Pink shoes, blue card. Yeah, I didn't time around. Right.

You know what?

That's why I stopped from it. I was like starstruck. Well, we do put illegal things inside the booth to make it better for you guys.

That's why we like it so much. It's a joke. It is, yeah. Thank you for everything you've been doing for us. Thank you.

I appreciate it. You guys are doing more than I can.

Yeah, there's a lot. That was like a thousand people here. The whole school is going to look nice. All these kids look great.

Thanks again.

All right, so what we did today, I had a lot of talks with the community leaders and I wanted to get Houston Talk chicken involved in the community because royalty, we do a lot right now. We do a lot for highway patrol, we do a lot for Metro, but a lot of those dollars don't get passed down to the community. So cindy is part of Metro. She's the woman police officer that we were just talking to. I asked her if I could be a part of any real kids in school activities.

And so every year, Metro hosts this back to school event where they bring in all the barbers and hairstylists from a certain shop and they stand here all day long from eight in the morning to 05:00 p.m.. Cutting kids hair. Now, there was a line of over 500 kids here at 08:00 in the morning, and they've been through hair the whole time. cindy said over 1500 kids got haircuts today. And Houston taught chicken paid for that.

So we took care of the barber's time. We wanted to make sure that they were compensated for their time, and obviously they were doing a great job. And the amount of people that they cut is phenomenal. Things like this are stuff that I don't want to film. I don't want people to see this because I'm not trying to get the attention for it.

But I also think it's important, right, to go out and spread the word because a lot of other people can help. I mean, right now what you saw is kids that may or may not be able to afford a haircut. We're going into a recession. everybody's trying to cut back. And maybe appearance isn't the number one priority versus food or clothing or certain things like that.

So for me to be a part of this and for use the top chicken to sponsor it and to pay for all these haircuts makes it feel good. And it also allows them to understand that they have a partner in the community that they can count on. We typically going to run for governor in ten years or what. I doubt it. But I think that if I can support somebody and give them the advice and the knowledge they need to run for governors and to be a good acting governor, I think it's really important.

I think what a lot of people don't understand is that politicians need to have experience in other industries, like business or like community activism. A lot of that experience is really what tailors those politicians to doing the right thing for the community. And I think essentially what we have now is career politicians who've never been a part of anything other than their own job and getting paid from the city. They don't know what it's like to be inside the community. To the tape.

If you live in this city and you want to protect your city, we need to be a part of your city. Right. And I'm doing my part because I was born and raised in Vegas and I wanted the school system to be better. I don't believe in public school. Those are people who don't have a choice to go to public school.

They need to have the best public school available to them. Right. And we don't need to be last in this country. Las Vegas has so much infrastructure. I mean, literally so much infrastructure.

We have so many great things, a lot of technology here. We've got these massive companies on the Strip that have billions and billions of dollars in revenue that employ hundreds of thousands of people. And all of those children are going to school here. And they should have something to look forward to in education that they can't get anywhere else. Right.

levada or Las Vegas specifically should be a leader in community schools. Really. They really should. I don't see why we can. I mean, all over the country, you've got schools in different states that have micro pockets of success instead of micro pockets of failure.

Right. We want to attack Las Vegas as a whole, and we are one of the lowest performing school districts in all of America. 49 for absolutely. We're 49 out of 50. Who's worse than us?

I don't even understand. I mean, it's like might as well just put a 50 at that. Exactly. I mean, we have so much infrastructure, like I said, to be able to support growth in our community, to support those high paying jobs, to support that level of intellect that could come out of there, and we don't even use it. We just waste it here.

And our politicians cared more about a lot of the bullshit that goes on in this city versus the actual people in the city and like that. We're back with a brand new car. Today has been a day of all deliveries. Now, we got 2g lagnin this morning. You guys probably watched that from the previous video.

And then yesterday we got a brand new red Audi R Eight with a gated six speed manual. And today we're getting a brand new R 34 skyline.

Now, this car isn't any regular V spec Two. This one is rare. Now, when I say rare, I mean rare. I've got no peeling on the dash I got low miles, everything you could want in the skyline. I'm going to keep this thing just super clean, super special, and just wait.

This car is worth probably 450,000 to dollars, $500,000 right now. And it's going to be going up and up and up in value as time goes on. So I'm pretty stoked about this. This is like the only long term investment car I've got. I shouldn't say that because the Kunoshas are long term.

The lm two, if I ever find a motor for that thing, is long term. This is always that special car. If you're a Fast and Furious fan, you have to have an R 34. So period. I got the R 34.

Starts up like a champ, even with a dead battery. We got a little Japanese lady living in this little thing right here, too. That's pretty awesome. idle, smooth. Good clutch engagement here.

I like it. We got no gas. We got no gas.

One of these before? Well, I didn't own it for very long. It was kind of like a fake one, right? It was a gtt that some guy made into a 34. I don't know how to explain it.

33? No, it was a 34 that he made into oh, not the white one. A different one. No, the white one. Man, I don't even remember that one.

I've been looking for really high appreciating long term investment cars. See, I think the Mercy logos aren't going to go absolutely bash. It crazy again. I think we've got a 700 and 5800 thousand dollars price point on Mercy Lagos and they're going to stay there. So I thought, you know what?

What under market right now that has had a little appreciation. And I thought, you know what, why don't I pick up a couple of older ferraris, like the three five five. Because I still think those have room to grow. But I don't know. Just didn't really want them.

I didn't like driving, dude. I know. And now they're like 110, 120. So I thought I could get like I didn't drop the ball. I just should have kept it longer.

But I would have sold it. Right? Because if you buy a car for 30 and then it goes up to 100 and 3140, you're for sure going to sell it. So I thought, all right, what else is there that I can pick up for a few hundred grand that's going to go up to like close to a million bucks. Are you going to buy it or are you going to keep it?

No bone stock.

These are pretty fast cars. Real lovely. First stock back in the day. dude. clarion.

Look at that. It's in Japanese too. That's what he knows. Good. Look at that.

I wouldn't mind putting exhaust on it, but just like to buy a R 33 now. Just like a catback.

Nothing crazy, nothing like wild clipper. So this has the F one package so this has a very, very look at right here. A mordi factory number five, one one S one engine. This thing is no joke. So this particular motor is called an S two, and that's what makes it so rare.

But this car here is of the highest caliber from the factory, plus modification. So it's nismo, and I don't know really much more about it other than the super badass. So it's got 400 hp. It's got a little bit more bottom end. It's got all the serial numbers, all the matching paperwork, you name it.

It's got everything. All right, guys, question. rb 26 or two jz rb 26 or two jz Damn, dude, they're both cool. I can't choose. I like the look of this car.

I like to look at the super two. Don't know.

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