It was since we was on I.

Dreamed it all ever since I was on this. And I won't be nothing.

I always say congratulations. They never had the dedication people hate and say we changed the loop. We made her, y'all made me feel.

The first time I've driven the car accidents. I bought it.

Great. This is a big day.

It's the first time I've literally driven this car. I drove it off the trailer to my office when I bought it back from randy. And that is it.

Tony takes so much gooder now.

Damn, Tony. Something light or what? It's another day, huh? This guy got to show.

Houston Trust.

Are you tired of driving the same car every day? Does your life not have enough? We teamed up with wiza again to give away a brand new 2020 mclaren 720s.

But not this one.

This one's mine. Theirs has a really cool wrap on it. The mclaren 720s has a V eight wind turbo 710 in 2.8 seconds. Wow. One of my favorite features about this.

Car is trunk space.

Another one of my favorite features is this. Wow. The best part about teaming up the wizza is that a portion of the proceeds go to an amazing cause. Best part is, if you want this car to have other great prices on the website, go to the link in our description, enter promo code royalty and get 10% additional tickets. I hope you win.

All right, guys.

So we are setting up for the grand opening of Houston's Hot Chicken today. 05:00 p.m.. It is about an hour away and we are expecting to have a ton of cool cards here. Set it up.

My love has come along my lonely days are over and life is like a song.

At last welcome to Houston's Hot Chicken. We go on live today at five. Free chicken for all people. We got all our cars out here all laid out. Houston edmund will be coming out in a minute. We got the hottest chicken and the best chicken town. Always fresh, never frozen.

Dropping off of that closed mansion apartment. Let it slam.


You got to slam it. Lift it up and slam it. It won't close that way. Lift it up and just fucking let it close.

Thank you.

Can't see anything.

There's a car coming and you're good.

We got to start it. But I broke the belt.

I know.

We were like, hey, we're out here. Decent hot chicken.

Been waiting months. And you know what?

It's about to go down.

Are you excited? First in line?


What are you going for?

Weight, heat level, fire.

Okay. Grand opening is right now. We've got a line of plus 200 people. Everybody's waiting for food. We've had nothing but problems to get to this point right now, but I think we're past at edmund. What do you think two of our fries is?


We started cooking so much chicken, both fryers went down, but that's why we have four. So we got a backup. So we're five minutes delayed, but it doesn't really matter because both of us look good. Everybody's here. The cars are good, minus the konick seg. We'll talk about that later. And I think we should just go for it.

I think the fry is broken because we said it's the konick seg of all fryers that we bought. That is the kona thing broken. That's really funny. All right, we have ready for these foot. Four foot scissors.

All right, I think everybody's ready to go. We really, really, really need to open.

All right.

So that they can stop waiting in line.

It's really hot. All right. Who's. It okay. So you and I, I think it's.

Just going to be you because I'm gonna hold the camera, okay? Don't knock.

All right? And then you count down from three.

But do you want your fans to.

Count down with you?


Everybody count down from 3321.

Arm streets.

What up, man?

I didn't know you all was going.

To be killing me like this.

Come on, now.

We do a big boat.

You already know. All right, cj. I guess.

There you go, boss.

Let them know, Matt. Let them know.

This is your black car. He just saw chicken. Black car, boss.

Hang on.

Unlimited free food all day, every day.

How many people got this, though? High school?

  1. Mario and two.

That's it.

So two people out of 1511 employees. Let me slap chat, you know what I'm saying? Just got my card. This ain't my only black card. amen. I just bought up to Houston's hot chicken. You see the name? Got the black card. Look at the line. This is like a sneaker. This is like a concert. They got some cars out here.

Out of respect to everyone. Some people don't want to be recorded. So we're going to have you turn the camera off. We're going to say hi to everyone to thank everyone for coming and all our fans that are here. I hate calling you guys fans. You guys feel like that family. But everyone who's here and supporting us, we really, truly appreciate you guys. This can be possible without all you guys. We're going to be opening up all over the nation. So in the next six months, we have six opening up in Vegas, and then we're breaking out into different states. And Edmonton, two years, he's got a.

Really big houston and I are putting.

A lot of money in our resources and a lot of our time. Very true. That's behind this. A lot of money, a lot of resources, and a lot of our time. In about two years, we're going to hit all the inner international states. London terrorists stalk home. Back home in Sweden, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, all the cool places. So expect to see Houston hot chicken. Houston's hot chicken very shortly. Unfortunately, some monies mediocre chicken.

There will be a MONI's Mediocre chicken, one in every city.

I promise that, okay?

I'm going to just do it on the side. I'm going to do it without anybody knowing. I'm just going to open this random restaurant. It's going to look like dog shit. It's going to be an old 711. I'm not going to renovate it. And it's going to look retarded. It's going to be called monty's Mediocre chicken. Only fresh. Sorry. Only frozen, never fresh.

But that uses hot chicken. For those who don't know, we only use organic products. Never frozen, always fresh. A through z. Everything took me over a year to promote this recipe. We have a very unique spicing process which I can't share. We're not going to share.

But it uses organic peppers.

Until you guys use the number, we'll go with that. We'll stick to that. Anyway, we're going to say hi to everyone. I thank everyone else's.

What this is it's free chicken for life, basically. So for everybody that supported me at royalty and any other business, I wanted to support them back and show them that the love and that you guys.

Can be welcomed here anytime.

Dude, we appreciate you.

All right?

Thank you so much for life.


Did you get a sandwich already? I did it.

Let's see.

We love Houston's hot chicken.

Why ain't giving it to me?

He's the one that gave us give it back to me and I'll give it to you right now.

I was about to use my card.

Got the whole soul.


Bam. Coming on.

It's hot in here.

You ain't even a lot of people in here.

I'm not sweating. All right, this is going to be a funny story. Okay? Funny story. DJ. Was literally the original creator of the black card because when we thought of this idea, he was going to get the first one. Now, technically, I got one before him because I had to. But this card became because of you.

This became because of tj.

So you deserve this, brother.

Thank you, man.

So what the black card does is it gives you free chicken for life. For life.

What if you sell it to somebody else and they don't honor it?

No, it's honored. That's part of the contract.

That's major right there. But it's major.

Think about how much chicken you can.

Eat in 30 years.

Okay, well, if you get out, then that's cool.

But if you if you need to just take a drink for a meal.

She flex on today. Hi.

So what do you think?

Hot chicken. I'm so proud of these guys. The chicken, the food is amazing. I mean, look at the turnout. I'm just so proud. I'm so proud.

What do you have to say? Stop it. Be nice.

I just got here. I love you. I just say I love you, Houston.

Be nice.

I love you, Houston. And edmund, I'm so happy for you.

Guys we hear houston side chicken.

I got to say without everyone help.

Without everyone here, all the help from.

The royalty, guys from Andre, Tony, Michael, Albert, Mario, none of this will be possible. This has been a huge like look at this.

We're already 2 hours in it and.

It'S only getting on. This has been a family effort. Without all you guys, seriously, all the guys in the world here, I really appreciate you guys.

We love each other.

How many nights have we spend here until like 203:00 in the morning getting this ready? It's been a while. And we're going to get andre. He's going to touch the houston, we have a problem. Yeah. So spice levels we have we have no spice, mild, medium, spicy liftoff and then houston, we have a problem. Andre is the only guy I know that hates himself, apparently hates his guts because he's the only one that eats. Houston, we have a problem. Everyone else might self include. I can't handle it. One bite into it, I want to bomb it.

You got to take your time with hot things. You can't rush into the you just don't rush into war without being prepared. You got to let the mind ease itself.

Just relax.

Maybe that's all it is.

I have no idea how he does it, but we have like ten guys to try out. Houston, we have a problem. I know Michael wants to try it. I know Andre is the only guy that's going to handle it. Winner is going to get one of these. It's in my car. You got yours. All right. Winner is going to get a houston's high checking black card. I need that custom number for each person. So anytime you come in here, if you got the black card, you come in, say, hey, I got the black card. I'm vip, baby.

We got ourselves a solid turnout. It's always good to see the support that edmund and Houston and the whole team get. Got the great cars out here. cms here. We got a bunch of different influences out here. Super thankful for everybody to come out. Houston hot chicken for the grand dope thing. Thank you so much. But the whole thing about this is you have to keep up the work, continue coming to Houston's hutching and paying for it. That shows how good I'm afraid you really are.

I love doing these car shows. It's kind of like we haven't done a car show in so long because just the timing of the situation right now. But now that all these people are here, maybe we should start doing those monthly car shows every opening for hot tickets. Yeah, we'll probably do one on the anna 95 and then we'll do one. I'd like to do a car show here every month. We could do one actually pretty much every single location because they're just different areas. Like every weekend we'll do a car show somewhere, but this is cool. It's good to have people back again.


Way more than that.

I mean, it's already been, what, three and a half hours? The line is still going.

Nice to meet you, brother.

All right. gigi said, I need some milk. I said, you can milk these.

I did not.

Try the Houston, we have a problem.

No, I'm not trying it. I'm not trying it.

Michael, bring your fake ass over here. Oh, you bought sandwiches?

Yeah, yeah. Just take it off. I thought you meant sandwiches, bro. Just do the sandwiches, all right?

Yeah, I'll try.


Michael, spice King in the building.

We have to finish these. All right. whoever's getting the coleslaws lucky. That's going to cool your mouth.

Wait, wait.

They're all the same size.

Big bites.

They're all thirds.

Big birds.

No, wait.

We have to do this together.

You got some cold sauce.

You guys got to watch Cheers.

This is a big one.

You don't want on your lips, though.

Spice King, baby.

I said this.

Ain't nothing to me, man. I had to take the coats all off.

Put that cheers up.

All right, so look, whoever hates her guts, hates her intestines. He's the houston.

We have a problem.

Cheers tables.

Stay close to each other, though. Let's see who come out of workers do what he does.

We build this. I got my lip. Wait for it.

Put it in your mouth.

Put it into our thing.

It's in my mouth.

No thing about this.

The way we built this, we knew. We just made it super spicy right off the bat.


Hold on.

I hate the whole fucking thing.

Come on, man. Finish that.

He's spicy.

I'm sitting here already eating it. I'm good. What's going on with this guy?

Come on, Bob. One more bite. gigi, come on. Go.

No. Put it put your mouth come on, samario. The way we built this is.


It was spiced right away, no one would finish it, right?

That was too big of a bike.

You got to build it in a way where the spice builds up. So the first 5 seconds you bite.

It, you're like, oh, I could do this.

You take another bite.

So now is when it's now we're.

Going to start sweating.

He's eliminated and he's out.

Yeah, you out, bro.

He's out.

It's great.

It's great.

Gigi. Michael, you got to take the entire thing, though.

It's all hot right here. Warm water is not help.

You got to keep that off your lips.

I think I'm in the moon test.

Can I get my black card now? Can I get my Black Guard?

I need my black card. No, wait, no, wait. He's he around, too. You hit another bite.

I need some, like, lemonade or something.

You know what time it is, man? Big C is so cool checking out, being here for 3 hours, man. I'm just going to let you guys know one thing. I never thought I would come to a chicken place and have fun. Not only is it fans here, but it's good energy here, man. The whole thing is just a good vibe, bro. supercars everywhere, man. A lot of people taking pictures. It's just a good vibe. The line is still long. I don't know if you've seen it or not, but I'm pretty sure steamy leanie and wingstar pizza HUD on them. They're very jealous right now of what Houston's chicken got going on. So congratulations to the whole squad. I'm up next with my own Houston's chicken. Be ready for that. You know what I said.

We're going to ask him.

So cool dressing on it. You know how we do, man.

You got to do an outro because why do we have to do an outro?

I don't know.

I actually hate outros. outros really suck. But to just be able to recap what we've done today I broke the konic zag axle. The battery died. I almost crashed into a bugatti. And Houston top chick is open, right? So out of all four of those.

Things, the axle on the Konixi is.

Probably the most important.

We really appreciate all you guys for coming here. I've said it a hundred times. Seriously, it's like such a humbling experience. I feel so grateful and thankful for all these admin started crying. Really good. Yeah, brother. The fucking used guy comes and he just goes ham.

And she starts telling about how much he loves Houston. And I'm like, that's so nice, brother.

I never had I'm so thankful.

Yeah, he just started crying and I was like, wow, I don't know where the this is amazing.

Yeah, I'm going to look like a fish on channel five. And the funniest thing, Houston is just looking at me like that.

I'm just not a crier.

Sorry. He's like, it's not affectionate at all. He's like, what are you doing? Why are you giving me a hug?

Edmund I was thinking we'll do weekly car shows. One at every single one of the locations.

Yes. That's smart. So Main Street the one that's opening up in Main Street. Downtown Main Street. We're doing a sports bar over there to host all the games, all the fights. And that place has like the coolest photo op because it's right in the middle of the art district. All the lights, all the neon lights going off that place. I think bi weekly we should do a car show over there.

Well, Ann Road is also really it cool too, because it's in the military area. So you get all of your American cars, your mustangs camaros and all that kind of stuff. So we can do a car show on that side. Okay.

It's got a cool Donut pitt area. It does. It has a great donut area.

Hopefully my axle will be fixed by then. I'll be installing carbon fiber axles anytime.

Fix or repair it daily. konick SIG is a Ford.

It is.

Even though it's got the fancy paint job and the cooler mez interior, $100,000 interior still has a fucking four GT engine in it, right? Four GT axles. That's why I put it it says koenigsegg on the heads. Yeah, whatever.

Yeah. Well, that's pretty much it. We should probably get to work.

I'm pretty much ready to be done with this event.

I'm relatively hot. I think I'm like 95 to 100.

Degrees outside right now.

Wearing black on black.

I'm wearing silk that doesn't freeze. Apparently I only wear this at night. Don't wear it during the days. Boy take for me. Anyway, thank you all for tuning in. Thank you all for coming here. All you guys that are watching this, all of you have been here. Really thankful for every single one of you guys. Even though he doesn't show it, he is at the end of the day, he talks to me about it. He's like, man, you have the greatest fans. They're like family. So you guys are all family. And with that, we'll tune it up. Thank you.

Here I am here I am here I am I know I said I wouldn't but I fell in love again? I just pray that you don't do me like the other ones? That all of these holes and I still chose you? With all that I want and I still want you? I can't believe that I'm tripping on you? That's what I'm promised I was never going to do? All of these holes? And I still chose you? Were all that I want and I still want you? I can't.

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