Edmund. Yeah, we are at it doesn't matter where we're at. Ad, I thought you were going to start wearing jeans to be professional. I'm wearing professional stuff today. Why aren't you professional?

Because one of us is wearing clown shoes. I have to tone it down a lot. Clown shoes.

Today I wore these shoes because I normally wear orange shoes when I buy new cars. So when we get new buildings for our restaurant, I'm switching over to these purple shoes.


Is it just way fancier? I got to have some kind of gimmick, right?


That's the only outfit you actually wear?

I have 1000 white T shirts.

I have, like, 14 purple shirts.

Yeah. I swear to God, I've seen you in this show, like, a hundred times. But I know he has more than one of these because we bought it together. And we went shopping yesterday for shoes, and then I was climbing on him because of his watch. So we're waiting in his car for, like, 45 hours for Mario to get here because he lost, apparently. So he starts looking up for sharden Mills to buy. So, you know, I'm very proud of you. You're progressing.

I'm going to get a purple one.


Anyways, so today's the point of today's video is because I haven't made a video in a long time, and I think today is a really good time to make a video as long as mario's not in it. So make sure you sit in the car.

Mario, thank you very much.

We're just going to show you on the next monumental step. Today we've got the keys the keys to location to our third no. Okay, listen, it's technically our 6th location, but it's our third location that will be open.

No, it's going to be our second location that's going to be open because this one is a super quick flip. I honestly think this is a 60 day flip.

It's actually, I was going to say 45 days. Let me rephrase that.

We've teamed up with Wiza again. Guys, Wiza has been an amazing partner in Bars.

And what we are going to do.

Is we're letting everybody know that for just $20 or whatever it does take, you can be driving home in the mclaren 720s. Now, the mclaren 720 has 700 plus horsepower, v eight twin turbo engine, zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds.

One of the best bang for your.

Bucks under a million dollars. So what you're going to want to do, guys, is you're going to go ahead and hit the link in our description. You're going to go ahead and purchase the amount of tickets that you would like, but make sure you enter promo code royalty to get to 10% additional tickets on top of what you already purchased. So, guys, I want you guys to be able to win this car. And when you do win this car, what we'll do is we'll fly you out to come hang out with us. So, again, hit the link in our description, promo code Royalty, and get 10% additional tickets.

We currently have leases on six buildings.

All right.

But we have not been able to access three of them yet because one of them is being built. The other one is inside of a mall. So there's a lease there until the.

End of the year.

And the other one is at Dean Martin. And we just really well, I guess technically I have the keys to that one. I'm just using it for storage right now.

So it's going through its permitting. We're changing the zoning on that, which is going to take about another two, three months, maybe even longer.

So the one that we just got zoning approved is downtown, which you guys have seen on Main Street. That one is getting full liquor. So we're doing a semi sports bar concept there. I'm going to do something really special with the av. And edmund is going to have kind of a mix. He wanted a real stand up, like, sit down bar across a thing. Kind of like a real bar.

I'm a soccer fan, as you guys can tell from my soccer ted. I play soccer all my life. I moved to Vegas. There's not a single soccer sports bar except for all the hotels.

We're not going to be a soccer sports bar. Going to be like, soccer sports bar. It's not going to be a soccer.

Sports bar, you guys. Right? So this was the previous kfc. This is a drive through. It's going to be our first drive through location, excuse, insight. It's not up to our standards yet.

But that's what the whole point is, right? So we're going to come in here and we're going to make it royalty, that's for sure.

So over here, we're changing this to our onyx, as you guys have seen, at our other location. I don't know if you guys have seen it.

No one's seen the location. We should probably do the grand opening and this video in one video.

Do the grand opening video before this one.


Basically what we can do is just rewind it and play the grand and opening part first.

Three, two, one.

We're putting a really super thick onyx over here. We're going to redo the bathrooms and obviously the floor they've got. This is where our kitchen tile looks like in our Green Valley location. We've got to do tables. So we had brass in Green Valley, but we can't really get brass right now for, what do you say, 15 weeks?

No, it's two months for him to get it. If he ships it out with priority, then it's going to take, like, another two months to build. So we're talking four months.

So we might do we're going to do the same setup as this, but we're going to do hot rolled steel.

Which looks just as cool.

I think it will look really cool here because this one, see on this one here, we're going to be able to really go crazy and paint everything like we did with the murals and stuff. So probably mural this up right here. I'm going to close that window off. So that'll be a nice mural wall. And then we'll have wood all over the rest of this place. So we just got to figure out what we're going to do with these booths. I love the booth. Well, we have to remake them. You have to remake them.

What are you going to do with them?

Where are you going to just go buy boost at?

This is on my budget. Very nice.

Very nice.

Yeah, it's huge inside. Or maybe another pony wall just like we have here.

It's going to look exactly the same, except it'll be a pony wall that lights up all the way around. So it'll be super nice. soda machines are going to go here.

By the way, a pony wall. What we've learned is we need to bring this right, another option.

But no one is using our pony walls for ordering.

They're all just like, walking around this. No one has any idea. That's where the line came.

We're going to put a sign. Line starts this way. Right there. I have it already in the office.

Honestly, I don't even think a sign will do anything with you.

Hopefully we can get one or two options. Yeah, exactly. In this case, it makes sense because you walk right into a area, stanchion area.

This is what people can do. They're going to walk. Oh, man.

All right, so bathrooms, we're going to do just as good as our other ones. I think our others look really nice. This doesn't actually look that bad. There's no power right now. We have to turn the power on.

This isn't bad.

It's not good. And we're not keeping it like this, so don't even consider it. Okay, it's not bad, but we're not keeping it like this, so don't consider it.

Stop what you're doing right now. Put the video on pause like the video subscribe. Also, because I noticed 48% of you that watch our videos don't subscribe. So get us up to a million. Also, if you can get this video to 10,000 likes, I'm going to make Mario go skydiving. Don't worry about it. Whatever we do at 10,000 likes, more merchandise, more giveaways. All for you guys.

All right, we got to put the.

Employee bathroom right here.

This is royalty channels, high production. Yeah, I know. So we got to charge itself, cut it up, get piping here. And probably can't put a bathroom here because of this.

No, we're just going to have a little bathroom. You don't have to have an 88 bathroom.

Just have this place. What's this?

That's the exit.

Yeah, I know.

You can't put a bathroom at the exit. Man.

Me a little pister should we.

Buy a water potty?

Right. anyways. Okay.

In here we've got three walk ins.

Pretty wow.

Which is great.

Yeah. This one's a freezer. This one and the one next to.

It both fragration.

Not going to use freezer because we don't have any frozen products.

We have frozen lemon juice. My dad.

It does freeze it.

Hey frankie.

So cool here. This hood is probably like a 100 and 6200 thousand dollars hood. So we're saving a lot of money with this. It's got a fire suppression system already built inside. So it's another forty k it has.

To have in Nevada. So every hood has that. But it's nice that it has it. We're really what's really, really nice is that this has all of the existing power for the specific fryers that we're using because we're using some really high pressure handy penny.

We've said it before if you haven't heard it. And they're like the bugatti fryers. Yeah, regular fryers are like $2,000. The ones we got are $30,000 of pressure cookers. So basically what it does is it builds up PSI inside. It's all automated. It filters out the oil, all the, everything. So it's got freshwold every single time. But it's a pressure cooker, so it pressurizes the batter so it doesn't flake off and it keeps it chicken moist inside. Like when I say moist.

This is technology cooking. This is totally different than anybody has ever experienced.

Because of the pressure, the juices can escape battery, so it's really cool. The batter is super thin. You don't need to double dip it to keep a crispy batter. The pressure trigger automatically makes it very crispy and moist inside. So it's like the best thing we could have ever done. And it's all automated. It goes down and comes up at same time every single time.

It's always perfect.

It's always going to taste the same. Yeah. So it's worth investment. But we need two of those per location, which is 60k every location.

Plus on the other, the the fries that we fry in have the same technology. It's on pressure, but it has the same filtering technology. So every time those fries get cooked, every the fries are a little bit less because we're just doing potatoes. So I think it's every third or fourth time you drop the fryer, it filters oil, which is great because the fries always taste good. You never have to worry about anything that we have tasting bad.

Which is so good because every time.

I eat there or any restaurant, there's always inconsistencies.

So conventional fryers, you're supposed to filter out the oil every single night at the end of the ship. Sometimes twice a day. But it's like the most dirtiest part of a restaurant. So not a lot of people do it. Sometimes they like keep same oil in the fryer for like 14 days. Which is why you might get a burnt taste on your fries if you, you know if you've ever experienced that, which which I'm sure a lot of you guys have. Yeah. So this you're is only question. Is this like our main place bathroom? Probably could have been. I mean, no, this would be disgusting.

1 second. This is a manager's office.

We're going to put our desk in.

Here or safe in here. That's going to be pretty much the.

Best use of this space.

My goal for this space was not to tear any walls down. So we're going to take out all of the drop ceiling so we get a little bit larger space up here. We'll have tvs coming across. It'll be really cool.

I'll be back tomorrow. This is my first job ever. But McDonald's.

Do you work in McDonald's?

What, for three weeks?

Tell the story.

Two weeks. I wanted a car, but that wouldn't bomb you a car. He's like, you're not mature enough for a car. I was like, that. What if I get a job? Like, okay, you get a job. I got a job. First place I found a job at, he bought me a car. It was a brand new electric is 300 sport design. Brand new.


Brand new. It was the coolest thing in the world. Navigation all up was like, cool. Back in three. I got the car and like three days later got the garbage. Don't need to work. But I didn't have gas money. My dad wouldn't pay me anymore.

We're talking about landscaping right now. We're going to have to redo the landscaping. Man, today is a crazy day. I've almost been pulled over four times a day. We've got to border our whole set up here. Probably should get rid of this book.


Are you wild? What's wrong with you?

Digital screen. Who's got money for digital screen?

You guys got money for $30,000?

Fryers yeah, but we don't got $100,000 for a screen.

Then this will be one hundred k. I bet you'd be more than 100k. Really?

I have no idea. But this is edmond's build up. You have a sharpie number one.

Yeah. All right. This is the drive through. All the dealerships are over here. These are like the biggest dealers in Vegas, which is pretty cool. We got the Ford dealer, chevy dealer, and I don't know what else is back there. So these guys oh, and there's a lexicon dealer across the street that I know.

There's a lot more dealers up there, too.

I'm still getting used to Vegas, but these guys will keep us busy during lunch. At nighttime, it'll be the boys out here. Really cool spot for car shows.

I love it.

There's a prime location.

Again, honestly, mario lives over here. Well, he used to.

Yeah, I live right down the street. Oh, he used to.

Got a donut tent in the back that I can't do donuts at.

But you can drift this drive through.

I could. I'll deal with my penalty right now.

This is private property. Edit.

What color you guys going to paint it?


Red on top?


So what's? Brown will be red, this will be white. Yeah.

Nice. And then you're going to do, like, a chrome delete on that black that out.

Yeah. May I take you? oda.

You guys definitely for the grand opening of this should have, like, a guy in a chicken soup.

Chicken soup? Yeah. I came out with this, like, crazy chicken design. houston's, like, no, I don't own it.


Two months on it. No. What's you.

Stop what you're doing right now.

Put the video on pause.

Like, the video subscribe. Also, because I noticed 48% of you that watch our videos don't subscribe. So give us up to a million. Also, if you can get this video to 10,000 likes, I'm gonna make Mario go skydiving. Don't worry about it. Whatever we do at 10,000 likes, more merchandise, more giveaways. All for you guys.

Thank you.

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