But yeah, this is a sick ass car.

I mean, SLS Black Series less than.

A hundred in the world.

Oh, what?

I didn't realize that.

They say 132 or 136.

Close enough.

But you know what?

This is a really hard car to drive.

And if you take all those buttons.

And put them in traction off, you're.

Doing some wicked stuff, man. I think it's crazy.

All right, so I both didn't know that he had an SLS Black Series. And I certainly didn't know it was straight piped and supercharged. You're a savage.

Also on Monday, I picked this event.

I've been seeing these ugr twin turbo.

Sdjs all over the place and I'm like, oh my God, I have to do the same thing. So I'm going to send this off and I'm going to do, from my knowledge, the first twin turbo roadster.

Yeah, twin turbo V twelve can't hit on that.

No. Especially with what 1500 hp pop off can't go wrong. I want you to follow me over here. I want you guys to check out the newest addition to my personal fleet, the SLS Black Series. When I bought this car, it was just a plane. And when I say plane, I use that with respect. gloss black, just regular paint. And I was considering wrapping it, considering doing something really unique. But at the end of the day, the SLS Black Series is a really menacing car. Very unique, less than 100 in the country. So I wanted to keep that same kind of look, but take it one step further. So I reached out to the guys at ceramic Pro and they came up with well, we came up with it together, this Map ppf wrap. And if you guys check a look, this is actually one of the better pps I've ever had. Let's just say the best. I mean, edges are clean, no cut marks, they do a phenomenal job. And I apologize because the car is a little dirty today because we brought it from San Diego all the way up here to Orange County where we're about to take it on a rally.

But as you can see, all the cars around here, this is the showstopper. So I cannot say anything less than amazing things about ceramic Pro. And I want to thank them for allowing me to show this off here among all these amazing supercars.

There's people in the world that don't understand my lifestyle. Take for instance, I drive an event to door roaster.

All right. Jason statham.

Come on, man. anyways, people don't like my lifestyle because driving event to do a roadster at all. Russian mobster, a lot of times my people, they don't understand. But cocaine, the drugs, women, vodka. Always have vodka on you.

Don't hit my car, baby.

No car.

Remember the guy in the F eight that backed into the nine nine three? Yeah. Oh my God. That's what the problem with airbag driving so fast. Right off the gate is that obviously no one's paying attention. They're all trying to go, content, content, content. Not good.

I don't know about you guys, but.

This car is mentol, let me tell you. I'm not supposed to tell you the speed, but I'll tell you anyways.


Right there. Bumpy the wheels touching the fender liners because we're slammed. I mean, I got on coil overs.

So it's like let me tell you, if you saw in the previous clip that's all I got to do.

This car moves, guys. This is a fast car. Very low and bumpy road. So we're going to take it easy until we get on a better road. They got to catch you, man.

Yeah, he is.

No, he's pulling over. No, this guy is pulling over. But I don't think he's pulling him over.

I don't know.

He did. Yeah.

That's weird. It's hilarious. 100 supercars on the road going more than they need to be going fast. And this guy pulls over some escalators cruising.

You know the merge on the freeway where those white cones were up? It was like merge. Okay, well, like the big white cones separating like the hov and like the normal freeway. Well, I guess the svj was going like 120 or something, and one of the gtrs went to hit all the cones on his side, on the left side, swerved over and hit the svj side, basically sideswiped him going 120. And I mean, the damage is not that bad, but I guess the gtr really messed up both sides of his car.

Did they just leave?

I have no idea.

I think his car was really hitting run. I have no idea. No, I don't know if he hit.

Was it like our gtr, like in the rally? Or is it random?

Our rally?



It's hard to relax.

This car is shredding right now.

Houston says don't worry, he'd be freaking.

Out if he was in the past.

Few seat right now. gee. Force.

Lots of gforce. New hall. Oh, my God. sideways.


Don't know what it is yet. We'll see. Oh, dude, I think it is.

Look at the pulley off the blower right here.

I think it's loose. Fucking wise tech sucks, dude. Don't ever get wise tech equipment on your car.

They're literally the worst.

Worst customer service, worst quality shit, worst tune, worse everything. Every fucking wise tech car that I have that was actually convenient. Every wise tech car I have is always blown up. God, dude. And you know what the problem is? They're going to watch this video and just talk shit because they're well, like I said in the previous scene, WiseTech sucks. It really, really sucks. Now look at this.

You see this liquid that just came.

Out of my car? It's actually not a coolant leak. Well, it is a coolant leak, but the car is not down because of the coolant. The car is down because we lost the belt and that pulley on top of the blower is loose. So basically wobbled off. Belt came off it, ripped a hose, took it with it, car overheated, lost the alternator, lost everything right here on the side of the road. And now we are stranded, which sucks because I kind of knew this was going to happen about an hour ago because I heard it, I felt it and I didn't call the tow truck. So now I broke down and then.

Called the tow truck.

So we are stranded for at least 2 hours and then we're gonna be 2 hours back. So basically our day's completely shot.


Thank you guys so much for all the likes on the last video. And I want to thank you guys for all the great comments. Now we do have our winner for the giveaway this week. For the 24 hours golden ticket, it is Blake Unrued. Now Blake, make sure you go ahead and dm us on Instagram and verify that that is your YouTube profile. Mario will go ahead and send you that golden ticket for 24 hours free rental, blackout dates and some restrictions do apply, but you do get a free 24 hours rental on royalty exotic cars. Now for this next video, guys, what we're going to do is we're going to need 10,000 more likes on this video and what we're going to have you do is comment. Let's see. SLS no, because we had another mishap with the vehicle. I know Mario. I couldn't come up with anything faster, so SLS no. If I come up with something better, we're going to go ahead and switch for you guys. But again, 10,000 likes. Make sure you like subscribe and do all that good YouTube stuff write down in the comments.

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