We've got double airbag deployment. Bad luck with this car. alright guys, we got ourselves a crash. supercar. I just got the call. I'm going to get Tony. We're going in the tow truck and we're going. Still don't know the extent of the damages. Stay tuned.

But apparently somebody just ran a light and hit Beer in the seo. Yeah, apparently the guy ran the red light beer's in it. I'm hoping beer is good. He called me back to back when I was on the phone, so that's always a little scary. You get a back to back call and hopefully that guy wasn't going too fast. And Beer is all right, but he's just up here on harmon and Valley View, so we'll get a quick look at it and go from there. I would like to thank today's sponsor of the video camikoto knives. The camikoto knives are not your average kitchen knives. They are made with high quality Japanese steel using traditional techniques that date back to the Edo period of Japan. What makes these knives so special is that they are used by michelin star chefs worldwide. Now, each Kamikoto goes through a 19 step vigorous process that takes several years to complete. Which is why each knife comes with a lifetime guarantee packed with a vegetable slicing and utility knife. The three piece knife set that you see here also comes in a beautiful heavy duty wooden box that stores the knives when you're not using them and also acts as a perfect gift.

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Moment of truth.


Oh, he's in the middle of the street.


Way to go.

I see guts on the ground.

She ran a solid red light.

Where is she?

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm hurt a little bit.

My head hurts, but she's good.

Is that her right there?


You good?

I'm good.

What happened?

I was looking at this light right here and then light turned green.

I go right.

To make a left?

Yeah, to make a left.

And then she comes in.

She ran the red light.

Red light was solid for like a 2 seconds.


Okay, man, so what's going on?

Were you on just on your phone or?

No, I won't even know my phone.

I was trying to figure out where.

I was going and I didn't even.

See the red light.

I didn't even see you until the last year. That's why, I swear. Oh my God. Are you okay? Yeah, I'll still check it up right now.

It's a solid red for a couple of seconds.


We'Ve got double airbag deployment, knees and steering wheel. Bad luck with this car. First impression, it's toes.

That car big time. toes now. All right. Got your boss, Houston.

Oh, you do? It's our lucky day. This gentleman right here actually had his dash cam active and saw the whole thing go down.

So I was coming down Valley View, heading north, and as we were approaching the intersection, notice the blue car going through the red light and the other cars.

Great. I appreciate it, man. So he's actually being very kind. He's going to let us take his SIM card in exchange for the footage. So we're actually going to see live footage of that. Thank you, man.

All right, everybody. So you're going to notice to the left of the arrow, the blue sedan. That is the car the lady was driving. As you can see, she takes off well ahead of all the other cars. Obviously, she is in a rush to go somewhere. And we're going to stand by for a second. It is a little bit of a trip. This guy is carrying some Uber passengers, so he is driving pretty slow as she goes up the hill. You're going to notice in a second that it shows flashing lights, which means when the flashing lights are there, be prepared to stop. So she completely disobeyed that, and the light was red for about two to 3 seconds, as Beer says. And you'll notice in the next clip right here, she blatantly just runs the red light and smashes right into the front of the sto and swerves into the left side of her lamp.

40 or $50.

Did you see that lamborghini just got hit right now?


Okay. The first car is light. There is a red light, turns green. How long was it green before you started going? Like 2 seconds.

Okay. Yeah.

So turn screen.

You start going and you're going through she just continues.

Yeah. Okay.

And then I got a recording of her saying that she ran the red light, too.

So what's going on?

Were you just on your phone or.

No, I wouldn't even know my phone.

I was trying to figure out where.

I was going, and I didn't even.

See the red light.

I didn't even see you until the last year. That's why, I swear. Oh, my God. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm still taking it up right now.

It was a solid red for a couple of seconds.

There was an Uber driver in the area, too. He's got the dash cam footage of it. He had to go pick up his white. I have his phone number in his yeah. Do you guys have registration insurance in the car? Yeah, it's all digital. I'm having our bookkeeper send it over now.


The biggest thing is that Beer is okay. Unfortunately, we have footage that shows that she ran a red light. But the best part is beer is okay. Car is total for sure this time. I don't think there's anything around that, but we're all good. Do you get all the good footage you need, mario?


Andy'S coming to bring the key to put it in neutral. We have this key, but.

It'S a whole nother game.

It happened again. Can we believe this? seo back to back damage. I'm done with that car. It's gone. We're selling it. It's got bad luck. It literally had the first redshirt accident. And then after we fixed it, the first driver accident.

Our first employee driver accident, also true.

Was a beer's fault, but at the same time, wicked accident. Not cool. So, tony, I want to make a little bit light of this video, and I would love to give something away. What we got here for you, we.

Have a four hour golden ticket. And for this golden ticket, you guys.

Why don't we only give away 4 hours?

Why not?

Why can't we give away 24 hours? We're gonna give you a star for you. I'm gonna write a two on this.

We've got a 24 hours one.

All right?

So don't mind that this says 4 hours.

We are going to give away a 24 hours golden ticket.

Houston will sharp beyond it to make.

Sure it's all official. We're gonna give a 24 hours golden ticket. You have to give 10,000 likes on this video. Comment hashtag sto no on this video for your chance to win your 24 hours golden ticket.

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