$10 a gallon, paint of the pump, you know?

Sucks to have a car like this.

I don't think it sucks.

I think I might sell it. That's what today's video is about. This is my brand new twin turbo events at our roadster that I don't know. I think it's for sale. Getting a hundred octane right now. I put 200 on four. I don't think it's going to fill it up. Under.

Over. I'm going under.

For those of you guys that don't know, there is a set of turbos.

On the back of my event or roadster.

Now, this car is a car I've wanted to build for so long. When I say so long, I mean, like, an immense amount of time. It's finally done, but I just bought a pagani. Like, what am I doing? How many cars do I need? It's kind of becoming an addiction, I think. But this one here, this is the first time I've actually drove it. I did get it a couple of months ago. I'm sorry.

A couple of weeks ago.

And I went out of town. I did some revs in my garage, threw it up on Instagram. It was super cool. But I didn't actually drive it. And I just got back from opening cerrito, so first franchise location of hhc, and I thought, what a better way to start out the week and driving this bad boy?

You like, I had so many emotions going through one side. I was scared, but happy, but anxious and thrilled at the same time.

Just a small, tiny little pole through the first year. When you have a car like this turbo, everything's real sensitive. You got to be very careful because this engine is I mean, on ebay.

They go for 100 grand, right? So imagine how much they actually cost.

It gives an imaginable amount of money.

My heart's beating. Oh, my goodness.

Jeez, this sounds good. This sounds good.

Oh, my God. This works.

This might be fast.

Like the coating.


Oh, my goodness.

This is good. This is good.

I know this sounds crazy, but I might take this over the coating set.

No, that's too special of a car to compare it to.

Wow, this is good sweating.

I might do rear wheel drive on this car.

All right.

Give you guys a little bit of context. This is a 2018 Avenzador s Roadster. It says the rear wheel steering. This has all the updates for the tech. Everything about the best Avenador is right here in this platform. I decided, obviously, it wasn't enough. I actually bought this car just to send it straight to Dallas performance to get this twin turbo kit installed. Now, this is not the first turbo kit they've done an evento door, but this is the first evental or s turbo kit they've ever done. So in the back, we have the rear roll steering, which changes the geometry, and actually, a lot of the placement for the turbos. So we're literally driving one of the first aventador S turbo kits on the market now. Not to mention the top comes off this thing, which is really, really rare. That being said, when we take the top off, the sounds that this car is going to make are going to be absolutely mental and invented or already is visceral, it's violent, it's dramatic. When you take the top off, it accelerates those things to another level. When you had turbos. We're going to unimaginable heights.

This is our first drive and this is a very beautiful, absolutely epic experience of a car. And as you can tell, strata automatic drives, totally normal, just like a regular Eventador does. Let's talk about cost. Now this started out as a $600,000 aventador S roaster with right now it has 2261 miles. I purchased the vehicle with about 1200 miles, so it's essentially a brand new car. Dallas performance equipped it with a 1200 HP bolts on turbo kit, which was around $180,000. There's a few upgrades that I added, like a titanium exhaust and some upgraded cooling fans. Just a little bit extra because we are in Las Vegas and it's about 99 degrees outside right now. So we definitely want to be the most efficient with cooling as possible.

I have to light this. Shut up and hold on.

There's obviously traffic, so I'm not going.

Wild, but yeah, it's really wicked.

I can see the fire.



So we had some extra cooling added and all that stuff. Pretty stoked about it. It works very well dead center, right at 90 degrees. Air intake temps are a little high because it's obviously hot outside. I do want to add there's like a system that pipes your air conditioning into the air intakes, which is pretty sweet. This is really good. I mean, honestly, it works really well prior to like, this extra heat shielding. All this stuff we had, it was hot out here.

It's good. I like it.

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