but we're $300,000 more with a lift kit. It's a $300,000 lift kit, dude, you don't like that? No, I'll take the green one all day. The green one was only $50,000 less than this one. We're talking MSRP to MSRP. Okay. Not what we paid for. What we paid. Nick bought a green G wagon for 500 over sticker and true. dude, it's the only one that was green in the whole world. He's like, I have to have it. Oh, there's the black one right there. See how dope jenna looks in that thing? Damn. She's either embarrassed or she's had enough of me today. He already has one, too. There's another this is a squared country right here, boys. Okay, so what's what this looks like one box.

Yeah, this is so this is the gearbox that you sent us that have the bigger forks. And everything we're running into is the shift sleeve for first and second is not compatible with the dog rings that are on the new gears. This is the one you shift the shift lever. This is going in and meshing with these teeth here. And so you can see the coarse splits and the splits course. It's not going to work.

This is the new gear.

This is the new gear.

All right. I would probably say let's take the parts of other box because what I believe we've been doing this whole time is mix and matching all these pieces to make this work. Do we have drop gears?

Yeah, those are these guys right here.

Are those aftermarket? These are the ones I bought brought you.

Yeah, correct.

Okay. And are these good?

To be honest, no, I don't like them, to be honest. I would leave the factory.

I want to get you the right gear. So I've got another set of drop.

Gears made by the best ones I've seen are the hollander ones.

Who does hollinger.

It's another gear company.

But do you know who uses them?



Because they're not ppg. Right? I kind of thought they're mco gears. This was a ugr gearbox.

Yeah, underground. Had to deal with mco. I generally use the hollinger mid plate and then the drop gears and then the ring opinion. It's another company in Australia. Gear company, actually. A lot better than ppg.

Ppg sucks.

Usually these ring opinions fail.

Do we have a good ring opinion or is a stock line right now? It's that stock. It's stock. Do you make an aftermarket ring opinion?

Yes. hollinger makes a nice does my gear.

Kit come with that?

No, that sucks. hollinger went the route of drop gears, mid plate, and a ring opinion.


Ppg changed all year ratios. And I don't know who makes this, but this thing looks like it should be an attractor or something. I don't think they're used, I think they're just been sitting without any protection and they're rusty.

But the next problem is the problem with this one? No, it won't go on the new shelf. Everything is mismatched and they're all they're all cluster. But I need it because once you make over 2000, you need all this stuff. Well, I've got another gearbox that's got drop gears and a mid plate already in it. And I'm thinking maybe I give that one to you to put this gear set in because I believe that it's probably going to solve all the problems. And this one here and it goes right on. The problem is that doesn't work. You have to force it on and you don't want to. Can you guys fix that?

I don't know. We can try and blast this and massage it.

Like, is it the wrong teeth count or something?

It doesn't feel like it looks like.

It starts, but then it's tight. So we just got to get this gear here. It's only this one. It's only first gear?

Yes, first 2nd.

Yeah. So just this ring, even if that did fit, if you feel run your finger across it right there.

Feel the ridge.

It's pretty worn out. All right, I'm going to take this with me because I'm going to see if I have one of these. I would say pop that other one open. Right? And if that other one has better pieces, just use that.

Well, if it has the correct pieces.

Then yeah, but I mean, even if they're less worn or anything like that, just swap it all over. Because that gearbox should have the ring that you need. All right, I'm going to get drop gears. So I need to find the drop gears immediately. You guys could probably solve this problem right here, so that seems like a logical explanation. If I can get a ring opinion, that'd be nice, too. I got one of those new G 63 squareds. If you haven't seen it yet.

The Mercedes pins use a different manufacturer. For the rear axles on these. And they're having a problem. With the casting. Of this cast iron diff. And it's breaking the diff brakes. Yeah. Have you seen the video?

No. You've seen the videos? Have you seen the videos? This is news to me. Maybe we should just take this one home.


This is the one you built, right?

This is the one I did, yeah. So this guy is going to have a good time driving past all you guys. What it cost to do this to a normal 130 grand right there. For what? You see.

How much is this one? This one was 460. So 200 plus 133 30.

That one works. It's a brand new car.

Brand new. It hasn't even moved.

When did you take delivery of it?

Five days ago.

Yeah. You tried to go pick it up today or yesterday?

Yeah, they said no. They said Friday. They called me and they said you beat the Stop sale by three days. So Bill is the leading guy that builds these, and he's a genius.

Because I asked him, I said, do we need to worry? And he said, no, our conversions are good because we use the stock G 63 axle. They use the new manufacturer for this axle. And they screwed something up on the cast.

I like the roof rack.

Yeah, the same roof rack.

Yeah, everything's the same. Yeah. I mean, the only difference, basically, is the fenders. I'll see you soon, Bill. I'm going to go get this gear for you.

All right, cool.

Hopefully I have it.

All right.

Hopefully we make it back. Thanks, Bill.

You'll be fine. Just don't take it over any gnarly jumps or anything. Don't take it over any gnarly jumps or anything.

Okay. This is hollinger, and we're calling to get those drop ears in that ring and pinion. So I think I will go a little taller than Stock. It doesn't have to be aggressively taller, but, I mean, I'm open to it.

Suspense is killing me. So you're still running same rpm and everything.

That is correct. It still is a V ten car. Everything is the same.

We used to be the supplier to lamborghini jt three cars that ran that. So we have a sequential conversion for that gearbox that changes everything.

Do you have stronger gear sets that are not sequential, or do you just offer sequential?


What's the sequential conversion cost?

You probably have to budget about 35 by the time you're done.

I don't know. I mean, Andy, you can go have a look at that, but to my eyes, it looks different. Okay, so this is also a no go. So this gearbox here is not going to work. I'm hoping that that syncro on my third spare gearbox is different because I've got a different gearboxes from gallardo to ra to Super League Gear, all these different gearboxes, and I'm just hoping one of them works. So this one is a no go, and basically that puts us back to square one. But Andy is smarter than me, and he says that we can just look up what syncro belongs on there and order the right one, which is what an intelligent person would do, instead of taking apart all of my spare gear boxes and just trying to find it from scratch. And he's going to get on the computer and he's going to do that, and then we are going to be able to put this back together so I can put a manual transmission gearbox inside the sto, because that's the ultimate goal.

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