Turn right onto Campus Drive. We're back with another houston's hot chicken groundbreaking. It's not like a ceremony. It's just me out here trying to show you guys the new location. We're in downtown San Diego at the Gas lamp district. This street to my left, left or right in front of me, and K right behind me. This is like pinnacle, part of downtown San Diego. I mean, it couldn't get better than this. Convention center is right here. Hard Rock Hotel, petco park right down the street. The hot location behind me. The previous tuscana Italian restaurant is now going to be the newest addition to houston's Hot Chicken. So let's go inside, take a look, and see what we've got going on. It's a rough one, guys, so I'm not going to lie. This is the full demo. We're here right now meeting the demo contractors, so I'm expecting an outrageous bill. But it'll all be worth it in the end because this right here, our first San Diego location is going to be wild. It is just going to be outstanding. I can't wait to get this open. We got a nice outdoor patio, got plenty of outside seating.

That's not the case for the inside.

And that's where the demo is going to start.

Go on, take a look.

As you can see, excessively Italian oriented.

In here.

We've got this brownish orange on the walls, the old wood. This isn't going to work for hhc. The floor isn't actually as bad as anything, but unfortunately, the way this place is laid out, it doesn't work for our situation. So we've got to take everything out. And I wish the kitchen lights were on. I'd love to show you guys the.

Kitchen because you've ever eaten in a.

Huscona, you might not want to come back. But I saved you guys not here anymore. So essentially, we're going to take everything out and start from scratch. My idea is that you walk through these as the front door. You come straight down this side right here, and there'll be a pony wall. So this will be the first line. The other wall will be about right here. We'll turn around and this is going to be the order counter. We have all of our menus. You'll have the streets, the lemonade, and you'll be easy access to go right back out the door. Take it to go. Or you'll be able to sit in our dining room over here. And if you wanted to dine outside, you have to kind of like walk.

Around to sit up there.

But it's a pretty rough idea. bathrooms over there. This seating area here, we need it for fridges. There is no walk and cooler here right now. They just had a bunch of small fridges. So kind of some rough ideas I've got, but this is something that we're ready to start right now. So I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to help the demo guy and give his first kick.

I'm kidding.

I can't kick down this thing. But we're ready to meet this guy, so I'm pretty stove.

This is how you get picked up from the airport.

Yeah, well, this is not how it's going to happen if I have to wait this long next time. Mario, 1 hour, please. Tell you why you're on the plane for so long.

The guy in the front seat threw up all over the walkway.

Oh, that's so great.

I can't even smell it because my nose is stuck.

He said the guy in the front seat. What? The guy in the front seat threw up all over the walkway.

Back on the vlog.

Stop off this while I was waiting for you. I'm impressed. Why did you tell everybody that safe.

I'm so excited now.

I'm only going to twin turbo. You want to ride in this or that?

I'm going to ride with you first.

We're going to get some to eat. We've been starving this whole time.

Where'S the best Chicago roast beef sandwiches?

The only Chicago roast beef sandwich on the west coast are till those four pillows. You're right onto Campus Drive. That looks better. I just want to switch it out.

I know it's better.

Everything'S busy in Utah. Man, there is shit to do in St. George. I told you I don't want to franchise that market. I want to save that market for myself. Tell them, Matt. Right now, no franchise in St. George is my score. I'm serious. So a little update on our conversation. There a little context, if you will. edmund and Matt went to St. George today. We've got a group out of Salt Lake that wants to franchise Salt Lake. And they've asked us to give up our store, which would have been a corporate store if you guys were paying attention from the robbery video out there looking at our corporate store for St. George. Now, St. George is about 100 miles away from Vegas, and I really like that market. I've been a fan of St. George my whole life since I had friends going up there in college. It's a great little town. edmund and Matt went there while I went and did the groundbreaking ceremony, if you will, for the Gas lamp district Hhc. And I found a second location that I didn't film, unfortunately. I'm really sorry about that, but my phone died and Mario had the camera and he wasn't here yet.

But we found a second location in La Jolla. La Jollia is my first choice. It's a really cool location. So I'm potentially open to doing both St. George and La Jolla because the markets would be sharing each other's network. But edmund is up there making the decision. So we're looking at former Blaze Pizza, which is a pretty awesome spot because the thing with Blaze is that there's no margin. The pizza is like $8, like, for everything and all the toppings and all the stuff. It doesn't make any sense to me. And that was one of the big concerns that I had with this vast fried pizza. Anyway, who cares about that? So he's looking at a former place. Pizza with the renovation was literally just done. The place was built previous to COVID, so it's really, really inexpensive to build that store out. That's why these franchisees want that store, because their point of entry is a lot lower. The San Diego store in la jolla is a former fast food restaurant. It's not a franchise location because we own the San Diego market, and it's a very expensive store to get into. So I think that that's better for us to do because we'll have higher margins there.

Best part about today was not only flying here, coming here, spending time with Houston is actually the best part about coming back to royalty is watching you come off the plane. And you greeted me because I missed the camera. I missed hanging out with you the most. That's the truth. I know, man. It's been an awesome day today. We picked up a roadster with Houston and went on the plane. I'm driving the SLS amg. This thing is 900 hp. It's fired. I'm having so much fun. It's my first week back and I'm already getting to drive a $650,000 car, like, right off the bat. And I'm sitting with you out of all this.


Oh, my God. It's crazy. It's the ball porkimo diablo. So first of all, put it in neutral like this. And then I give you one of those like this, and it's like tanky, little baby. It's calm down, slow down. But anyways, I love you guys. I can't wait to be back with you guys. Please comment about how happy you are to femi. I agree. I don't really know which one I like more right now, but you got to admit, when I drove by, you about shit your pants.

No, I didn't shut my pants because I've heard it a thousand times.

But I really, really like the car outside of the car. When I drove by, you shit your pants.

That's true.

If he wasn't standing there.

Actually, I've been here before. And the thing about portillo is from Chicago, they have the best vienna beef hot dog, the best roast beach sam as he's you don't give it down.

All right. He's going to be epic. Graham stefan just called me, and he has I hope I don't say his name on Matt stony. So I told him that we have.

A new hhc challenge. This is not the challenge, but if.

You could eat ten houston, we have a problem.

Tenders. I'll give you $5,000. Good luck, tenders. $5,000.

That's out to anybody. Nathan, I need you to do me a favor. This is a drop everything emergency, okay?


I'm going to send you an address, but this food needs to be to.

Him in, like, 40 minutes.

Cheers. Oh, my goodness.

We're here for a rally tomorrow.

Oh, my goodness. It's crazy to see you on YouTube and what your successor is, I don't know.

It's cool.

But you want a podcast, and then we can step in with the icon hours. You're a huge inspiration. Oh, my goodness.


My name is Daniel.

No, you're fine. Me, Mario, and Houston walk out of in the movie theater, and our cars are parked here. We got the slsmg, we got the adventure door roadster. And this kid is waiting for us.

Parked next to our car.

For how long?

I don't know.

How long?

Oh, no. Just like five minutes. I was out of the gym, and then I saw open.

So the gym is still open?

Yeah, the gym was still open. And then I saw Houston. He was really familiar. And I was like, hey, is your name Houston? Because I want to confirm that. And then he was a huge inspiration of mine because of what he built over the years. Unbelievable. And I know that he's in Vegas. I was like, why is he here? But obviously you guys have a rally going on, so it's such a blessing to see him and to meet all you guys. So thank you for so much.

It's kind of flattering a little bit, but makes me really upset that I don't make more videos. Honestly, I don't know. These guys, they watch me, support me. I should, like, repay them. I should pay the favorite back. You know, mario's always telling me to make more videos, man. Shit. All right. I have, like, a lot of cars now, so we're going to make more videos. All right, Mario.

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