This red jdm place has been around for, what, two years now? Mario? Something like that. A year and a year and a half and I've yet to go. I guess I just wasn't that into jdm cars until now. I don't really know why the sudden involvement in this industry, but I think it's cool and I want to support some of people that are really doing a good thing. And I'm going to check out this place. Place. Sorry. I'm like talking and looking for it at the same time. Excuse the pauses. Okay, we're going to check it out and we're going to see because I really want to buy the super, super special look how cool this is. I'm gonna have to, like, make a new intro at this point, but well, very cool. I like these little cars.

See, these are pulling around stuff like.

This is interesting to me.

A little cappuccino. Should you get that?

I mean, how much could those be?

Like 25 grand.

25 wait, what?

Yeah, those are like 20 grand.

Okay. Sorry, dude. $20,000 for that. But I would pay $20,000 for this. I've never seen this on the road.

It drives, too. Really? Yeah, he said it does.

That is so cool.

That's going to be his shuttle.

Wow. What a cool spot. anyways, I'm interested to see the different type of cars they have here and all these really cool imports from Japan. I love Japanese culture. I absolutely love it. I love how bright and awesome, like, the anime world is and all the colors and all the lights. That is just so in your face. So cool. I'm not sure about the values of these cars. Some of these cars are pretty fancy and pretty expensive. So let's go inside, check it out.

What's going on, everybody? I wanted to take a moment and thank today's sponsor for the video, wiza. As many of you know, we've collaborated with wiza in the past before, and we've gave away some awesome cars. And this time we're doing it again. And also, James, aka the Stradman, as many of you guys know him, has partnered up with wiza. And we're going to give away this beautiful 2018 hurricane perfumente valued at over $330,000. Another great part about entering this car giveaway is a portion of the proceeds do go to a good cause. In the past three months, wiza has given away over $125,000 to a good cause. And this time they are making it a special cause to fight heart disease. Okay, so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to use promo code royalty again, that is promo code royalty.

And you're going to hit the link.

In our bio to get 10% additional entries. Okay? Again, that's 10% additional entries by hitting the link in our bio and using promo code royalty. I hope one of you guys wins, because if you do, we're going to fly you out with your brand new car, and you're going to hang out the royalty crew. All right, guys. So right when you walk in, you're immediately greeted by an entourage of domestic cars. Japanese domestic cars. And as you can see, these murals are super, super sick. We're going to get a closer look, but you're just greeted by this, like, Japanese culture theme here, and it's really cool. I mean, look at the vending machine they have. I mean, all imported. It's a really cool experience. So let's just take it one by one here. This R 34 right here. This is a really special one. It is a sign on Jukyard Beastpec, one of 14 federally legally motorcs R 34s, previously owned by toshi hayama. Okay, this is he was telling me about this, and it actually has his signature right there as well. For those of you who don't know, look them up, and then you'll know exactly what that is with your gtr.

Again, guys, I really want to touch on this. Look at this mural of basically the Japanese culture. I mean, look, this is just beautiful colors and tones. You have godzilla with all the godzillas in its time. A really cool, like, shop ass video, karaoke bars and all the nightlife in Japan. It's a really cool vibe when you come in here. And I think this is ultimately, for $10 a day, you guys can come in here, check it out. You guys can play all the arcade games. You can sit in the cars, take pictures with them. I think it's fantastic. We're going to let them conversate a little bit, and then we're going to meet with Craig, the owner. He's going to show you guys some of his favorite cars and give you guys a little bit of insight on the business.

So this particular one, whoever owned it prior, went through the whole process of changing the whole front end to the gtr and then widebodying the rear fenders. That's cool. So and then this is kind of a unique color to the object. The I really like that.

Like, just the green.

Yeah, it's not like your millennium jade, but it's kind of a unique one, too, like, object. But this isn't a true object. But they did do the rv 26 upgraded to the big single run E 85. It's just under 500 horse. This is one of our most popular ride along cars.

Looks nice. I really like the four doors. Like, I wish that the borders had more value.


You know, because the four doors are pretty cool. The what? What is that little car over there?

Which one?

The one with the golden the blue?

That is called a mazda auto Dam or an az one that's in that K class of cars. When anybody talks about the abcs of the Kclass, it's the mazda az one, the Honda Beach, and the suzuki cappuccino.

That's Cappuous One outside.

Yes. And then we have the green car with white red rinse. And the convertible is a Honda beat. And then you have the Honda easy one.

How much value is that?

The easy ones, they didn't make a lot of them because when they first came out, their price point was a lot higher than the other K Class. So they only ended up making a little over 5000 of them. So those particular cars are running around the 24,000 to 25,000 range. And you know, you could find some of them in a little worse shape, 16, 17,000. But they have three cylinder turbocharged motor. No, it's very fun. It's a go cart. Street legal go cart. The only thing I don't like about them is well, it's a hot box, especially down here in Las Vegas.

They don't have AC.

They do, but they it's a 90s AC. It doesn't work very well.

Yeah, it's your window. Yeah.

You don't have much ventilation. This one I actually, I was a little aggressive with and I blew it up. So it has a lot of blow by now. The one back here, this is actually at fema garage for a while.

What is this?

This is a cappuccino.


So the ones outside are within the hard top version.

Got it.

This is in the convertible version. You can.

Make it target or you.

Can put the middle piece in and BT top all of them.

They're smart.

And these pieces will fit in the trunk. This is the only one of the K Class that has a large enough trunk that will what was this car?


I don't know the cost of them new, but right now the value of these have gone up because they've been more popular. And you know, the demand is is getting there. You used to be able to get them in that five to eight range. Now you're ten to twelve. A little bit more. My first one I ever bought, I bought from John Morris over at top rate.


It was the blue one outside. He gave me a ride and I bought it on the spot. I paid twelve grand for it.


Very mint. No rust. That's the hard thing to find is.

Car, of course, because Japan is an island. It's on the ocean, basically.

And they're so popular. Like even our little pink one outside that we made look like suki's car. We just rented it out as a prop to iggy a delia for a photo shoot.


So we just got all the photos from that.

That busted. That's super cool, too.

Yeah. That's Toyota highest they kind of have in the 90s Arizona. I don't even know what the exact name for it is, but a lot of people kind of say like, fanny, but it's not bosozuku, it's not decoratory, it's kind of in between. But if you ever like Google wild Japanese fans, you'll see some of them are even crazier than that one. But that's the way I bought it. The only thing we had to do is take one of the big lawn spikes off and then put it in a container and shift it over.

Yeah, because I was thinking, like, how.

Would that even finish it? Yeah, it does.

It I want to go I'm gonna.

Go outside and look at that.

Yeah. On a window actuator. So you flick a switch and it'll lift up that's so you can go.

In and out of also, it's like a transformer.

Yeah, transformer.

And then we're looking at doing a stereo stuff. They pinch out the whole interior. And it has leds. It does have underglow it's a four cylinder diesel. So it's on a Toyota highest chassis. They had like a TV and all that other kind of stuff. But yeah, it was just crazy. And this is the way I bought it. We haven't done anything. So it still has the original patina from sitting in the weeds out in Japan. And this was in hakkaido, so it was in the northern island. And when we got it into La. We actually drove it from La to here.

You drove this here?

Yeah, from La. To here, from Portland.

That must have been a million people.

Take a picture of it. This particular car, they only made 282 of these midnight purples. This one being the first one. I didn't know this when I purchased it. But the interior, they've done a full Mspec interior swap. So it has the black leather, the 300k speedo. And so that was a nice little permit to have. And then also under the hood here, another surprise is this car actually in 2009, went to the omari factory and they bought one of the motors on the stand called a fine spec. And then they installed it. Then they chassis, they vin plate the chassis. So kind of a unique story behind it, which I don't even know the full history of. So this hood came off that other parts car that I have. So the other one was Base I blew.


The reason I'm all stickered up is I just participated in a charity rally for the race to a race Ms.

Very nice.

So I trailed this up to eau Claire, Wisconsin. Drove up around Wisconsin to marquette, then Sue St. Marie to Bay City over to Holland. Got to race this on the gingerman raceway. pri was there.

That's awesome.

They put their GoPro on my car. So it was pretty cool to race around the track and stuff like that. But I drove about 1700 miles for that charity rally.

It's a long time to drive a car like this.

Yeah. And they break it up into four days and it's all the avenger Hunt. So you know where you start and then they give you every morning and they give you a brochure with clues and you got to Google, figure out where you're going.

That's actually pretty cool. That sounds fun. We should do that. We should make a royalty event like that where we get everybody hurricanes and they have to go find some shit all over the city.

Yeah, it's just scavenger hunt. But you don't want to do it to where anything's illegal or they're having to speed.

Yeah, you don't want to put a timeline on it. Yeah, definitely not.

Next year, the rally. North America the one that puts it on. Well, I guess this year we raised $225,000. The race to race. Ms. Welcome to red jdf. I'm Craig Stydel, the owner of this awesome experience. Follow me in. So here you have a large handful of numerous Japanese plastic cars and some of the modern ones. I guess everything's plastic because it's all we have different merchandise. We have an arcade with initial D eight. We have Japanese vending machines. But enough of that. About that, look at the artwork. We had local artists here in Las Vegas come in and paint the walls during the pandemic, trying to keep people employed. And then now we're open to the public and we were open to a museum atmosphere. So come on in and we'll walk you through the ins and outs of the cars. What they are, who they are. All this jazz. If you take a look over here, this is one of my favorites. This is a 1973 Ken Mary. The name ken Mary was a nickname that was given to this car when they were doing the commercials. There was two actors named Ken and Mary, and then it stuck.

So this is just a gtr quote. So they only made, I believe, like, 197 true gtrs. But everybody likes that look, so they go about making the car resemble that one. This one here, I have installed a different motor in it. This has a Robello three liter from Dave Robello over in California. This one's running a little over 300 hp. Made it up with a five speed from a dodson 280 C. So a lot of your old datsun cars that were exported out of Japan, all of those engine parts and stuff will work in these authentic skylines. We have R 33, R 32s. We have an rx seven and sd. We have a Toyota Super that we wrapped like the Fast and the Furious.

Now, let me stop you real quick. So you did say this kind of is like a museum atmosphere. Now, are these cars are people able to drive these cars?

Yes. We are now running dealership operations. So you can come in here and we will sell you a hard enamel pin, a limited edition pin that will come with a free test drive. And that'll be the car we're going to have available is an R 32 and R 33 rx Seven. We're working on getting a Toyota supra for the public to be able to drive our integritype. R these two awesome old classics right here, the Camarian, the Hakoska. So we want you to be able to experience these cars. It's unique. It's a dream for most of us. We saw these in the video games. Now you can experience them in real life. We also offer ride along, so if you don't want to spend the money for the drives, we do have a few modified cars that we can take you for about the drive. And the ride will be about 30 to 40 minutes, but the ride will be in a lightly modified either R 32, R 33, the Toyota supra. We do have a couple of other vehicles available as well on the rides. Or if you just wanted to go for ride in a regular one of these vehicles as well, you don't have to drive them.

We will offer the rides as well.

And I think the ride alongs is actually a great aspect to the business as well, because driving a right hand drive car in America, for people who've never done that, it's a lot at first. It's challenging. The last thing you want is to be in one of these cars and run into someone because you're too far left or too far right on the lane. So I guess having that ride along available is actually really beneficial. A more reasonable now, I didn't hear you say, is the 34 available for a ride along or it's kind of up in the works?

Well, I have given a couple of rides in the 34, but that's because we were on some other rides and the car broke down, but they still made it back here to the shop. So I usually topped it off with a quick little run around in the R 34, which is my personal car. So otherwise I'm not going to make it a commercialized product.

Fair enough. Guys, as he said, this is a museum atmosphere. These cars are available to drive. They're available for ride along. And I mean, just look at everything here. It really feels like it's mini Japan.

Yeah, that's the whole goal. I have a large passion for these cars, and I want to share these cars with the people, and a lot of people give me grief about that. It's like, I would never do that. Well, that's your choice. My choice is I want to share these because these are the untouchables. You go to car shows, nobody lets you sit in them, see them, or rarely even they'll talk about them. But here we have as much as we can provide, and we have photo opportunities in these cars as well for for $10. Most of these cars you can sit in and and we'll take pictures and stuff with you and and all that jazz.

No, Craig, I think you're doing a great job. You're revolutionizing an industry that wasn't there, so you're you're basically starting an industry that wasn't there. And I think it's great, man. We're going to do our best part to help you out. Guys, make sure you give them a follow at rent jdm. Tell them Royalty sent you and we hope some of you guys actually come here, check out.

We're by the stadium right now. We might be relocating in the future. If we do, it'll be a bigger facility and we'll go a little bit over the top.

Whoever gets this facility, though, is going to get a lot of artwork.

Yeah, exactly.


Well, thank you again. I appreciate all of your guys'attention to us and helping us out and spread the word.

There's definitely no doubt that these jdm cars are pretty cool. Some of them, I don't know, maybe the little tiny ones for $25,000 is a little bit too much. But some of the really high valued ones, I mean, we really didn't get to talk about the acura nsx. That is actually my personal favorite car because I don't want to say I grew up in that area where that car was popular because it came out in 91. But when I was in high school, which was 2006, graduate seven. So 2003, basically when I started high school, that was the last year. 2002 was the last year that made the nsx. And I remember a kid at school, his dad had one, and he was like it was the dopest thing to see that guy get picked up at nsx. And so I always love that body style. And I made a bid on ebay for an nsx, a black 191 flip up headlights. I do like the stationary headlights to twos, but I feel like the nsx, like the whole nostalgia behind these old jdm cars is that classic flip up headlights and really kind of mechanical generation, right.

Roll up windows and everything. I don't know. I'm down for that one. I made a pen on ebay. Let's see if it works out. That will be my first jdm car that I own. If I win this auction, I bid a very fair price. I do believe I'm going to win, so wish me luck.

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